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  1. I *think* it was following the coaches being allowed to hit the reset button...week four?? Danielle won then latched onto Dan like a howler monkey and got her kiss from Shane.
  2. Shoot! I could have, I don't know, read a book or something instead of rushing to HT to read recaps. Helen just recapped her entire HOH. 'Preesh Helen.
  3. I'm sure she's pretty deflated over the whole thing.
  4. I wonder if she'd be upset that people outside of the house call her Barbie as well.
  5. I don't think Yellen's beautiful dream of a peaceful and supportive BB summer is going to happen, there might be a lull for a few weeks but there had darn well better be some carnage. While I understand the point that she's trying to make with her let's just compete and support each other platform that's just not BB. I just hope she doesn't end up with a coup on her hands this week due to her making unnecessary deals and running her mouth, or do I? Yellen doesn't want the drama, good luck with that.
  6. True, wouldn't say no to a couple bears with Judd either. The next poster would swap in Rachel for Elissa for 24 hours just to watch Jerrye lose his shit.
  7. GM might be a bit too fucking classy for Trump dingaling.
  8. Why hello Howard, bible study you say? Why certainly... Strip bible study, right?
  9. I'm a little sad to see him go, his thread was is so much fun. Of course there are other hammies to be mocked, but Jeremy was easy like Sunday morning. It is freaking hilarious that his snuggle bunny Kaitlin ended up sinking his battlecanoe. Edited because I seem to have a hole in my pocket, dropped a word. Butter fingers!
  10. A living woman wouldn't. The inflatible variety? Completely against their will.
  11. Not to defend Jessie *cringes* but...for high school speech class we were instructed to lift at the end of sentences as people have a tendency to let them drop off. I never really paid much attention because usually I mumble horribly, but I have noticed when I'm doing any sort of public speaking or recording an ad I start doing this. It's frustrating. But I fully agree, it's irritating, particularly when you're the one doing it!
  12. Holy crap Julie, get thee to a nunnery! Maybe Julie's being retrofitted to become the flying nunbot??
  13. From Howard's uhhhh, "expansive" thread... There's something about angel typing out the words "big black dong" that has me giggling uncontrollably at work right now. I might get busted but it's so freaking worth it!
  14. Agreed, something more along the line of "C*nts and Cocaine."
  15. Spencer is a red stocking cap away from being Yukon Cornelius. Andy is a bad dye job away from being Hermey the Elf and Judd looks like the living embodiment of claymation. FUG's created the most fucked up, twisted live action claymation story of all time.
  16. To be honest, I'm kind of impressed she lasted as long as she did with GM carrying on like she has. Kudos to Candice for not thrashing her during Aaryn's non-apology apology.
  17. Her shout out while GM was snotting her eyes out made me laugh. Girl doesn't have a freaking clue about the proper place and time, much like her sister.
  18. Yuck it up now, but you'll all be sorry when Nick proposes during the finale.
  19. OGG...the freaking banner, the banner! Back up the truck and dump the entire load of love on that bitch. YES!
  20. True, but unlike Helen my lips are sealed! The next poster wishes their boss was more like Charlie Skinner. (Will McAvoy's boss on The Newsroom)
  21. I'd really like to know what her win to loss ratio is for the campaigns she's worked on. She insists on keeping plans between a few select people in her alliance and ends up spilling it all to the exact people she's worried about. Maybe there's some rain man genius working here that I'm too dumb to see, it's baffling.
  22. It certainly seems so. It's an interesting twist and all, but it would be nice to see someone else win. Or to see the MVP winner keep their mouth shut and watch them all squirm trying to figure it out. Dare to dream. There is one thing that's been bugging me. Aaryn keeps insisting that Elissa has made some snotty remarks to her. Aaryn's not the most reliable hammie granted, but this is SO reminiscent of Rachel's first time in the house. Remember when Annie freaked out because Rachel was constantly making little remarks to her when no one else is around? I just remember feeling so sorry for Rachel when all the girls went after her, boy did I end up regretting that! I won't be fooled again. There's no proof for any of Aaryn's claims but...what if?
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