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  1. He made himself some butterscotch tea. ETA: Oops, didn't realize this was GM's thread. How is that possible with the huge Nick memorial in the corner?
  2. She could have really done some damage had she said . Substituting Nick for Peter, obviously.
  3. Ahaha, she's so freaking butt hurt over what Candice said to/about her. Granted it won't be fun being served these rehashcakes 5 days from now, but tonight? Tonight we shall feast as kings my friends!
  4. Her boot upside GM's substantial ass was glorious. I'll miss the earring parade. *sniffs* I'll miss you, boo.
  5. Don't give up now Jenn48, they're going to have to go to war now, there's too few options left. It's going to get good now. *fingers crossed* Let's get things poppin' off already!
  6. He's probably hoping Amanda will come down with a raging case of vaginal dementia post haste.
  7. Well crap, so Judd's a dud, but I'm still team bear shirt.
  8. Send in the clowns! Smooches to IceMan for bringing back a personal favorite.
  9. Plus she all that Jolly Rauncher Rancher modeling money to support her.
  10. Give her some bleach and all her sparkly clothes back and I bet she'll be just fine. True, she might have a good week long cry, but if she's capable of spinning an earth shattering romance with Nick out of the limited time they spent together? She'll be okay once she puts the GM spin on things.
  11. I bet there's a photo of one or both of them posing with poor half deflated Marilyn.
  12. This is Amanda on the block when she's safe? I'm not a big Amanda fan by any means, but she has to stick around for a few weeks. You never know what she's going to do...which is scary and thrilling all at once. I want to see her on the block when there's a strong possibility that she'll go home. Feed gold.
  13. If she didn't walk around with the entire contents of Claire's on her head I might consider routing (TM VGM) for her. No...not even then, but at the rate things are going it just might come to that. The horror!
  14. We need a poll for the number of times she mentions Nick. I'm going to give a conservative guess of a minimum of 30.
  15. Aaryn: Tara Reid Spencer: A crusty old sack of garbage with a beard attached.
  16. I'm just waiting for her Mama Rose moment, "Sing out, Lousie McCrae! Sing out!"
  17. But the most beautiful idiot in the house, state of California, country, world, universe!
  18. Hell, she has volumes, not just issues. McCrae will likely skim volume one looking for pictures and get bored.
  19. He makes for some great freaking feeds though!
  20. Can we call her Aunt Jemima then? I could really get behind that.
  21. On one hand I would like to see her evicted just to get away from all the ugliness inside the house, but I would really love to see her manage to survive the axe this week just to see Aaryn's pretty little head explode. Plus, I love firing up the feeds and seeing what random objects she has hanging from her ears. She really doesn't seem to have much game, but I can forgive her that just because she's very effective at crawling up under Amanda/Aaryn/Helen/GM's skin.
  22. Amanda (for a few minutes at least): Tanning mom
  23. Even though it's really from the veto competition today, it would be great if the cone she's forced to wear would help prevent her from gnawing on her Nick stitches.
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