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  1. FerfeLaBat, I kneel before you 100% smitten with your beautiful prose. Loved it! I think Natalie will follow Chima's lead and convince herself that she really did play a great game and all her haters are just that, haters. The sad thing is, even if she were to understand how badly people despise her, how hated she truly is, there's no way her ego could handle it, it just may be epic enough to crack through the stank that "protects" her.
  2. Dude, what were you on tonight? Yikes, his eyes were, wow.
  3. I really wish Braden, Laura and Casey had made it deeper into the game than they did. The fact that Ronnie, Chima, Natalie and Lydia lasted as long as they did only points out how twisted this season started out. I never in a million years imagined we'd end up with Kevin, Natalie and Jordan (go Jordan!) in the finals. Ultimate fantasy final four? Braden, Casey, Jeff, Jordan/Michele. At least I wouldn't be as skeeved out with the final two. And as we all know, this season is entirely for my amusement and satisfaction.
  4. Because I'll NEVER get tired of it. "Go make Jesse a sandwich!" Love you banana man, you should have made it so much further.
  5. They're going to have to burn her bed. Normally I would advocate for items they may not need next season to be donated to charity, but don't those people have it bad enough already? Maybe they could find a way to enclose it in an airtight container and take it around as a teaching aid on the importance of personal hygiene. Then again, I can't imagine any society or civilization less advanced than Natalie. Can you imagine having to sleep in that bed next year? A tip for any future houseguests: When you get in the house the first thing you need to do is strip all the beds. When you find the mattress with a Natalie-size stain on it RUN!!! I'm really quite baffled how you can reach 24 years of age and be less responsible for yourself. Can't cook, refuses to clean (and I mean that in the broadest sense imaginable), cheats for what appears to be the sake of cheating. She really should have been on BB9 paired up with Adam. No, wait, I retract that, they'd have to burn down the entire set. Foul, nasty, loathed, despised. Much as I would love to see her eyes dart back and forth frantically once the first jury member asks her how old she is, I want nothing more than to see her kick rocks in third place.
  6. You know that smug little creepy smile of his? That's on my short list of things I don't want to see tomorrow night. This one, no words, just...ugh!
  7. I was hoping they'd be able to keep Braden (curse you Ronnie!), but after watching Chima lose her shit and get booted I am even more upset that Braden didn't stick around. I'm not sure how great he would have been in regards to strategy, but he would have been outstanding for entertainment purposes! I lurved how he doted on Michele, I think his constant praise of Michele really gave her confidence a much needed boost. Plus the video he made of himself watching Jesse's eviction was super funny. Oh Braden. "Let's have a pool party." Indeed.
  8. I know his end game sucked like none other, but honestly, Jeff will ALWAYS have my undying love for pulling the rug out from underneath Jesse and his parasite-in-crime. Jeff was my first super serious BB boyfriend. You never forget your first. Thanks for getting rid of Jesse, for all the laughs, and for all the "ahhhh"s...I be smitten.
  9. I've been reading that they are switching up the schedule of events for the finale this year. Now they won't evict the 3rd houseguest until the NIGHT of finale (live). This could be good news for Jordan, if Natalie doesn't have any time to infect the jury with her nastiness maybe Kevin would FINALLY send the bitch packing. I want Natalie tears on my TV next Tuesday night so help me! It's so sad the way this season has gone, a complete roller coaster ride. I just didn't think the end would be this painful. Please oh please let Natalie trip on her own ego during the comp today and hurt herself.
  10. I'm afraid Jordan might end up being renamed: Jor-D-U-N. Sucks. I'm going to hope and offer up sacrifices that Jordan manages to pull herself together and beat Natalie in the next round. She'd be SO proud of herself and would throw a lovely little wrench in Stinky and the lames (LOVE that!) plans. If the final HOH is how the jury members answered questions I think Jordan might just pull out a big win. (I'm going to keep telling myself that anyway, please don't crush my delusions) Go Jordo, walk softly and carry a big bar of soap.
  11. I can't take this. Once Jordan dropped last night Natalie turns to Kevin and insists that even though she's going to drop so he can win, that SHE won. Umm, no bitch, that's not how this works. Un-fricking-believable! I truly hope that either Jordan whoops her in round two or that Kevin manages to grow a pair (or steal Natalie's - sweet chicken that would be entirely too fitting, I think I'd squeel like a little girl) and gives Nat the boot. She would be crushed, I would be elated, it's win-win yes?
  12. Forgive me for going out on a limb here, but does anyone else think that Natalie is wearing Jeff's hat and Michele's gloves as "trophys"? My blood pressure can't handle this. Vodka, I need massive amounts of vodka!
  13. I have been silently lurking in the safety of the shadows of HT since BB8, very content to let the Masters of HT express so perfectly what I've been feeling. Nasty Gnat has forced me out of hiding, and I think that just might make me hate her even more than any of the crap she’s pulled thus far! I can only hope that at least one of the upcoming challenges includes, soap, water, and a polygraph test!
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