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  2. That's great news that they're trying to make it work safely; I hope they can. Here's the link to the article SBTZMom mentioned . (Trigger warning: there's a pic of Jackson Michie first thing when you click. Avert eyes as necessary.) Sounds like they need the unions to sign off on it, which might not be super easy... asking people to work in close quarters during a pandemic isn't the best scenario (my weed dispensary just unionized over this concern). It can get super sketchy with people coming and going every day. I guess we'll see. I love the show, but man, I don't want people feeling like they have to work in dangerous conditions just to entertain us.
  3. Unsure if this is the right forum for this post, but here goes Speaking of CBS, "the 'Big Brother' house is under construction, offering a greenshoot of hope to fans that the CBS reality series will air this summer," Peter White reports. "Preliminary production prep has begun," so "there's a chance that the 22nd season of the John De Mol creation will air this summer..." (you can read the full article on Deadline)
  4. I loved BBOTT, I did feel like I was the only one just like BB celebrity too. So glad Josh lost last night on the Challenge and loved when JJ called the cry baby. I can’t believe Bayleigh was able to beat the girl that has won several other times. Still hoping Fessy wins. He was talking about Hayleigh last night and on his tweets, so glad they are still together.
  5. I am going stir crazy, I understand LA is a lot worst then Oklahoma, soap reruns after 50 years of watching soap is the worst. I really hope something happens soon with this stupid corona so we get back to normal. So many businesses shutting down for good, I just hope we don’t lose Big Brother forever.
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  7. Definitely give "The Sopranos" a try, because there's a lot more to it than just organized crime (though that obviously plays a large part). The characters are great and so is the acting.
  8. I loved The Sopranos at the beginning, but I lost interest in the last couple seasons. My mom has asked me no less that 50 times if I watched Breaking Bad... the answer is still no. She loved it though.
  9. I was just looking at the IMDB list of the 250 best TV shows. I've never seen The Sopranos, but maybe it's time. I wasn't interested in a show about organized crime, but maybe I'm missing something.. I would also think I wouldn't be interested in a show about a high school chemistry teacher who starts "Breaking Bad" , but that ended up as #1 on their list, and it was fantastic.
  10. And for those of us still furloughed and stuck at home, we could recap feeds 24/7! Wheeeee!
  11. Would it be a BB house without the ant infestation? Unless they bring ants, it doesn't count. I think we will see more and more crazy ass rumors until the show actually airs. I read one last week that there was a poll going around trying to feel out viewers to see if they would watch if there wasn't 24/7 live feeds. Um.... wouldn't that just be any random reality show then? I have a feeling that one was 100% click bait on someone's random page and in no way affiliated with anyone at CBS.
  12. Although I actually am not against the idea, I can't imagine how they could redo an existing structure to meet the kind of camera setups that they need for full coverage. BB sets are purpose built and retrofitting one (for just one season) would be a costly nightmare. The worry of another shutdown does exist though, that's what stopped BB Canada 8 in its tracks.
  13. From the article: Um....why would she do that when they could move to Fiji for a couple of months? It's not like she would be sequestered on Dinosaur Island.
  14. I'm taking that with a whole mountain of salt.
  15. Well, this would really be a plot twist! Is it an actual BB season if it's not in the house?
  16. Good for them, I suppose. Morgan was never a favorite of mine, and BBOTT was probably the least watched version of BB, since it wasn't even on television. The cool people would hang out in the backyard every night, while Morgan and "The Barbies" would camp out in the HOH room and practice social distancing before that was even a thing.
  17. Morgan who won BBOTT just married Johnny Bananas from the Challenge. They look cute together. Jimmy Fallon talks about him all the time.
  18. I think it would be nice to see Tommy and Christmas back again. Those were people that I could tolerate. It seems like hygiene will be a big issue if they do this, and mostly on the part of the production staff. The HG's will be quarantined and corona free, but I'm guessing there will be no elaborate challenges in the back yard that require a big overnight construction crew. Too many people to test, so probably more simple challenges.
  19. I hope no Frankie too, there is a lot of hope for Tommy and Janelle. So glad Swaggy lost last night on the Challenge. Josh being his cry baby self last night, tweets saying he is trying to make alliances already for BB. If we have Tyler, Angelia and Swagg, Bayleigh, why not Nicole, Victor.
  20. RealityBBQ tweeted about a Craigslist job post which is calling for field producers for day-work posted in US cities - scheduled now through the end of June. Timing could be right for this to be the "I got a KEY!" segments if we're expecting BB22 to begin launching mid/late-July. My guesses (assuming this is true)..... Raleigh - there's one person whom I've not seen mentioned online nor in our guesses AND has a load of baby-daddy drama to bring into the house AND has a connection with the beloved Paul.....Christmas! Enzo lives about 50 miles from Philadelphia and just over an hour from Trenton, NJ. Sure, it's an obscure guess, but I wouldn't mind seeing that nearly-lovable meathead back in the game. And, for the love of OGG, please let it not be either of the Calafiore brothers. Detroit could be Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroyo or/and Dan Gheesling. Though Dan is still listed as a football coach (and MI allowed conditioning to begin yesterday) and I'm not sure Victor could get the extended time off from his police department, but his perspective would certainly be relevant in the house at this time. Evel Dick claims Nicole wasn't asked (though, weird if Victor was and she wasn't). Minneapolis = Janelle Queens is likely Tommy Bracco I don't care enough to do more thinking than that......just thought I'd share in case any of you want to take some guesses based upon multiple Craigslist postings which may have absolutely zero to do with the BB22 cast.
  21. Ok, I’m just going to believe that Frankie won’t be on. I’m shutting my eyes, plugging my ears, and singing “la la la” until I watch people walk through the BB front door. That video above is priceless, Mags!
  22. New from Evel. Haleigh, DaVonne and BB21 Nicole are on #BB22 I keep hearing Frankie turned it down. So either he did or is lying about it. So it has to be either Frankenbooger or Tommy and since Nicole is the only name I've heard from BB21, it might just be Tommy. Dan and Derrick with the other bunch be like Boston and Amber on Survivor all stars targets.
  23. At least Dan can legitimately claim to be an "All Star", unlike most of the others we've seen listed so far. (And I like Dan, so fingers crossed...)
  24. I read a rumor last night that Dan is on the list of who is coming back. I put very little faith in this one, but it could be interesting.
  25. I'm also struggling with the other half. For the first minute of that video, I kept thinking "that guy looks a lot like Donnie....why can't I remember his name?".
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