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  1. Judd is my unicorn this season, a unicorn in a tacky bear shirt. I have read that he was given that shirt by TPTB, he mentioned it to someone doing interviews with the hammies on press day. Not that FUG would do anything to manipulate a hammie's persona.
  2. Smuggling some love over the border for this, because it's super funny and Pushplay am so very clever!
  3. False, however the Schwan's guy was nice enough to hook me up with some Maple Nut so it's all good in the hood. The next poster misses Danielle desperately. (Desperella Danielle not whiney spawn Danielle)
  4. I think Jeremy's latched onto the genius that most men playing BB eventually discover. Once the women are going after each other all you have to do is sit back and wait while they vote each other out. It's a sound strategy and a proven model. He's still a total and complete jackass though, obvi.
  5. I'm banning myself for this. I'm beyond thrilled that she's a have not though, but terrified because she already brought the nasty when she had a full belly and a comfortable bed. What is she going to morph into now?
  6. Seriously carver, I have a ridiculous amount of respect for Howard after watching that. Game is game, but watching his face while comforting Candice was heartbreaking. No snark, just love for Howard today.
  7. This Sunday on a very special episode of BB...seriously, no fluff at all. BB seems to have lost a bit of it's plastic summer pool toy flavor with this cast. Now it's turning into a study of post-racial America without any damn sprinkles.
  8. Helen, please hand deliver Kaitlin's engraved invitation to the Merry Widows Club this week.
  9. Dear FUG: If Aaryn ends up being a have not this week PLEASE redo the have not room so she has to sleep on a bed of uncooked rice. Thank you, spartini
  10. And the Nick Memorial Shrine is under construction. VGM has his hat and his chapstick. Dude, change your name, get some plastic surgery, dye your hair and move. Do not leave a forwarding address, do not tell anyone where you've gone.
  11. Amen! Speechifyin' is definitely not in her skill set. But as Tsy was kind enough to point out she gets bonus points for putting on undies.
  12. She should have worn her outfit from the POV comp, far too appropriate.
  13. I'd like to thank the women of BB for yet again doing absolutely nothing to dispel the stereotype of the man-hungry, desperate for attention/man/relationship, jealous, spiteful woman. Thanks ladies.
  14. But she hasn't felt that way about someone for two years! And she's 32! *drink* ETA: PLEASE tell me those aren't Nick's shorts she's sobbing into.
  15. He does seem to be handling all of this rather well, actually expressing some social graces by congratulating Helen and all. No doubt he'll tool out soon enough, but it is surprising. I'd still like to sink his house boat hoat.
  16. She was explaining to Kaitlin and a puddle of tears and snot that once was VGM that one of them is going to be nominated and evicted every time someone on the other side wins. Aaryn am slowracist.
  17. Word. The amount of desperation rolling off of her is making Jessie look tame in comparison. Jessie for franks sake!
  18. Wow...watching her and Aaryn feeding off their own nastiness is disgusting Bring on the DOR.
  19. She might put Jessie's funeral to shame. I can't wait!
  20. Julie verbally bitch slapping Aaryn might just be one of the best things ever!
  21. So are they filming an episode of My Super Sweet 16 after the live show? That dress seems a little...young.
  22. It's going to be entirely worth just how very insufferable the klan's going to be tonight after all is said and done. I'm guessing we won't be hearing the instructions for HOH tonight either. Poor button boy's probably suffering from chronic fatique at this point, and it's only the second eviction!
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