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  1. This one's for you SheenaFury Dearest Zach: Darling, I finally had the opportunity to catch an episode of BB recently. I'm sure that you thought that you were ready to make that big leap into Fame Whoredom with your quick witted thinking on how to behave. Let's take a moment to analyze this one: 1. Pretending to be stone faced when Kathy Griffin is zinging you only to get her to come over and zing you further - well, it's an idea that didn't need to germinate in your mind. 2. Going and sitting in the back of the crowd on something and pouting REALLY tore at my heart strings (not). OK - so you've proven that you can do the stone faced macho man AND now you can do the pouty faced baby in the back of the room. 3. Did I mention that neither one was convincing? You've officially made my "WOW - this dude is really a petulant baby parading around like a kick ass man" category. Congratulations.
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  3. Uneathly, Undulating Unexpected Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly....... or Unicorns and butterfly kisses - take your choice
  4. Goofus

    TAR 20

    I may actually have to break down and watch this season. Brendon controlling every move Rachel makes while she tries to compete might just lead to an epic battle which really would be worth watching.
  5. I felt that Dani was almost egging the bad behavior on during the show. She kept her smug smile up during the time Julie was interviewing both Dick and Jeff. She gave her Dad the trademark "shocker" comment, etc. I think she would have been happy if something close to a fight would have broken out.
  6. Let's pretend we're all happy!
  7. Goofus


    I will be interested to see what she had to say to the others in the jury house. I figured she was prolly going to tell Shelly off because of the "only votes that count" comment. It will be great to see the rest of them shut her up. I don't miss having to highlight her dialogues. Thank goodness I didn't have to listen to all of them!
  8. For the speed readers - yesterday was as eventful in Hammieville as the day before....... For the rest of us: Adam wakes up in a mood - Rachel said something that made him very angry. At one point he tells Porsche that he doesn't want her to win a penny. He eventually gets over it. He attempts to smoke as much as he can. He also tries to whiten his teeth using strips. I guess he doesn't understand that smoking will stain his teeth and if he wants maximum result from the whitening strips he shouldn't smoke more. Rachel - she's a competitor, yo. She deserves to win this party. She rehashes the entire season. Who was naughty, who was nice. Confirms with Porsche when Adam is gone that they are the F2. Porsche - ditzy as evah. Her ex-boyfriend almost talked her into not coming into the house. Her brother saved her so we could enjoy her all season. Thanks Bro. Not. They share embarassing stories about themselves. Adam got locked in a gas station bathroom once. Rachel, as expected has had several. Once, she pulled over in the desert to pee. A family busted her - thought she was in trouble and stopped to help. I know you're shocked over this one - she's run out of gas - more than once. She's gotten tickets. They played cards last night. They pack. Much ado about getting Adam's duck packed. They had to deflate it. Through #360 and Goofus' last post.
