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  2. I agree and I hope he realizes it before that disaster of a wedding.
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  4. Yeah, Kevin is this season's Victoria....dragged forward in the game because he's done absolutely nothing. His only hope is sitting next to Nicole at the F2.
  5. Da comes to the bathroom to talk to Dani and Nicole leaves to go to the guys room and reads Enzo's letter out loud. Enzo can't wait to go home to his kids. Memphis went to bed at 10 Christmas went to bed at 11 everybody else is still awake.
  6. Dani asks how are going to get the 3 of us to the end now? Don't know says Nicole. There are so many people I want to go and Christmas walks by. Nicole says Enzo says that Cody and Dani are like 2 old married people and Dani says he annoys her. She says her and Dom argue all the time. Nicole says she is the one that is so sensitive with Victor. Dom holds grudges. Nicole brings up trash from the past. Dani is missing Dom and Nicole is missing Victor, they want to see videos from home, she is sure that Victor is still at home and not sick of her voice. Nicole's says her mom does not like to be on Tv so it will be just Victor. Dani wants Tennessee to have a top knot and no little pony tails. Christmas joins n and wants to see her Loyal's face. Probably Ben in her video too. Christmas says they did not get videos or booze we were terrible.
  7. Dani and Nicole in the bathroom now, Cody comes thru and asks if they knew how to use the fire extinguisher Both girls says yes, he was stopping to read directions when Memphis grabbed it and used it. Dani says her daughter knows how. David comes in and says fries off the menu tonight and Nicole says after all the peeling I did. Sorry. Feeds kicked to back yard where Christmas is complaining about the speech and why wasn't Dani included in that speech, Christmas, Memphis, Tyler all complaining. Back to the bathroom where the girls hanging n the bathroom and Day comes in to use the bathroom and they say that was a big flush and then say there is something wrong with the plumbing. They complain about the comps not being for small people again. When Day comes out she was flushing while pooping and drop and flush and sprays the baby powder when she uses it. Day says when she used the HOH bathroom Dani was complaining about someone had pooped, it was Day but she had no spray in there. Day leaves and Dani complains about Christmas touching you all the time. Dani thinks Christmas is setting up Nicole for something. Nicole says setting me up for what? Stars
  8. David cleaning kitchen. Enzo/Cody playing pool. Tyler just took a shower using both shower heads. Christmas and Dani in the floor painting nails, XMas asking Dani why the speech today has she given up. Dani does not know. Davonne giving Kevin advise to play the game Thursday night, win HOH put up Cody/Tyler pawn Enzo.
  9. Nicole comes out and says he is eating the fries with the foam all over them. Nicole and Cody says they were perfect fries too. Nicole would not eat them and Cody would. Tyler in the hot tub now and Kevin listening. Nicole's mom will throw all the food away if she breaks glass so no one will get hurt.
  10. David was cooking and now there is a fire. The girls were in the kitchen and went running and screaming. Stars. Cody outside telling Tyler that David was frying French fries and Cody grabbed the fire ext. and Memphis grabbed it out of his hand and put it out himself. BIG mess every where. David over filled the pan of grease with French fries and when he moved it over as it was over flowing the burned caught fire.
  11. Cody and Tyler doing dishes. David cooking his potatoes. Memphis and Christmas in the hot tub while Nicole lays in the hammock never doing dishes. Christmas tells Memphis about her talk to David.
  12. Tyler talking about Sam making moon shine in their season using a condom and Memphis says how did she get those in here and Christmas has jump in they supply them here they are in the back SR, Memphis says I don't mess with condoms or Snakes.
  13. Dani says if Davonne was here we would have a whole family dinner but no one was listening or cared, Then Christmas repeated it and Dani says that is what I just said. Lots of chewing and cutting stuff up on the table. Kevin is eating chips. HE will probably eat later. He did that with the fish last night too.
