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  2. The official announcement: https://www.paramountpressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/?view=106590-cbs-announces-its-summer-reality-premiere-schedule
  3. Feel free to start one!
  4. Makes me very sad there is no discussion on Survivor 44
  5. I don't think there's been too much controversy on BB Can that I can remember. Really though, the BBCAN feeds were FOTHed so much in later seasons that they were not that useful anyway. That said, if they get rid of the live feeds, why not just do the whole thing recorded like Survivor? It's the one thing that has always made BB unique. As someone pointed out in that article's comments, viewers would now be completely at the mercy of editing to see how HGs are portrayed. Producers are completely free to form whatever narrative they want, which.. eh.
  6. I see it more as a problem of social media users seeing things that are not there. I don't recall BB CAN having terrible casts, but maybe I have forgotten something. Of course, I don't think the US casts are generally all that bad, either, other than leaning too much into being "influencers".
  7. So..... in other words, they are tired of having to deal with the fall out of the never ending racists and bullies that they manage to somehow cast each and every year. You'd think by now they would have a top notch team doing deep dives into applicants lives and social medias. It really can't be that hard. I'm not saying the obsessive behavior on social media probably wasn't a huge factor, but if you're handing them things to tweet about on a silver plater, you have no one to blame but yourself at this point.
  8. The fans can thank themselves for this happening. After watching the unhinged behavior on social media (Twitter in particular) the past few seasons, I'd be cutting feeds as well.
  9. Let's hope this isn't an experiment for BB US, sorry, @gforce
  10. The most surprising part of BB24's Kyle and Alyssa announcing their split was learning they'd actually tried to make it work for the past year!
  11. The Traitors on Peacock, anyone watching? Cody (BB16) and Rachel (BB12) are competing. I'm thinking it might be worth a watch just to see them get locked in those coffins! Also some former Survivor contestants and other reality shows https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Traitors_(American_TV_series)
  12. If this YouTube channel had more songs my slowold self knew (and more low impact ones like this), I might be tempted to start working out with some regularity for the first time in decades https://youtu.be/oBICadG9YLw
  13. Also on the Circle is an almost-hammie, Marvin Achi. He was supposed to be on BB24, but got pulled at the last minute when CBS learned he'd filmed The Circle and was also on America's Got Talent. (He was the one who Joseph replaced.)
  14. I just turned on The Circle on Netflix. It's the first episode of the season and who do you think is on it? Brett!! I have no further information because I immediately came here. Heh
  15. Amanda of Amanda and McCrae is being sued by the PA AG Is it possible she read this by poster Sheenafury from back in the day and took it as career advice? LOL! I couldn't remember her at all, so I popped into the archives to take a peek and found this little nugget on the second page. Looking at the list of names from that season is like a nightmare coming back. I'm kinda surprised most of them haven't been arrested!
  16. I stop by here a few times a day to see if anything is going on with my fellow HTers. I miss all of you. So what's new? Me? I caught Covid while visiting my husband who is in a long-term care facility. Otherwise, just hanging out with my basset hound,watching TV, reading, playing Wordle, WWF, and posting on social media. Also, naps, lots of naps. Talk to me.
  17. Yes! British version of Ghosts is on HBO Max. We finished up Resident Alien too. Still love it!
  18. Okay, did you watch the second half of the season yet? Is the British version of Ghosts on any streaming platform?
  19. Booger on the run? https://www.tmz.com/2022/09/29/big-brother-star-mike-boogie-malin-warrant-issued-probation-revoked-missed-court-date/
  20. My husband loved Ted Lasso. I found it alternately cloying and harsh. Also, just not that in to competitive team sports so the setting is "meh" for me. I'm thrilled that there's a new season of The Great British Baking Show (Bake Off) and have binged multiple seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down which scratches the same itch. I really miss the sad jazz music that used to accompany the winner and loser of the week, but every season delivers. I started the Dahmer series on Netflix but find that although I can handle all kinds of gruesome content in a documentary, an immersive, detailed account using actors is pretty unpleasant to sit through. For light fare I really enjoyed the British, original version of "Ghosts". The CBS version is pretty bad in comparison. Husband and I like to stay up late and watch the Sumo tournament highlights on NHK. Next tournament starts November 13!
  21. I'm late to the game, but thanks to everyone who gave me a shout-out this season. It was fun to be recapping again and seeing some old faces along with the new ones. Much appreciation to all the admins who do the nitty-gritty, day in and day out, season after season. I think I'll return for Season 25, although I'm not sure how we top this season's finale and winner. Taylor is a true BB icon.
  22. I was pretty glad Morriah was sent packing. There are only so many Rainbow Brite jokes I can make.
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