  9. We wake to the Hammies discussing Survivor. Porsche shares that she got drunk once and petted fish. Now Porsche, honey, I'll give you some time to think about this one. I sincerely doubt that the fish let you pet them. They were probably screaming and swimming away in abject horror at the thought of your hand attempting to catch them. You might have felt the side of a fish but pet them? I don't think so. I digress. They rehash the season's competitions. You really don't want me to go through all of them again do you? Porsche goes inside. Rachel, following her DR instructions again tells Adam that she's undecided on who she's taking to the F2. She then waxes pathetic and says that the house was against her last year and channeling her inner Dani, proclaims it uuunnnnffaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrrr. She had to risk a lot to come back this year. Porsche just had to answer the phone. She's Janelle's friend and Janelle just made a phone call. That's all it took, yo. Now Rachel, honey - listen. We gotta talk. You honestly think that Adam is stoopid enough to sit there and listen to this drivel and accept this shovel of horse pucky you're trying to deliver? He ain't that dumb. Later on Adam proclaims himself stressed and says that he won't sleep before Wednesday. Adam - please try - you need all the beauty sleep you can get........... I digress. Adam goes inside and Porsche tells Rachel that Adam is threatening her! Lightning Bolt! Thunder Clap! How can this be you may ask? Well, just don't laugh too hard when I tell you all about the "threat." Adam is saying that if Porsche doesn't take him to the F2, he won't vote for her! Such a meanie. I wouldn't even categorize this as game play! *cough cough yeah, right* At one point during this glorious day of intrigue and mayhem, Porsche starts to take off her pants and shows that her bikini bottom has wedged itself in her crack. Adam tells her this. She blows it off. She later comes dangerously close to exposing her breast. I guess she's getting desperate to make sure those "directors" see her. They decide that Shelly is America's Playah. That's why she turned on Jeff, locked herself in the purple room for 3 hours awaiting her glorious prize and why she hid stuff. Sorry folks. It was just pure madness on her part. Rachel laments that she has no fans. Sniff. Sniff. They rehash the season - who was mean, etc. Porsche says that the vets ruined their season! Sniff. Sniff. Porsche and Rachel start to disagree a lot today. Perhaps there is a snowball in hell that isn't melting anymore. They decide that their ruined tie dye projects need to go into the washing machine with the towels......... Rachel works out. Adam attempts to rhyme her laps as she completes them. Ever the kind Porsche points out when one of his laps doesn't rhyme. They all complain that the BY smells from all the comps. I know you're shocked that they play cards during the evening. As soon as BBAD is over, they all climb in bed. Rachel reads the bible, they talk about weddings. Adam outdoes Rachel about weddings. His talk centers around being the life of the party and drinks. They digress into fast food. A fact you didn't want to know: Mickey D's gives Adam the runs. Hammies asleep. Through #294
  10. This is going to be a very short highlight - very little to highlight. Hammies are up. We get palms only to come back to the Hammies singing coming soon. Yes, kids the end is near. Rachel does laundry and Porsche supervises. Adam takes the awnings down and the ladies yell at him to relax and let them take care of him. He claims that he is the man of the house and can take care of it. The finish their tie dye project - early reports show that they didn't do a very good job. Porsche tried to tie dye the HOH slippers and ruined them. Goofus wants to know how can you tie slippers up to dye them in the first place. I digress. When Porsche isn't around, Rachel thanks Adam for his kind words last night and says she's still not sure who she is taking to the F2. I would be remiss if I didn't mention she's had a DR session since last night when she told him she was taking Porsche. When Racehl isn't around, Adam tells Porsche he had a dream where Farah said Porsche was taking him to F2. Porsche asks if he said the same thing to Rachel. He denies. He appeals to Porsche to keep him. When Adam isn't around, Rachel works Porsche to make sure that she's taking her to F2. Now the funny of the day - they discuss how they will greet their significant others. Rachel says she's going to jump on Brendon. Porsche says keep it classy. Adam says it's live and they'll have to blur out Rachel's butt again. Adam comments that he doesn't want to see Fauxprah again but will be close to Porsche and Jeff/Jordan. Rachel isn't around when he says this. He hopes that Shelly is a good person outside the house. Adam says he will read the internet about himself. Rachel tries to discourage this and he says there will always be haters. He's proud of the way he played the game. Amazingly, they decide to play cards last night. Hammies asleep.