  14. Nicole in the hammock whining to Memphis and Tyler that Kevin is saying she threw the HOH wall comp to Dani. They tell her not to worry about it. Everybody is now eating at the kitchen table, a lot of food that Dani made and David helped. Kevin goes to get a plate too and Da stays in bed Reading the Bible.
  15. Memphis makes a joke that the wall yellers have got so good they wrote on the Moon not to trust Dani. Tyler tells Angela to look at the moon it is like a banana. Enzo heads inside and Dani says he better keep his dirty mitts off her veggies she just cut up and waiting for the tofu to finish before eating. Memphis looks at the plane fly over and wonders how many of them know to look down here at BB, Tyler says it is probably as brightly lit as a foot ball field. Dani does not trust Enzo with her food. He is the one person she can't trust.
  16. Memphis, Enzo and Tyler complaining about Da's speech and she is not getting one of their votes. She leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and they are sure Christmas will call her out for that speech. Oh for usre says Memphis. At least she got to see Zing bot, and she made it to jury again. She has had 3 chances to play.
  17. Christmas prying Nicole for more information to use against her Nicole asks who David would put up if he got HOH, Christmas does not know, Nicole will be so mad if it is her since she is responsible for the vote that Da is blaming on him. Christmas still upset over being a have not and for the speech today that Da attacked her in. Nicole says she did not think lying about a vote would cause so much trouble. She is sure she will never have Da's jury vote this time. Kevin went in and talked to Dani about David being recruited. Da laying in bed. Kevin comes in and she asks what has he been doing.
  18. Memphis goes over to play pool with Tyler and David watching and getting to hang out with the cool guys group. Christmas goes over to play backgammon with Nicole. Dani is in the house cooking. Kevin goes outside and sees David with the guys.
  19. False. I didn’t like it at all. The next poster likes to read more than they like listening to music.
  20. Da'vonne is doing but I so wish it were Kevin and his inflated sense of his own cleverness.
  21. Dani saw Christmas and David go to the lounge and asks Cody what she is talking to him about? Probably that she will protect him. Christmas leaves the lounge and goes outside to see Nicole and Memphis in a conversation and plops down to join in.
  22. Christmas already took out Bayleigh and does not want to take another shot at another girl because she does not want to be thought of as a girl that hates other women. She says we have been talking all season and she says who ever stays will be the next House target and David says unless they win HOH.
  23. Christmas brags that she is sitting the facts straight in her good bye message to Davonne so that gets him a jury vote. David knew it. Nicole was giving him false advise to lose the backgammon game so he knows now that he can't trust her. Christmas says Nicole has 2 full games under her belt. She is trying to pull you in so you can't talk game to Davonne. She did not vote the right way like she said she did. David had that figured out. Christmas asks does this build some trust, he says yes, she says this can not be repeated. IT will stay a secret till her good bye message. She wants to protect him and him to protect her and they have a crossfit connection.
  24. Christmas making deals with him for safety and says that Dani/Nicole/Da came into this game with an alliance. He complains about Memphis and she shoots that down. They did not pick up as a house guest choice and Kevin did not pick you either, Stars.
  25. Christmas asks David who he will put up if he gets HOH, he says Dani, she reminds him of trying to win veto this week to save Davonne too. Dani's HOH she put him up and Ian went home. She makes him pinky swear with her not to tell anyone what happened. Dani will go after Davonne.
  26. Christmas goes to the bathroom and Da/Dani leave. She is going to take a dump they say. Day gets some beet juice out of SR. David goes to the love lounge to wait for Christmas, she finishes and comes to talk to him about Da/Dani.
  27. Christmas back upstairs talking Memphis she wants all those girls out but especially Davonne. But wants to let David take the shots at them for what they have done to him. She wants David to stay longer. Memphis says if he gets HOH we can talk to him about putting up Dani/Kevin or Nicole/Kevin. Dani in the bathroom getting dressed talking to Da.
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