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Part of HamsterTime's charm is its readability, and following these few simple rules will keep everything nice and neat and tidy and pretty.

1. Attack the hamsters, not each other. Remember to focus your hate on the hamsters. Attacking posters is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly. If you come across a post that you believe is offensive or questionable, do not try to show the offender the error of his ways. Click on the "Report" button (located at the bottom of each post) and clearly explain your reason for reporting the post. Every reported post is reviewed by the mods and admins, though you may not get a direct response to your report.

Fisty takes this rule very seriously and it applies everywhere on HT, not just in posts. No attacking each other via profile comments, private messages, etc., either. If someone is harassing you, let a mod or admin know about it.

2. Try not to double post. You can always edit your post if you want to add something, but if a few hours have passed and you have something else brilliantly witty to say, then go ahead and post again. The exceptions are in the live feed recaps and screencap threads. Double postings are actively encouraged in these threads.

3. Stay on topic. If you're clever or interesting or funny, or offer people money, they'll want to be able to locate your posts. That's a lot easier when your posts are in the appropriate thread. Posts will be moved to the correct topic at a moderator's discretion.

4. Don't use animated images in your avatar. You are encouraged to link your animated video or image because Fisty likes laughing at that stuff as much as you do. If you create an animated GIF, such as Peepaw falling into the pool, feel free to post that in the Screencap thread.

5. Please do not modify the font or use the signature option in your posts. This is simply to keep the posts easily readable. Bold, italics, strike through and underline are all available. You can customize your title and your location, so let's keep the posting area free for the posts themselves.

6. Please try to use proper punctuation. It is one of the things that makes HT easy to read and we want to enjoy what you have to say. Show Fisty that you care to give him your best efforts.

7. For the love of all that is holy, do not use smileys, emoticons, or emojis. We like it when you express yourself with actual words. If Fisty sees an emoticon on HT, he'll tear your <3 out. Seriously.

8. When quoting previous posts by making use of the "Quote" feature of the board, try not to get too carried away with a string of quotes in one post. Moderators may edit at their discretion, after which they may demand a doughnut from you.

9. Don't sign up multiple usernames. Your user name can be changed at your request by an admin, so if you need to change it, send a private message. Ghost nicks will be banned, and depending on Fisty's mood that day, so might the person who's hiding behind the ghost nicks.

10. Try not to get carried away with assigning medical diagnoses to the hamsters, especially psychological conditions. Let's just all agree they are famewhores and thus there is something fundamentally wrong with them, and move on.

11. This isn't a family friendly site and most everything is tolerated. Because of that, sometimes subjects like politics (especially in an election year) and religion can get out of hand very quickly. If a houseguest is talking about a particular politician and you are recapping, that's one thing, but stating as a fact that "the Mayor of Flavortown is an insane troll who will ruin the country and anyone who votes for him/her is a fool" is not appropriate. Your post may be severely edited if not deleted outright. HT is neutral ground when it comes to religion and politics.

12. Do not steal bandwidth. Direct-linking to an image to embed it in a thread/avatar on HT is not allowed unless you are hosting the image on your own server or through a free service such as Flickr or PhotoBucket. Bandwidth costs money, and direct-linking to another person's image is like stealing out of their wallets every single time one of the thousands of members of HT loads the thread the photo is in. And you wouldn't steal out of someone else's wallet thousands of times, right? If you don't have a way to host the image yourself, please simply post a link to it. Also, if you are sharing an image created by someone else, please give them credit.


If you want to repost any of our recaps on other websites, you are free to do so as long as you give proper attribution to both this website (please link to www.hamstertime.net) and the author of the post.


All written material on this web site is © copyright the material's author, unless otherwise noted, and is subject to HamsterTime.net's Posting Rules. All official Hamster Time images are © copyright HamsterTime.net. For HamsterTime's policy concerning republication of material found on this site, please read our Guidelines, as stated above.

Opinions are those of the person who posted them only.