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  2. I am glad we got a lot of jury house last night. Really sad Azah went after Hannah, if Ky had not won the veto, I wanted to see if she had really put up Kyland, she is so upset that he used the veto on Xavier and put up Big D on her 30 minute HOH. So sad to see Tiffany and Hannah go but the both handled it with grace. Now nothing left to enjoy but them having to turn on each other.
  3. 6:30 am HT. 2 feeds on yacht room, Azah sleeping on the couch bed in the corner and Big D in the bed in the back. Last night alone, he is telling her to play like she is mad at him, in case Ky wins the veto. 2 feeds in Ky alone in the have not room, he thinks he is gone if he does not win the veto, when ever they have it. Don’t know if it might be today or still on Saturday. If Ky does not win the veto, they are going to blame him for his HOH wins to vote him out, too many times he went messy. another show tonight, see the HOH comp that Xavier won and his nominations, no show this Sunday because of Emmy’s. Then Wednesday show will be late after the first 2 hour Survivor show is back. Then Thursday the 4th person goes to round table, doesn’t get to see the jury house. Then there are all moved to the hotel to wait alone till the finale 2 hour show Wednesday September 29th, we see which one leaves 3rd and who the jury picks as the first Black Big Brother winner in 20 years.
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  5. Biggest disappointment of the season is Azah. She came in talking about girl power and ended up handing the F3 to the men on a silver platter.
  6. 1:45 am housetime Everyone in bed, and lights out.
  7. Big D and Kyland eating hamburgers and fries talking about if they are famous enough now that the Obamas are watching them and maybe Nene Leakes or Nicki Minaj, maybe she will write a song about us. I think Nicki is too busy with the white house and Nene with her husband's death and Obamas too busy in Hamptons to care about BB. Azah still has not came to eat, being on the block for the first time must make her not hungry for Big D's food. Xavier in the DR now. I am out.
  8. 10:30 pm and Big D started cooking hamburgers and french fries at 7 and they are just now finished and they are eating. Azah in bed with her HOH letter and pictures.
  9. Big D says Azah is in DR, singing she is on the block again and Xavier says this is the first time she has ever been on the block, and Xavier was the one that did it. Big D says game on, she is giving me that kiss my ass face right now. Xavier says Big D better win the video so he does not have to worry about losing and Big D says he is going to try but he can't win anything he has to depend on Xavier to win it for him.
  10. Big D lists off all the times he kept Azah off the block and all the things he did for the 6 of them. Xavier sitting in the LR under a blanket. Big D in his favorite chair breathing like he is having a heart attack. Azah must have went back to bed or stayed in HOH to listen to music. Ky working out.
  11. Ky has been in the gym riding the bike and now playing with the chess set. Big D did say he is not on the block so it is Ky and Azah. Big D is worried that if Azah wins veto then she will still keep him over Ky. Xavier says she is true to her word, she promised us she would keep you. Big D says we are just trying to get thru this and to get to the F3.
  12. So it sounds like Ky and Azah are on the block, since Xavier says he is picking Big D to go F2 with him and says we have a deal. Now Big D says we are screwed with Azah wins that veto. She decides who goes to F3.
  13. Big D asking Xavier if Ky is in the F3 with us, Xavier says says we have a F2 since day 1. Big D says he shot himself in the foot with Azah, this morning, after she got dressed, she said she did not take the deal with him and Xavier. Xavier worried that Azah knows there is a deal with the 3 guys and Big D says no. He said he made some deals in the beginning. Azah says you are telling me you have F2 deals with both the guys and he says he told her that he does but he is not going forward with them both, and says he is sorry to her but he was not expecting both the guys to go to the end with him. But he told Azah him and her never had a F2, she says she always assumed that it was him and her F2. Xavier says she sits and stares at you like right thru your soul. Xavier says don't think about it that is too much stress. Big D says he told her that he did not expect her to take him to F2. Big D is worried about his mom, she is paying all his bills while he is gone. Big D says second place is all he is expecting because he has so many bills. Xavier goes to check and make sure no one is listening to them in the LR.
  14. Big D called them down to eat burgers but they are still talking about his first HOH when he put up Britini and Brent and Azah wanted him to put her up instead of Britini, he says Azah I am not putting you up, Britini is not in our alliance.
  15. Part of me wouldn't mind if Azah or Derek won, just so that something unpredictable happened this season. But in the end, I think Xavier played the best game of the Final Four, so he gets my vote. Though any of them would be crazy to let him get to the end, it would probably take a group effort to keep him away from it at this point.
  16. Azah tells Xavier she is tried, he says we only got 4 hours of sleep, She asks if he knows what the veto comp might be, he says he has no idea they have all be up in the air. She says she is upset that Ky used the veto and put up Big D. Xavier says Ky has played many moves crazy and if not for the CO he would have been gone already. Now they start asking questions about the days and comps. Day 50 when he went into solitaire, came out day 51. He says he is memorizing just about everything, never know what the questions will be.
  17. Azah goes to hang out with Xavier in the HOH bed, she lays in his arm.
  18. Big D went to the yacht room and tried to get Azah to come hang out but she says she is too tired. Xavier is listening to his music in the HOH. Ky and Big D cooking in the kitchen.
  19. Big fat F for women failing once again to made a damn alliance that works.
  20. It's in the bag for X now, Azah made sure of that.
  21. And they got the table for 4, and DF just said the double eviction was yesterday. Waiting for confirmation on the HOH and nominations. Big D and Ky talking about a $1000 bet so we get all 4 feeds on Azah in bed.
  22. Xavier is in the HOH room, so we think he won HOH. sure he put up Big D and Azah since he has a deal with Ky. Azah still in bed not cooking for the guys.
  23. Big D knows the press questions will be how were able to be around such attractive shirtless men for 3 months. Ky switches the conversation to studying again. They have not said they have played HOH yet, has to be shown tomorrow night they would have had to have the HOH and nominations. Big D trying to figure out the the math from the veto comp we just saw, the comp was 45 minutes Ky says he thought the comp was 35 minutes and he put 1690 and Big D says they told us we had 2 hours to do it. Ky has a problem cooking the potatoes in that much oil, and Big D says he will remove it so he can cook for Ky. Big D thinks he is going to spend 2 days with Ky after the show. Ky knows where bars are but not parties. He does not know where to find them but he has friends.
  24. Big D lying about his family again, saying they are all private and shocked that he is doing this. He is peeling potatoes and talking to Ky in the kitchen. Have not seen Xavier yet.
  25. Shocked they are up early, Ky and Big D are cooking and Azah is studying her fake cheat sheet with the candy decorations doing her count downs. Big D is trying to remember last season's F4.
  26. How would you grade the week on a scale of A to F with A being good and F being a combo platter of shomances, fauxmances and nomances?
  27. Who had the best week in the game?
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