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  2. No only would you have recapped it, you would also have screencapped it, gloated about it, and posted about it until Big Brother starts up again.
  3. Here we are again, post-Thanksgiving bloat and all. Hope everyone had a good holiday and… ENOUGH CHITCHAT! CHALLENGE TIME! Seriously. Day 30, the show opens with a swooping shot over Challenge Beach with a course set up partially in the water. Probst is there, wearing a Glidden Paint Deep Onyx shirt, for those keeping score at home. The spot where I paused the screen gives me a good look at Probst’s legs and by the shape of his calves, I’m guessing he has a Peleton at home. Here’s hoping no one is forcing him to document his progress on his equally expensive iPhone. Also I really don’t like these lack of transition type of openings. It feels like we miss something when we don’t get night-vision “what just happened” conversations back at camp after the previous tribal council. Wouldn’t it be fun to hear Weekend at Karishma’s doing a “nanny nanny boo boo” at everyone after using her immunity idol and thwarting their desire to FINALLY oust her useless ass? Don’t answer that. The less we see of Weekend at Karishma’s, the better. Probst goes into his speech mentioning some of the milestones along the Survivor journey: merge, finals, and the family visit. Even before he gets to the loved one reveal, the Survivors are beside themselves in varying degrees of emotion. I’m sure they did the math and knew this was coming today. So let’s meet the loved ones. Lauren’s husband, Matt, comes out and they hug. Lauren is an emotional wreck. Matt is cute and looks an awful lot like Jason from earlier in the season. Probst asks, “Why Matt?” which…really Jeff? What do you think she is going to say, that it’s because he has a big pecker? Of course Lauren lauds his qualities of love and support while he sheepishly smiles next to her. They seem like a sweet couple. Tommy’s girlfriend, Nicole, is next. She is tall and thin and, as Tiny Tank says, she is beautiful. Tommy is shaking like a leaf with emotion. He can’t speak so Nicole does it for him, talking about how wonderful he is and how he is emotionally supportive. Then she whispers to him, “Just get it done” which could be taken as a threat. However, I am feeling magnanimous today so we will just call that a competitive nature coming out. Ugh. Weekend at Karishma’s husband, Drew, is next. He jogs out and cheerfully says, “Good morning, Karishma!” in a jovial tone. Weekend at Karishma’s pleasantly responds, “Hi Roomie!” I may have made that part up. What she does is what we all expect: completely embarrasses herself with an emotional reaction and tears that would make Tammy Faye Bakker cringe. Her husband is very, very sweet. As she sobs about how not good she is, he tells her he’s got her; he is there for her. Aw, Drew, you are a good guy. I’m so sorry. As Weekend at Karishma’s goes through how misunderstood she is, how she has had to endure hunger and deprivation, she doesn’t once mention how she cut her hand nearly in two. Noura’s sister, Lana, is next. She is obviously quite a bit younger than Noura but their faces are nearly identical. Alana tells her she is proud of her for still being there, and Jeff asks what that was about. Noura launches into a tearful explanation of how much she admires and wants to be like her sister – who seems grounded and dare I say normal? – and that Lana calls Noura crazy but affectionately has named it “Nourable” as in adorable. It is very sweet and sisterly and I develop some mad love for Lana when Probst tells her to give Noura a last hug and Lana sasses him with a, “This won’t be the last hug, sir.” Probst loves it, too. Janet’s husband, John, is announced and TinyTank is charging up the beach even before John appears from the jungle. He runs around and all we see is a hot pink t-shirt. Turns out that color is a signal to the new grandchild on the way. Cute idea! John is florid, freckled and blond, looking sort of like a blown up Jon Gruden. Probst asks what it is about Janet and John talks about how amazing his wife is, how there is no challenge she won’t take. He talks lovingly about how she broke barriers for women all the time, as one of the first female ocean front lifeguards, and that every time something comes up, it doesn’t matter that she’s a woman, she will handle it. I love how he speaks about her. Laura, Dean’s mom, is next. She is wearing a leopard print dress and he picks her up when they hug. It’s not the most uncomfortable reunion between a parent and child we have ever had on this show (Hello, Joe and Joe’s dad). She really looks more like his older sister. They talk a little bit about some of his emotional struggles in high school and how supportive she was with him. There is a whole lot not being said here about Dean’s life so I guess we will just leave that aside for now. The Redemption of Grabby Dan begins. His thirteen year old