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  1. I usually try to bury any knowledge of Mike Malin deep in the recesses of my lizard brain, but isn't he a well-known carrier of a variety of STIs? So she'd be used to touching wet, sticky, oozing stuff. To me Amanda looks like the (marginally) more attractive sister of that Bethenny person from one of the Real Housewives shows.
  2. I keep thinking he looks like BB6 Howie's younger, dumber brother.
  3. Don't do that, her scoliosis already looks pretty bad.
  4. Not enough grass on the field for my liking, but I see what you're getting at. I'd never be able to recap him because my hands would want to do nothing but slap at my monitor. Or constantly make obscene gestures in Nick's general direction.
  5. A tranny wouldn't be caught dead in shoes that ugly.
  6. Candice is my favorite, united in our mutual dislike of Mike Malin. Nick looks very punchable.
  7. I've hated this guy for so long that this news is like ... getting butterfly kisses from a basketful of kittens while sliding down a rainbow on the back of a gay unicorn. In other words, FABULOUS.
  8. So glad to see you here!!!

  9. That would bring me back to recapping thisquick. Hopefully it would be an endurance challenge - he loses, the rest of us win.
  10. Hate the Fabio hair. He reminds me of a downmarket Willam Belli, but maybe if he embraces the drag queen we all know is lurking within he might be a reliable source of commentary. Bonus points if he figures out a way to get hit in the face by a goose.
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