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  2. BB Canada cast bios are up. I think Tina from NL is already my favourite. https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/houseguests/
  3. HA! No answers this morning. Many articles all say the same thing https://www.republicworld.com/entertainment-news/web-series/what-happened-to-mikey-on-tough-and-nails-why-did-the-contestant-suddenly-leave-the-show.html
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  5. Maybe because he shoved that other guy into the water?
  6. Anyone watching Tough as Nails? Do you know why Mikey Eyebrows had to go home?
  7. First glance at the BBCAN9 house: https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/photos/first-look-sneak-peek-inside-the-new-bbcan9-house/#1 March 3 premiere.
  8. If it gets her off DWTS, I'm all for it!
  9. Tyra Banks. She seems to be the replacement host of choice these days. All the wife wannabes will be smizing up a storm.
  10. Chris Harrison is stepping aside "for a time" because of his dismissal of racism. Who do we predict will step into his hosting duties for the next season? Alum or seasoned reality host?
  11. My husband tried to explain his "system" for handling our finances. He's in a rehab facility for physical therapy and I just wanted to pay our current bills. (We don't have any investment accounts.) I took one look at all the spreadsheets and sub-sheets, and seriously considered bringing the desktop to him. Back to topic: how did Swaggy manage to confuse me? Bottom line: what @MrsGryn said.
  12. Oh, man. What are the odds? If anyone has been following the saga of the hedge fund short-sellers being beaten at their own game, this might bring up scary questions. The subreddit at the heart of it all (or at least one of them), which shows a long list of opportunities like GameSpot and AMC, is this:
  13. Well, he's wrong.....he went through zero "rehab", he may have gone through detox from Xanax while in the BB house. Special note - alcohol and benzos (of which Xanax is one) are the only two detox processes which can kill a person. Those who are physically addicted can suffer seizures if not gradually weaned off the drug. He couldn't have hidden even the less severe physical symptoms of detox, like sweating and/or vomiting, from the DR - whose watchful eye was on high alert for physical issues amid the pandemic. Much like everything he said in the BB house, I'm not buying much of what he's saying now.
  14. Does any of that explain why he rubbed deodorant on his crotch after every shower and ate approximately 10 tons of watermelon in three months? I'm not sure you can blame drugs for that.
  15. I doubt the stereotypes that they look for every season were the casting director's idea. She was just plugging in people for the tropes that Grodner is looking for. Hard to imagine a different casting director will make that much difference unless the people at the top really are looking to shake things up storytelling-wise -- and just swapping a couple of the white jocks for non-white jocks isn't going to do that. We're still going to have the cheerleaders, the alpha males, the models and the over-the-top (fill in the stereotype here), it'll just be someone else standing in the mall with a clipboard trying to pull in the prettiest people that walk past.
  16. Michie claims he was fresh out of rehab when he competed. I'm not sure if I believe him or not, but I believe CBS would still clear him for the show if they knew about the addiction, but it's really scary if they knew about a blood clot near his heart and still went ahead. Cuz, yeah, what could be stress full about BB right after rehab and surgery.
  17. But don't forget, CBS promised to start casting a more diverse cast. In other words, 4 POC instead of 3.
  18. I wanted to say there can't be any worse than the past eight seasons, but then I remembered Season 9.
  19. I'm torn about that news. Should I pop champagne or go straight to the hot fudge sundae? Just hope whomever replaces her doesn't find worse people.
  20. SHOCKER! Clare and Dale break up! Who saw this coming, besides everyone except Clare?
  21. Dare we hope for fewer racists this year? Casting Director Robyn Kass not working on Season 23
  22. Doesn't look like it's happened. From the article: "Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Franzel and Arroyo postponed their destination wedding to spring 2021, though it's unclear if that date's been changed again due to their expanding family." I feel sure Nicole would be blasting the news if she and Victor had gotten married.
  23. A rare case of the mother out-whining the baby.
  24. Did their wedding happen - or did they lose their "funding" when all of her influencer gigs were dropped over the summer?
  25. I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that they announced this on Janelle's birthday... https://www.etonline.com/big-brother-alums-nicole-franzel-and-victor-arroyo-expecting-first-child-together-158816
  26. I like Matt, so far. He'll inevitably do something douchey, but he (and his abs) are good for now. VibratorGirl and QueenVictoria simply HAVE to be paid actresses playing characters, right? I quickly grew way too attached to the ballerina so I should have seen it coming that he'd toss her aside. At least she was wearing her toe shoes for the light landing.
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