son, Ryan, comes out. Sweet looking young kid, overjoyed to see his dad, who falls to his knees and cries and asks if everything is okay at home. It is, as they apparently haven’t gotten word yet that Dan likes touching younger women. Probst asks Ryan how it was coming over to Fiji by himself and I find it VERY hard to believe that production let a child fly internationally by himself without a family member as an escort. The kid makes me laugh by telling Probst he is surprised his dad has lasted this long. Oh, Ryan. You sweet summer child. Stay off the internet for the next year, please. Finally, there is Elaine. Her girlfriend, Tanya, comes out and is a dead ringer for Big Tom from Africa (Season 3). Elaine asks how everything is at home and then tells Probst a bit about their relationship, how scared she was that Tanya’s children would accept them together. She says the oldest child is in college and the youngest is Elaine’s best friend. At first I was a little confused, thinking Elaine was friends with Tanya’s child and THEN they got together, a sort of L-word Stacey’s Mom situation, but on rewatch that is not what she said, so whew! They have a few mild PDAs like the rest of the couples and then the last hug. Probst then pivots to the challenge. Survivors will be tethered in pairs then to a rope, and I’m so sorry for whomever is partnered with Weekend at Karishma’s because they have already lost. I kind of hope it is Noura so we can see her dragging Weekend at Karishma’s through the course like we enjoyed on the worm-in-the-sand challenge. The pairs will make their way through a series of obstacles, involved the tangled rope, over and under beams challenge, then digging and squeezing underneath a log in the sand. After that, they will have to land a single sandbag on a disc platform while still tethered together. First to land on the platform wins reward, which is of course time to spend with loved ones along with a feast. Pairs end up thus: TinyTank and Tommy, Dan and Noura, Dean and Elaine, Lauren and Weekend at Karishma’s. Sorry, Lauren. Survivors ready? OH! Wait! Before they go, Probst talks to Noura’s sister and confirms that she is visually impaired. He asks the rest of the loved ones if they mind him taking Lana out with him to watch the action and of course none of them say they mind. There is no reason to object and to do so would be churlish and mean spirited. Seeing her sister with Jeff, Noura asks what is happening and immediately starts crying when Probst explains it, thanking him every which way. Yeah, yeah, let’s GO! Everyone splashes through the water, but Dan is so far ahead of Noura that she falls and then she just starts swimming in the shallows like a sand shark looking for an ankle to bite. Probst snarks that “Noura is swimming when she could just walk through it.” But whatever, Dan and Noura are up on the beach first and start threading their way through the obstacle-rope maze. Up, over, under. This is harder on the shorter women and both Noura and TinyTank take some hard falls. Elaine and Dean are finished first and soon everyone is digging in the sand except for Lauren and Weekend at Karishma’s. Poor Lauren is sobbing as they finally run up the beach to start digging but Jeff screams that they are not out of it yet, as Dan is still struggling to get under the log. Both Dean and Tommy are brutally thin compared to Grabby Dan and his middle aged spread, so that is understandable. Finally everyone is tossing the sandbag and Dan nearly lands his on the first try. In the end, the pair of TinyTank and Tommy win reward. YOU FOOLS! You forgot one of the cardinal rules of Survivor! Do NOT win the loved ones reward! Take a lesson from Dadbod Rick last season: talk to your loved one before heading out to Survivor and make a deal that you will not try to win, and hope you will be chosen to join the winner. Because now Probst makes Tommy and TinyTank choose another….then one more person to join them. I watched this and thought about it and I am a little pissed. Probst should have made them choose ONE of the tethered teams to join them. That way, if Lauren is chosen, then Weekend at Karishma’s gets the reward as well for no good reason. If Dan is chosen, Crazy Noura gets reward and Lauren falls to pieces. We know neither of winners would choose Elaine or Dean, so they are out no matter what. They pick Dan, which is actually a good choice because that is his thirteen year old son there and how can you say no to that? I couldn’t be that cruel. I mean in real life. As a keyboard warrior, it is all about the bitchiness. Their other choice, no surprise, is Lauren. The rest of the reactions are expected: Dean and Elaine already knew, Noura is pissed/disappointed, and Weekend at Karishma’s is sulking. Probst asks her how she feels. She claims to have clarity about being on the bottom and all I can say is that it sure took her long enough to realize she is on the bottom. Weekend at Karishma’s is mad! She wants to band the losers