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  2. I know, lifeonhold! Give me interesting hammies. Please. I'm even fairly easily amused. Come on.
  3. Rockstar - promises more than it delivers, sloppy, not at all relevant although it wants to be, sort of run down. [Full disclosure: Written after seeing the brief CBS tour.]
  4. I agree, MrsGryn, and hope that is the case. Julie is still a fashion and interviewer disaster, but she is OUR disaster and I'm happy she is back.
  5. She is so shallow it is likely she'll just evaporate before our eyes. She doesn't even mention having a dog. I look forward to her social media/phone withdrawl meltdowns. I might also enjoy her walk down Meme Lane.
  6. Sooo, background in pre-law and Sales and can 'sell anything' and yet is a server? A server as in here is your steak and potatoes or server as in *knock, knock* you have been served, or server as in some kinky naked cowboy porn video server? In any case some of us will be watching in hopes he forgets about the cameras and drops his towel. Right? Right? [I'm a bit thrown by his Mass comment, but I'm a devote Catholic and watch this questionable crap so who am I to throw stones!]
  7. I pray that mop gets tamed into a man-bun! How can you be into fitness/workouts with that kind of heat-sink on your head! Hahaha, Mrs Gryn too! He has given us too little to go on, unless he is pretty vapid in which case we are just missing the obvious.
  8. I think I like him (qualified), but I don't know what a Yeti or Twisted Tea is and he better not be talking basketball all the time. I hope he has good trucker stories.
  9. The first rule of discussing political topics: There is never a right environment, particularly in the midst of a vicious social game. So, go ahead, be the first voted out.
  10. Wine Bar Crawl Guide? Early Couger-ish, fostering dogs (and the occasional mutt she brings home from the crawls?) , knows her alphabet. Might spaz in entertaining ways from phone withdrawl. I have high hopes for this one.
  11. APRIL 2019, LA, Grodner (barking at staff in a deep gutteral voice): "Get me another Frankie!" Perhaps he will have some depth to him and also be a hit dancer for the Mob (his twirls are deadly!).
  12. Did whomever typed in his name fall asleep without finishing it? Guy seems boring as sh*t (also brown, btw). You just know he is going to talk sports to death. 'Why not me?' also applies as an answer to the question, Who should we vote out first? Other than that, I might like him.
  13. WHISTLING?? I thought nature mercifully worked that out of the gene pool about a century ago. I'm cringing already! Whereas Kaycee nailed 'openly lesbian' last year, I predict that Christie is going to get any and all sexuality 100% wrong this season. She will be a loose cannon of hammie-ness.
  14. It will be so much horrifying fun watching such a newbie being torn to bits by the e-vil game sharks. TWO seasons?? Well, dude, LIVE until you DIE in this game, and more power to ya.
  15. 30-ish, genuine, a plus) model, NOT giving off an over-sexualized couger vibe? Well this creature isn't something we've seen in long while. There must be some awful twist here someplace. Until it is revealed, I like her.
  16. I haven't seen any of the videos. I get a mixed vibe here too. He chose some weird examples to express his 'live for the day' attitude toward life, but he seems to have the right strategy to take the game far and a genial personality. We can presume he has VERY smelly farts and/or is very anally retentive. I'm sure the feeds will let us know soon.
  17. Her bio reads like an overly energetic preschooler that just won't settle down for her nap driving others to slip Benedryl into her sippy cup. I do want to know what musical artists she likes.
  18. Ok, humor is good. I suspect, however, that she might come across as too intelligent for the low-life hammies to relate to easily. I want to like her.
  19. Analyse, you are called a lizard because all that time in the sun will make you look 55 by the time you are 30. Analyse...reminds one of Analysis, but brainz are needed for that, so you were no doubt ironically named. Yes, she will be in a hammock, and bed, with some guy before the first episode airs. When this is all over she will start a YouTube channel.
  20. Soooo, she can be a bitch and is so goal oriented that she doesn't let anything stand in her way BUT one year ago she learned how to let things go and just be positive about things. I'm sure that Zen came just in time.!
  21. I hate rustic everything, partly due to the war allergens have waged with me for decades. I haven't seen the house tour up close yet. Is the potty stall made to look like an outhouse? If not, the designers missed an opportunity.
  22. I never canceled due to being a slug and having the misguided idea that I might check out other All Access programming. My intention is always to do SOME recapping (i.e. intermittent) but 1) the hammies haven't been interesting to me as much in these past several years, 2) ever since BBAD began they seem to save their interesting activities until that time which is tooo late for me, and 3) my SLOWOLDishness is catching up to me. We need another Janelle/Kaysar/Howie season badly with interesting (albiet flawed) hammies to keep us glued to the feeds. So, I'm doing my First Impressions tonight...
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  24. Please please *waving hand wildly* nominate me so I can be a pond.
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