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  1. Hope the poor thing doesn't end up a have not again this week. All that pop goes the weasel he manages to pull off every day has to really run down the battery. I keep waiting for him to jump up on a bed and start yelling that Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts.
  2. Thank you fellow HT'ers for setting me straight. I fear I crossed over into GM delusion land tonight. Nick does want to date me though right?? But, as to the topic at hand. Spencer and GM as have nots this week please.
  3. And a great adhesive in a pinch! The last hour has been fantastic...this week just might restore my BB faith! ETA: Woah, serious conspiracy theory warning. Since Aaryn is still an option for the MVP nomination, is it absolutely certain that the HOH can't be nominated? That would be wild if she ended up being the MVP nominee. Okay, just typing that I realize how crazy train it is...but it would be incredible.
  4. Oh hells yeah! There's going to be bits of silicone, lipstick smears and yanked out hair extensions all over the house this week! Yes! I'm down with America being MVP again to maintain the mystery and up the anxiety in the house. No doubt Aaryn needs to go, she's absolutely vile, but this is going to be one heck of a week! And cue Elissa claiming she knew they should have voted Aaryn out. Aha. Edited to correctly place a dropped letter. several times because I'm worse than GM when it comes to the freaking English language.
  5. Word, MrsG, any man willing to sit on the disgusting mashup of discarded DNA, urine and who knows what else that the BB bathroom floor must consist of by this point? That's a good man.
  6. A hamster resume builder could be very useful, all things considered.
  7. I'd like to report a robbery. Sydney Leathers (Anthony Weiners latest ummm...online fun buddy) stole Kaitlin's eyebrows! Better watch out, once Jeremy starts his illustrious campaign for President she'll be after more than your eyebrows girl!
  8. I wonder how long it would take for her face to melt if exposed to an open flame.
  9. Can you even fathom how many words both Helen and Amanda would use campaigning? It would be fun and exhausting at the same time. Make it so!
  10. Judd is a peach! Just read his HOH blog. I can overlook the their/there and woman/women mistakes because he put being a have not so well into perspective that my brain almost oozed out of my ears. Where did they find this guy? I am one smitten kitten!
  11. I agree with you demgirl, Pig Vomit's staying consistent with his bro's before ho's strategy. I really want to see him up on the block and squeeling like the little piggie he is though. There's too many targets and not enough evictions to weed these jokers out.
  12. Elissa and Amanda on the block against each other would be fantastic! They'd both be in full campaign mode all week.
  13. In the true BB spirit of "It's not fair!", it's not fair that GM doesn't drink. Just imagine VGM drunk off her sizeable ass, extensions in a tangle, slurring, blubbering about Nick. We're being cheated of something truly amazing. Damn you, GM.
  14. Is CBS the parent company of the PR Firm that her parents hired or are they just bound and determined to really make them work for it? Holy bad (but honest) edit.
  15. Looved her dress so much, plus the bright red lip? Slammin!
  16. Ha! Yes! Just drop three xanax and slam down a Coors Light and he makes perfect sense. To Judd: smmjkdo, ioiwjjd lkwjs, you know?
  17. Alliance: Jun Showmance: Lane (He'd be tugging his ear in the shower so I wouldn't have to do much.) Evict: Roddy I'm evil... Rachel (BB12) Brendon (BB13) Rachel (BB13)
  18. Kinda desperate to get my hands on a bear shirt of my own. Judd's got me under his mumbled and incoherent spell.
  19. Is this the pervy BB version of patting your head whilst rubbing your stomach? Gross. angel takes yet another bullet. Spencer doesn't seem to have much any self awareness.
  20. She is the walking definition of spoiled rotten, Veruca Salt all grown up and as bratty as ever. She couldn't take the hint when Amanda tried to warn her about shooting off her mouth. Nope, it gets turned around to the fact that she's pretty and from Texas so she's just being pigeonholed. But when your own vocal cords sound like they're doing everything in their power to get away from you? Listen to them!
  21. I don't vote on these things, mostly because I don't want to get called in for jury duty. Being Rachel's sister aside, Elissa always sounds so condescending when she's talking to people, which might not bother people now when there are bigger targets to hit, but eventually I think it's going to catch up to her. Plus, enough with the sparkly headbands...is she 12??
  22. How great was it listening to her whine about being nominated while pouring herself a great big bowl of RICE Chex? Bwahaha...
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