together and, as she puts it, put a wrecking ball in someone else’s head. Someone else? Was there a wrecking ball on this season smacking into someone that I missed? Pretty sure I would have recapped that event. Or maybe the police in Weekend at Karishma’s hometown should be investigating unsolved murders involving wrecking balls. Just saying. Probst give it a big WOW! He sends them back to camp with nothing. The reward feast is as you would expect, with some strategy talk. TinyTank suggests Elaine is the first to go since she has a chance at winning immunity, with the implication that Weekend at Karishma’s has a less than zero chance. They decide to tell Noura to vote Elaine. Then the talk pivots to splitting the vote between Elaine and Weekend at Karishma’s to be on the safe side. All reasonable conclusions. Lauren talks to the camera, suggesting that she doesn’t think it likely that the ones left back at camp, aka the Group of Losers (Thanks Grabby Dan and also fuck right off) will manage to come up with any sort of strategic plan. And so we immediately go to the Group of Losers deciding to try and figure out how to get the Group of Winners out. Hilariously, Crazy Noura starts babbling about how she now knows she is on the bottom of that foursome. She says…out loud mind you…that she is the Karishma of that group, except she is enjoyable to be around and I Cannot. Stop. Laughing. First of all, Noura, yes you are more “enjoyable” to be around that Weekend at Karishma’s but that is like saying would you prefer to put your hand in the box with the scorpion or the tarantula? It’s not really a great choice either way, it’s just that one is a bit more painful than the other. Noura keeps blathering and who likes it the most? Dean. He just can’t stop grinning to himself and Noura goes on and on and on. Hilarious. Crazy Noura swears her loyalty to them. They decide Lauren is their target on the vote. They take advantage of their time alone at camp to go out idol hunting on Dean’s suggestion. There is a lot of searching but Elaine is the one who is victorious in the end as she finds the idol. Immunity Challenge time. Probst is wearing a Glidden Paint Sausalito Sky shirt, for those keeping score at home. Simple challenge: stand one foot on top of the other on a narrow beam. Hold a BALL! against a vertical wooden bar with an oval shaped small buoy threaded with a dowel up over their head. Last player standing with a BALL! still in place wins immunity. Survivors ready? GO! Dean is out almost immediately after the challenge starts, followed closely by Tommy. Surprisingly Noura is out nextI. I thought she would last longer in this one with her mad yoga skills. TinyTank falls hard off her beam and seems to have scraped a good part of her skin off her foot, causing it to bleed everywhere. In Weekend at Karishma’s terminology, Janet has cut her foot off. Probst is concerned and runs over to help her up but Janet shrugs it off like it was a fleabite and limps over to the bench. We never see Dr. Joe but I assume someone came over from Medical, cleaned the wound and bandaged it. Or, you know, sewed her foot back on. Weekend at Karishma’s is next and she certainly lasted longer than expected. Let’s give her a round of applause for lasting more than thirty seconds, shall we? Grabby Dan loses concentration and drops, so I am guessing a pretty young medic was over taking care of TinyTank. So we are down to Elaine and Lauren and can someone explain why after thirty days Elaine has zero armpit hair? And also why I am checking to see how much armpit hair the women are sporting? Poor Lauren’s arms are shaking badly while Elaine looks as solid as a rock. Suddenly Elaine’s arms move a bit and her BALL! drops. There was a question about whether this was a deliberate move on Elaine’s part, so in looking at the moment over a couple of times, I have concluded that it is possible but unlikely. Elaine is too much of a competitor to just give up when there is no reason for her to sacrifice to the other person still in the challenge. Better for Elaine if she had immunity AND the idol. So Lauren wins immunity and thwarts, unknowingly, the plans of the Group of Losers to vote her out. Post challenge, the idea is to split votes between Elaine and Weekend at Karishma’s. Grabby Dan, TinyTank, and Noura vote Elaine. The rest vote for Weekend at Karishma’s, assuming other than her voting for herself, though I wouldn’t put it past her. TinyTank and Dan clue Noura in on the plan and she turns around and tells the Group of Losers. This excites Weekend at Karishma’s because now they can just vote for whichever of the others they want, which seems to be Tommy as the biggest threat. Elaine is concerned about Noura being a Fruit Loop, and her fear is not unfounded. Crazy Noura corners Dean and starts talking complications. She goes through all the perambulations of every possible scenario and drives the usually somnambulant Dean to distraction. He tells her they cannot worry