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  1. Who's a happy camper? I am!

  2. I don't even know where to start.

    1. LOVE the name, just fantastic.

    2. That was one heck of an opening post...bravo! Sincerely, amazing post.

    3. That's about it, just had to come stake my claim as your first official HT fan.

  3. Bwah! Your name is fantastic!

  4. Thought I'd drop by and say hey.

  5. Thanks for the love. And welcome out of the shadows of HT, probably best not to have remained there, Danielle might be lurking and ready to pounce for perving on Shane.

  6. Your post on Porsche was brilliant!

  7. We should form an HT Mutual Admiration Alliance. Besties? Heh.

  8. I can't say it enough, you crack me up.

  9. Since I'm here, might as well say hey.

  10. I've read 2 posts of yours today and they both cracked me up. Had to come and give you some love for the laughs. Thanks!

  11. Hi melonfish, I'll just say it. I'm a BIG FAN of yours! Thanks for saying HEEEEEY.

  12. I love reading your recaps and comments. Big fan here!

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