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  2. Comedy

    I just binged all 8 episodes of Sex Education on Netflix. It's really great.
  3. I don't see how anything can be coming from a feed leak. You would have to be sitting there 24 hours a day watching that, just in case something happens. More likely is a production insider leaking things out, like we've seen in recent seasons. I wonder if Grodner is trying to stop that.
  4. Was it a dogpaddling challenge?
  5. Celebrity Big Brother 2 - Premieres Jan. 21

    There was a feedleak earlier. From what I gathered on Twitter: Ryan won the first HOH.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    About a Y2K or so, I'd guess.
  8. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    That's Julie Chen MOONVES to you, mister!
  9. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    I wonder if she had her baby yet. What is the gestation period for Chenbots?
  10. Celebrity Big Brother 2 - Premieres Jan. 21

    Flat rate pay = scrambling to be voted out first.
  11. The hamsters are in the house, and in case there are any feed leaks, you can post those recaps here. Otherwise, don't post in here until the feeds officially go live. Fisty will have a Recapper Cheat Sheet before the show debuts. Because the season is so short, we'll just have one recap thread to last the whole show. Reminders: 1) This thread is for recaps and screencaps only. 2) Yes, there will probably be political discussion in the house, and that is fine to recap. BUT, do not add your own political commentary.
  12. Here's hoping for some cue-card-slapping.
  13. Here's a link to the house tour: https://ew.com/tv/2019/01/16/celebrity-big-brother-house-tour-julie-chen-moonves/ And TMZ is reporting that all the "stars" are getting $100,000 for being on the show: https://www.tmz.com/2019/01/17/new-celebrity-big-brother-cast-same-pay-start-season-2/
  14. I love the new look for the interior house this season. I always figured they could do much better, and now they have. . I must also say that I'm partial to Julie's wig, which reminds me of the 80's.
  15. Bachelor/ette

    Yeah, I'm watching. But I'm not proud of this. It looks like the whole season is dedicated to getting Colton laid.
  16. Last week
  17. Food Shows

    I don't even know what to say about Brother winning his way back in/out of the comp via a revolving door - all to say "yeah, no thanks" to Top Chef's LCK. He actually burned his own safety net. Still don't really understand that one.
  18. Bachelor/ette

    Not even a peep about Colton's season? Yeah, I'm just watching the cat fights so I'm in the know for next season's Bachelor in Paradise.
  19. Jonathan Benett

    He's such a blank slate vis a vis famewhoring, he could turn out to be douchey, or even worse...boring. But..I do love this boy.
  20. Anthony Scaramucci - Will he do the fandango?

    "...very, very frightening...!"
  21. Jonathan Benett

    Aw, he has no comments! Will probably be the least-douchey of the bunch.
  22. Ryan Lochte

    I can't wait to watch him do laps in the pool!!!
  23. Lolo Jones

    Practice Try out for the next Bachelorette ???
  24. Anthony Scaramucci - Will he do the fandango?

    "... will you do the Fandango...?!?!?!"
  25. POLL: Will you be watching?

    I'm there, although I REALLY don't know most of these people. With the ratings and buzz, I was expecting slightly more famous people than... a baker and a Housewife. Plus, I have "POP TV" back, so I can watch the Late Night stuff.
  26. From the sounds of things, he should have sold it.
  27. He's 42 and started shaving it when it began to recede years ago. Also, that probably costs a lot less to maintain given his current financial situation.
  28. Never had a crush on him but loved his hair...so where the hell is his hair?
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