  11. Porche, in a moment of clarity, realizes Fauxprah is gone and now her ass looks just that much bigger.
  12. Hammies are up and begin on one of their favorite activities - bashing Shelly. Adam and Porsche study the memory wall for photo smashup comp. They are very nervous waiting for late afternoon and the part 2 comp. Porsche is afraid she will break her leg and Julie will yell at her to hurry up and vote during the final. Where/how does/could she think of these things? Oh, wait. She wants to be noticed by directors. Nevermind. They also talk about Dani being mean. Get more nervous. Trivia - HOH pt 2 time. Porsche wins. We come back and both Porsche and Adam are pretty torn up. Amazingly, Porsche has her ankle wrapped. Hmmmmmm,,,, Goofus wonders if there's a real reason for wrapping that ankle or are we playing? I digress. The first aid kit is out. Adam wraps his cuts with bacon band aids. The comp was to dive into a pool and pull out HOH names and put them in order. The lifeguard was a hottie and Porsche wanted mouth to mouth. Adam didn't know that you need to spit into your goggles to keep them from fogging up and threw them out. He ended up having to go find them again and lost a lot of time. Porsche beat him by 2:13. Rachel was locked in the purple room during the comp. Adam jokes "Who wants to take me to the finals?" Porsche says let's not talk game right now. Adam is really depressed. Rachel decides to try something with her hairbrush. Shelly told her about it so it's got to be a real thing, right? Let me tell you what it is and I'll let you draw your own conclusion on who this little wonder worked out. You put your hairbrush in a pot of boiling water so that you'll boil off the dead skill cells. Need I say more? Rachel and Porsche determine that Shelly was lying - again. Rachel attempts to cheer Adam up. Both Adam and Porsche are really hurting after the comp. Rachel decides to make sangria. Adam finally finds his man card and opts for beer. Porsche asks if they would bring her back for all stars. Rachel and Adam say yes. Adam is called to the DR. Rachel and Porsche being celebrating their best alliance evah and being the F2. Adam and Rachel are outside. Adam asks if Rachel will take him to the F2. She tells him she has a deal with Porsche. He accepts his fate pretty well. Then he screws the pooch by telling her that he will vote for her. Dude, you're supposed to say you'll vote for Porsche so she'll reconsider! I digress. Adam goes in the kitchen and proclaims "Nice guys finish 3rd." They play cards. Porsche and Rachel give Adam no hope of being able to stay. Adam starts to get somewhat smart and says he'll vote for whoever wins the final HOH. They review the season - shocker. Rachel says she's learned to be gracious this season. They move on to who's having more fun in the jury house - Brendon/Jeff or Dani/Fauxprah. Who cares? Adam then becomes really delusional and says this is the sexiest F3 in BB history. During BBAD Porsche tells Rachel that the DR heard her talking about being Janelle's friend and the ring. They can hear everything! I now know how why I'll never be cast as a hammie. I like to think that my IQ is above that of a blade of grass in a freshly mown lawn. Porsche figures that they'll let Janelle come to the finale now. Everything's got to be OK! through #217
  13. Oh dear - can I even make this interesting? Get a joke in? I digress. We find Rachel and Porsche putting on dresses for the F3 dinner. Rachel tries on Porche's Gucci dress. Rachel puts in hair extensions. Rachel ends up putting on a very short dress. Adam says it wouldn't be BB unless Rachel was showing her coochie. Rachel sees a Skippy in the SR. They discuss previous hammies. They give Lawon the nickname of Duhwon. We get palmed many times. Perhaps they were giving them conversational topics. It leaks out later that FUG made an appearance. They get surf & turf for dinner. Porsche has to instruct Rachel on how to eat a lobster. They discuss what they feel were their best game moves. Adam: saying no to the vets in week 1. Made them respect him. Well, that's one way of looking at it. Porsche - not picking sides. Ummm, yeah. Rachel: game play after Brendon left. Word. Rachel wants to do a F3 lunch after the show. Adam and Porsche start tippling and Rachel starts pounding. they were given beer and sparkling wine. Conversation continues to erode into how old they are and the year the graduated from high school. Tsy shares that his was in the year 2000. All Goofus will say is that is was sometime in the last century. They trash Shelly. Shocker - not. In a moment of true clarity, Porsche comments on how big her trunk is. Rachel lies and tells her it isn't. They enjoy their desserts immensely. They discuss what the Godfather would have been like as a BB player. More toasts. Rachel gets down 2 beers and 3 glasses of wine. Things start looking up in the excitement department. And we digress into card games. Again. They mercifully go to sleep. through #158
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