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  1. Indoor lock down is over. Josh and James on smoking couches talking about how Shiela ran and told . Chelsia comes out and they tell her she has to go and apologize to Nat. Nat says she is mean to her all the time. She says she will do it later and they tell her now because Nat is waiting for her. She has to do it in order to get Nats vote to keep James and Toss Sharon. Chelsia goes in and Shelia is there and the girls discuss toe nails. Back out to the couches and Josh, Sharon and James are talking about how she was the pawn and now James is going home and they can't trust Nat.
  2. Ok cubkip I will try to pick up the slack. I have been a long time reader never a writer. I fire up f1 and it is Joshass and Natatas in the spa room. Natatas is telling Joshass that Matthole lied to her last night when he swore that he did not kiss Sharon in the HOH. She knew he was lying because he was defensive. Now she is going to look like a complete idiot in front of America when BB plays the clips of her in DR saying how close she and Matthole are and how they will show a clip of him hooking up with Sharon - Too late Natatas Joshass comes out of spa and tells James about the convo with Natatas and that he promised he would not tell anyone. They have to talk to Adam.
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