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  1. tootiredto, I think I love you! Fantastic. Rare video footage from Spencer's favorite strip club, Loose Labels.
  2. *squees herself* Awww, thanks toolie! I have to offer a 40 oz. of love to everyone who's been posting away this season (ff I'm staring at you the hardest), but whatever you do, don't let Spencer near it!
  3. If Spencer ever has a child he'll insist that it be breast fed. But there will be an alarming amount of bottles on their gift registry for the shower.
  4. Spencer scoffs at the thought of using a bottle opener, his came built in.
  5. Favorite movie: Bottle Shock (Great flick by the way)
  6. His favorite song is Time in a Bottle. My sincere apologies to Jim Groce.
  7. Brings an entirely new definition to the term "bottlenecking."
  8. I think her extensions have taken root, err, sorry route.
  9. Best. Thread. Ever. Favorite game: spin the bottle.
  10. I'll never be able to hear the phrase "Bottoms up" without laughing.
  11. Poor Marilyn probably popped a seam. Spencer is slowly, almost but not really becoming an interesting alternative to everyone left in that house. I'd really love to see who he'd nominate, but...oh no, I said but and now I'm thinking of what he puts up his.
  12. You know you've crossed a pretty serious line when Aaryn thinks you've gone too far. I don't envy GM anything that awaits her outside the house. But I do feel she's deserving of at least some of it, but you know there will be a certain percent of the viewing public that will take it too far.
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