about every scenario and should just make a decision and stick with it, then finally has to level with her that he worries most about her. Dean tells us that putting his faith in Noura’s hands is scary. This then makes more sense later during tribal council, at least to explaining Dean’s actions. It does get noticed that Dean and Noura are missing for a while and that makes Lauren, Dan and Tommy nervous. Also, Dean and Elaine talk and share their concern for trusting Noura. They feel certain they can trust Weekend at Karishma’s to vote how she says she will vote, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice. Not that Weekend at Karishma’s will ever appreciate it. Elaine recalls her lesson from the Island of the Idols, of which you may have a vague memory, to not hesitate. I’m not sure that the entire lesson was just to go “balls out” but more along the lines of look for an opening then take it, not barrel through like a bull in a china shop. But you do you, Elaine. Tribal Council time. Probst is wearing a Glidden Paint Blue Phlox shirt, for those keeping score at home. I have watched this Tribal Council through a few times and the highlights are Missy in the jury box pretending to eat popcorn while the Survivors run around in chaos, and Boston Rob snarking from the grass spy shack above the proceedings. His utter disgust at the voting result by the end is palpable and also highly amusing. What happens is that Tribal Council starts off normally enough: jury troops in, and it was recently pointed out to me that Probst does not give their names as they come in to the council area anymore. Chitchat ensues about the loved ones visit and Prosbt asks Elaine to extrapolate on something. Elaine asks him what extrapolate means, but she has a sly little smile on her face which screams to me that she is playing Probst like a fiddle. Suddenly Dean leans over to whisper to Tommy that the rest of the Group of Losers is voting for him but Dean is not doing it. Tommy is surprised that Noura is in on that, which Dean confirms. Tommy then whispers to Dan, who talks to Noura who has suddenly been caught out and all her pre-Tribal council planning starts blowing up in her face. Lauren wants to know if Noura was voting Tommy, Janet is just stunned, Elaine comes over to where Noura and Tommy and talking and sticks her face right in there, which seriously made me lose it. Her expression is halfway between inquisitive and smug. It is great. Dean is simply bemused by all he started, and I suspect this has been his actual strategy this entire season, or at least since Chelsea left. It’s all a long con for revenge on getting his main squeeze out of the game. Finally Noura declares she is just going to talk out loud and bypass all the whispering. She calls out Dean on being untrustworthy and she outs Elaine’s idol as well. Noura claims to Tommy she was going to tell him but Dean got to him first, which is such a lie! Weekend at Karishma’s butts in and tells Tommy that ten minutes before tribal, Noura was with them. Noura keeps talking and talking. Janet asks Weekend at Karishma’s if she is willing to write down Noura’s name and of course she is! Boston Rob is ranting quietly to Sandra in their spy shack about how getting caught in a lie is Noura’s mistake and getting caught should be reason enough to be voted out. Sandra concurs. Elaine swears on her grandfather’s grave to Tommy that she is not writing his name down. Tommy wants Noura to go next and Dan is clarifying whether he means tonight or next tribal council. We don’t get our answer. Everyone settles down and Probst tries to take control again. He asks Noura how she feels about what she instigated and she is immediately launches into top ten reasons why everything is Dean’s fault. Dean is laughing and that just pisses her off more as she gets angrier and angrier that anyone should trust him. Probst asks if they are ready to vote and it is time. Probst goes to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an idol, ELAINE? Yes, yes she does. She hands her idol to Probst, apologizes in case it smells like feet and it may very well at that as Probst holds it pretty far away from his face. Time to read the votes. Weekend at Karishma’s. Noura. Nora At this point, Sandra says, “Damn Noura, they screwed you.” Boston Rob snorts and says, “She screwed herself.” Word, Rob. Noura. Weekend at Karishma’s. Weekend at Karishma’s. Weekend at Karishma’s. Weekend at Karishma’s. Boston Rob cannot believe it. “All of that talk just to vote out Karishma.” That’s pretty much the motto of this season, Rob. All of this talk, just to vote out Weekend at Karishma’s. But on the bright side, she won’t be anywhere near the million dollar prize, so we’ve got that going for us. Also, her hand seems to have regained full function. Probst to the Survivors: "I got nothing for you. Good night." Good luck to the members of jury, who now get the honor of listening to Weekend at Karishma’s list of grievances. Happy Festivus!
