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  1. tootiredto, I think I love you! Fantastic. Rare video footage from Spencer's favorite strip club, Loose Labels.
  2. *squees herself* Awww, thanks toolie! I have to offer a 40 oz. of love to everyone who's been posting away this season (ff I'm staring at you the hardest), but whatever you do, don't let Spencer near it!
  3. If Spencer ever has a child he'll insist that it be breast fed. But there will be an alarming amount of bottles on their gift registry for the shower.
  4. Spencer scoffs at the thought of using a bottle opener, his came built in.
  5. Favorite movie: Bottle Shock (Great flick by the way)
  6. His favorite song is Time in a Bottle. My sincere apologies to Jim Groce.
  7. Brings an entirely new definition to the term "bottlenecking."
  8. I think her extensions have taken root, err, sorry route.
  9. Best. Thread. Ever. Favorite game: spin the bottle.
  10. I'll never be able to hear the phrase "Bottoms up" without laughing.
  11. Poor Marilyn probably popped a seam. Spencer is slowly, almost but not really becoming an interesting alternative to everyone left in that house. I'd really love to see who he'd nominate, but...oh no, I said but and now I'm thinking of what he puts up his.
  12. You know you've crossed a pretty serious line when Aaryn thinks you've gone too far. I don't envy GM anything that awaits her outside the house. But I do feel she's deserving of at least some of it, but you know there will be a certain percent of the viewing public that will take it too far.
  13. Previously on Big Brother, Candice kept it real, VGM showed just how classy a lady she is, and Poland collectively crapped their pants when Aaryn won HOH. Judd found himself on the losing end of the good ol' blindside and according to Amanda, left instructions to evict Jessie next. Before we begin, rumor has it that Nick is currently hanging out in the Moscow airport desperately seeking asylum. Discuss. We begin by reliving the Candice/VGM smack down, which continued while the vote was taking place. While the other hammies are sitting there with stunned looks on their faces they just keep going at it. Now for Aaryn's brief, but deadly HOH. It's a mad scramble for Aaryn to choose her nominations, and she mentions that she'd love to put up...GM, wait a minute, what? Yes, she said GM. Helen goes up to Aaryn immediately after she wins veto and asks if Aaryn will backdoor Judd. Cue the clip that shows the catalyst to this stunning turn of events. Cut to Helen, Amanda and Aaryn in the HOH discussing how sketchy Judd is. Just before the veto ceremony begins Helen offers Aaryn two weeks safety and Aaryn can't resist. Poor Judd is Judding out (it's a thing!) thinking that they're all wanting to keep Jessie and has no idea what's coming his way. Judd is put on the block and is begging to stay, slowly everyone begins tearing up. Judd walks out and we didn't get confirmation on what he told Amanda. Excuse me, I have a little something in my eye, let me just find my red shorts. *sniff* Helen pisses off BB nation by comparing Aaryn to Janelle. Hey Helen, Nick has a ticket waiting for you at LAX. McCrae's upset over Juddy's eviction. Judd's funeral continues, with McCrae and Andy sniffing and crying and Helen insisting that this helps everyone's game, not the best time for an inspirational speech Hel's. The second HOH comp of the night is the, in Helen's words, "Classic BB" game where they have to balance a ball on a pivoting piece of wood and drop the ball into a hole. It's a competition of both speed and accuracy as they are playing rounds head-to-head, with the winners advancing to the next round, and so on and so forth. The actual competition itself is boring, until it comes down to McCrae v. Amanda. McCrae wins and Amanda is not happy. No forced sex for you tonight young man! Andy wins, and the montage of houseguests claiming how they all feel safe since they're such great friends with Andy is quite funny. Amanda begins blubbering and here comes Helen spreading sunshine and rainbows and bullshit. The snotting continues in the bathroom, I love watching Amanda freak out and all, but come on. McCrae smartly points out that they don't get any blood on their hands, and aren't seen as competitive threats, so it's better that she didn't win. Helen wants to go after Amanda and McCrae, but that's just not going to happen Helen. Andy doesn't want to have to choose a side and wants to play it safe, which is maddening. He nominates Spencer and Jessie, if you listen closely you hear what sounds like a bottle dropping on the ground when Spencer's key isn't drawn. Helen redeems herself by DRing that she will still try to get Amanda or McCrae nominated if the veto is used, she claims it will be very telling as to where Andy's loyalty lies. There's hope for you yet Helen.
  14. Woah, who has Andy been kissing? How did I miss this? It was Nick wasn't it? I'm going to guess this was supposed to be about McCrae, but my heart skipped a beat!
  15. True, and thanks for the PTSD. The next poster knows why I can't wait for Joffrey's wedding on the next season of Game of Thrones. Squee!
  16. I have learned one valuable lesson this season on BB. Nobody puts Baby in the corner, and nobody tells Amanda to shut up.
  17. I'm betting it was a Fanta, the song just seems so appropriate. Wanna Fanta, don't ya wanna? Spencer's thread is my absolute, pants down favorite!
  18. Rachel not only sexed it up in the HOH, her and Brendon got down and dirty with Weekend at Kathy's in the bed next to them one night. Try as I may I'll never forget that. I have to admit I'm a bit in awe of Amanda, I wish I was as comfortable with myself as she seems to be. I can't even go topless in my own house though, so...*shrugs*
  19. But...who would put on his deodorant if not Amanda? Watching them together is entertaining, if not slightly disturbing.
  20. OGG, I hadn't even thought about that. But really, what are the chances Spencer recycles? They can't be that great...they can't, they just can't. No. No!
  21. He's super creepy. He looks like he'd love nothing more than reclining on the perving couch in the bathroom and fingering his belly button while watching Jessie shower. That's the mental image I have of him whenever his name is mentioned, just fingering away at that belly.
  22. If VGM kept it classy because she's a "lady" last night, I really need to know what her definition of unladylike behavior is.
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