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  1. Aaryn: either member of Prussian Blue GM: Tony Sirico Andy: a My Buddy doll Spencer: Paul Giamatti (can you even image? OGG!) Amanda: Molly Shannon
  2. Candice's earrings, played by Katie Holmes' knee vagina.
  3. Fisty's really bringing his A game with the banners this year, which given this cast is more impressive than usual. Nice banner, err, or as GM would spout: nice fuckin' bannah!
  4. The hamsters are awoken by a drunk and very aggressive Bob Filner. BB, can we get some new toys for the pool?
  5. Or a bell around his neck. Andy's particular brand of popping up just long enough to gather up information before he's on the move again is impressive. iAndy, the first BB cyborg.
  6. It's really annoying that the audio is so muffed up that we can't know exactly what he said.
  7. Fortunately Michael Myers showed up and diced up the horny teenagers.
  8. BB gives Spencer, McCrae, Judd, Andy and VGM blankets, and a bag of marshmallows. Hey BB, can we have a movie night?
  9. I want FUG to draft Eugene from Judd's town for BB16, holy hell.
  10. Good grief, he has zero lung capacity. Solves one mystery though, he definitely doesn't blow Marilyn up with his mouth, he uses a pump.
  11. OGG forgive me, but...Spencer for HOH, just to shake things up a little.
  12. Need to top off your disgusted by Aaryn tank? Flashback camera one, 2:02 AM today. While discussing Candice (shocker!) Aaryn: "Hey Aunt Jemima, make me some pancakes."
  13. "Who has puddin'?" just jumped pretty high on the list of great BB middle of a fight one liners. Oh Judd...
  14. Skippy needs to *forget* to hand out their medication for a good 72 hours...whee!
  15. He wears his bandanas like that as a counterweight for all that hair. His neck might snap without the balancing effect it offers.
  16. As icky and gross as Spencer is, it was kind of awesome watching him tell Amanda to shut up. He earned a patch kit for Marilyn for that one.
  17. I was hoping Tracy Turnblad was going to show up and teach the house about integration.
  18. I don't think I've given Amanda enough credit. She can talk, yes indeed. But have you noticed that the entire time she's having a conversation she's also blinking out morse code? I believe she's blinking, Howard needs to go next.
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