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  1. Has BBUSA ever done a 2-hour double eviction? I'm interested to see what the producers will use to fill the time.
  2. I like him, too. I think he might better with the alliances that BB requires than the rivalries that The Challenge thrives on.
  3. What is the thing on the wall just inside the new door to the downstairs bathroom? It looks like a urinal, but without a handle.
  4. Forced teams/alliances? One of my most hated things right out of the gate. FU, Grodner!
  5. Final four, and the first slightly suspenseful episode since week ONE! See y'all next year.
  6. While giving instructions for tonight's first veto competition, I imagined Julie saying, "If you fall off your balance beam, you will be incinerated." A girl can hope. Am I the only one who thinks this season has been exceptionally boring? I feel we deserve another set of all-stars.
  7. I'm disappointed in Janelle. Not for laying low, or being targeted or misunderstood, but for referring to Enzo as, "that Jersey guy." You had to learn 15 names, most of which you already knew. Buh bye.
  8. I wish the hinky vote campaign would backfire so the "wrong" person stays.
  9. A photo of Frankie Grande is shown in the facebook for Broadway on Demand: https://get.broadwayondemand.com I know he has worked on Broadway, but I wonder that they couldn't find a better representative.
  10. My apologies; I re-watched the April 22 episode and discovered that, indeed, they had not revealed the votes at the end.
  11. Nixiechick, they do show the votes at the end. If you use CBS All Access, choose the Watch Credits option before it runs away to the next thing they want to show you (which for me always seems to be Love Island - why me?)
  12. With the exception of the strand that seemed to be shunned like Jessica.
  13. Newbies without recruits. Or returnees. Or a mixture. Oh, hell, just put bodies in the house!
  14. I decided I must watch their Survivor season, just to see if they complained as much as they did on TAR. 'Cause, yeah. About evvverrrything.
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