  4. Everything was in place to get rid of Tommy until that slime-ball Dean decided to break off and whisper that he wasn't voting him off. I agreed with Noura that you can't trust that guy and his smug pretty face, but then Noura claimed that she was about to do the same thing, and he just beat her to it. I kinda doubt that. It seemed more like desperate damage control to me. She nearly got herself voted out, but Karishma was still the bigger target, until next Tribal, that is. Dean can go home right after her.
  5. ditto what elizabethann said!! what the fuck happened?????
  6. What a train wreck! This season is entertaining, that's for sure.
  7. Damned if I know. I came in here hoping to get answers from you.
  8. What the hell did I just watch in that Tribal Council??
  9. Last week
  10. It could have been a total panicked move or a total calculated one. Yes, why leave your fate in the unstable mental state ball of seesaw known as Karishma? What's that we've all learned in Survivor? If you are almost 100% sure you are safe, then you most likely aren't? The other side: There are enough people left on the game who have been to that Rob and Sandra shack, so enough people know you get an advantage for going there. So it was smart to appear to flush hers (seems nobody was surprised she had one). As someone mentioned before, it was going to expire anyway.
  11. Well, yeah, okay..... she seems okay enough, true..... I was (am?) still annoyed with/at her about the Grabby Dan stuff and Janet. But I didn't really think of her as "fun", "just pleasant enough", haha!
  12. No, I can see how she would have been very well liked. Other than that awful decision to gin up the Grabby Dan stuff, which was directed by Missy, she has been pretty mellow and seems fun to be around.
  13. I watched her Ponderosa and she came off as so genuine and likable. All the others were saying that they understand her getting voted out because her social game was so great. Did I somehow miss that during the broadcast shows?
  14. Looking back on the season so far, I think a huge clue was when Karishma made the comment early on about staying modest around the other women on Lairo. Knowing what we have seen of their personalities (Elaine, Missy, Elizabeth) I cannot imagine any of them would shame Karishma or bully her for keeping covered up. It occurs to me that she was looking for evidence from the start that her differences would set her apart and feed into the victimhood she seems to have embraced. That whole exchange with Probst at the immunity challenge was soooooo uncomfortable to witness.
  15. Earlier
  16. I think Lauren playing her idol now was a great move. Sure, it turned out to be unnecessary, but she knew that only one rogue vote could send her to the jury, and better safe than sorry. My opinion of her went up a great deal during this episode.
  17. Sorry, it was in poor taste. I only meant it as a joke, and not anything deeper.
  18. Does she??? I hadn't remembered -- i thought this was her first. God, I hope not.
  19. On the one hand, it sucks that we aren't finally rid of her, because she sucks more every week. Just when I think she's hit rock bottom, she starts digging with fresh arms. On the other hand, she used her idol and the only way she'll get another one is if someone forces her to get off her ass and do something, so we should be good.
  20. I do agree with Tsy's reasoning as to why Lauren used the idol, but it was still a panicked move. I had thought when she first stood up, she was going to use it on Tommy.
  21. Thanks! Figured if I didn't get it done right away, it wouldn't happen until at least Saturday night. Luckily this was a straightforward episode.
  22. Thank you for getting it up so fast even with the impending holiday! I enjoyed reading it before bed last night. You always point out -- and enhance -- all the funny in this show.
  23. Okay, so first, I was totally thinking like Magpie..... But Tsy makes several very salient points. Especially considering the wild card in the whole thing was Karishma.
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