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  1. With the exception of the strand that seemed to be shunned like Jessica.
  2. Newbies without recruits. Or returnees. Or a mixture. Oh, hell, just put bodies in the house!
  3. I decided I must watch their Survivor season, just to see if they complained as much as they did on TAR. 'Cause, yeah. About evvverrrything.
  4. Reem complained that they would have to "climb Mt. Everest" every day to get food. Why can't they make camp between the nearest fresh water and wherever they found the rice? Wouldn't that make more sense than schlepping up and down the hill all the time?
  5. I usually don't choose a favored track, but I seem to have found myself on the Ricky Williams train, at least from watching him on the show stirring the pot (pun unintended), to get the paranoia flowing. I just hope it doesn't derail too soon.
  6. I chose "yes," because the only reason I won't watch any version of the show is if Hamstertime were to unexpectedly shut down. Fisty and the H'ters are practically my lifeblood. I was climbing the walls a few days ago when the site was unavailable; thankfully it got better!
  7. Did anyone notice the story under the piece about TB&TB?
  8. Kaycee, for most of the reasons given by Mrs. Gryn, and also so Tyler doesn't have to worry about his decision to honor their final 2 deal.
  9. I thought of a few BB-connected replacements if Julie's out, including Ross Matthews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, even Omarosa (did I really say that?). This morning an even better one hit me: Aisha Tyler. I could get on the PNH train, as well. I really wish CBS would change things up, maybe use a duo, or a team of rotating hosts. One has to admit, the show has gotten a bit stale. I have enjoyed the few new challenges this season.
  10. Happy to see the addition to the thread title. I don't care about her motives; she is, as Haleigh said, "awesome."
  11. I thought I read somewhere that other hammies had stated that they couldn't win against him at final 2. If this is true, it makes me wonder why they've kept him around for so long. I think he could actually win, what with a bitter jury and an "I deserve to win because I'm special" campaign.
  12. Kaycee, Tyler, Brett, in that order, with Sam on the fringes because she is so far out of her element that she just might surprise us.
  13. Stamp that, AVorlon. I've often spoken out against twists of any kind. However, I actually liked the Hacker Twist, probably because it wasn't an "America's" Vote. Maybe they should force the jurors to sit down and debate each time a new evictee joins them, instead of only at the end when all the bitterness has had time to fester. Instead of only watching the video and commiserating, they should talk about who's playing the best game, things they heard in the house, etc.
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