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  1. General Reality Shows

    She (Leah Remini) does have a prime time show, Kevin can Wait, with Kevin James, her co-star on King of Queens, on CBS. I've never seen it so I have no opinion to offer.
  2. General Reality Shows

    I don't know why CBS doesn't just reveal all the names, and cut TMZ and other outlets off at their knees. If anybody reveals anything before the season airs, without the permission of the producers and CBS, NOBODY gets anything.
  3. Who the hell was he? He didn't even merit an edit before his blindside; either that, or I blinked & missed it.
  4. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I assume they had groups of numbers to choose from, making it a matter of trial and error, really. At least the head-to-head competition kept us from having to hear, "We're probably last," or some variation on that phrase.
  5. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    Oh, yes, the logo is inventive, and I adore the fact that there will be no returnees or pigeonholes to define the tribes. Jeff's description is intriguing; I wonder if Ghost Island is another form of Redemption Island, or if castaways will discover the sniffers and idols in the trees around their camps. As Magpie (*waves to Magpie*) said, it's got promise after this season, so I'll be around to watch, too. Just be careful with the twists, Survivor; don't go all FUG on us.
  6. General Reality Shows

    Stephen Colbert speculated that "Big Brother is hiring."
  7. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    Because they're too lazy. They'd rather sit around and proclaim that he's looking for it than work to prevent him from finding it. He's going to Tyson his way to the end: find an idol, win immunity, rinse and repeat. I hope the others' hubris is their undoing. I don't usually pick a favorite or root for anyone, but there, I've gone and done it. And I would have thought it would be Chrissy or Lauren.
  8. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    I'm so over these people sharing with Absolutely Everyone Else that they have idols.
  9. My favorite part of last night's episode: when he declared, " ... I'm no longer in the bottom, and I finally have a true alliance. The tables have turned ... " He is such an idiot.
  10. Chrissy Hofbeck - Solewa (Merge) - former Hero

    Well, she monopolized the challenge just as Patrick did, and managed to stay. She also convinced the others that the "girls' alliance" was Roark's idea. I think she might be around for a while. But then again, I enjoy schadenfreude when they are defeated by their own hubris.
  11. General Drama

    I think PBS allows that kind of language, as long as it's not gratuitous, especially since vulgarities aren't comparable across the oceans.
  12. Comedy

    But that's how they summed it up: Will said they always expect it to be different, but they end up doing the same things. This time, they can expect it to be the same, and maybe it will be different. (At least that's how I remember it.)
  13. General House Analysis and Discussion

    But Shannon, I think most of the hammies, considering that they're usually unemployed, at least for the summer, would still want to make it to jury, no matter the accommodations, for the grand a week. I have no problem with them hanging out in cushy surroundings waiting to vote for the winner; I just wish that those of us with feed access got to see more of what goes on there. I didn't vote, but I'm glad Cody won America's Favorite Player. Kevin was interesting in the beginning: my age, "stay-at-home" dad, drug-dealing parents, etc. However, I felt like he turned into a caricature as the season wore on. I was especially annoyed that, while he said he would in Diary Room sessions, he never really tried to win comps, and blindly followed suggestions made by Paul that he'd be taken to the final 3 with Paul and "her" if he threw them. Cody's stoicism left viewers wanting more something from him, especially if they didn't get the feeds or read Hamstertime. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Jody-themed show in the future, depending on how they do on The Amazing Race. I'm sure producers are submitting treatments already.
  14. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Aw, hefgypsy, it wasn't the feeds' fault.
  15. Josh Martinez - Tears R Us - Winner

    When Jess was Head of Household and put Josh on the block with Ramses as a pawn, I think that Paul and Founders' Day decided to vote out Ramses to show Jessica that just being HOH didn't mean she was "running the house." Christmas talked to Josh all week, coaching him to stop making "victim noises" (copyright Cody), ensuring him that they would keep him safe. I think that's what turned it around for Josh. Christmas didn't really have any allies at that time, either. I think Paul got to the sheep and secured the votes for Ramses to leave.