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  2. This just puts a big red bow on the whole season: https://www.eonline.com/news/1214223/big-brother-s-memphis-garrett-and-christmas-abbott-are-dating (Bonus bows: They dragged out all 3 of Nicole F's showmances. *snerk*)
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  4. Transferred some recordings from VCR to DVD! Oh, it's on Amazon Prime!
  5. Kyara

    General Drama

    Tig Notaro is the best part of that show! I’m liking this season more than the previous ones, but in all fairness, I’ve liked them all. Love The Mandalorian! I’m not usually not one for puppets, but that Baby Yoda is adorable. I’m a big fan of the books The Magicians was based on. The series was a little hard for me because it deviated so very much from the books and I missed certain character arcs. I ended up loving it though.. Elliot & Margo were the best! I'm watching His Dark Materials and it’s just okay for me. I’ve never read the books either and I wonder how different they are. I can’t wait for The Expanse! I read today that it was renewed for a sixth and final season.
  6. Oh man I miss MXC. Where are you watching it?
  7. I don't see how they can. I read that the other day and yeah....no. It is amazing no one died before this, to be honest. I think I'll just go back to watching MXC on reruns.
  8. I totally agree with you about Discovery - there are a lot of things I like but Burnham's delivery is always the same: a mix of wonder, earnestness, and distress. It's kind of annoying. I think Tig Notaro's character is my favorite addition. We are a few episodes behind in our viewing of Discovery, mostly because I want to keep watching The Crown (on S3). Loving The Mandalorian for many reasons, including Baby Yoda. I love how they have made this sometimes awkwardly obvious puppet be so Yoda-like (wanting teal macarons and not afraid to use the Force to get them) and still be a toddler. I know a good amount of Star Wars stuff but am not deep in the lore enough to know all the stuff about the Mandalorian mythology.
  9. I didn't even know Wipeout was back in production. Wonder if they'll carry on with it now? Contestant Dies After Completing ‘Wipeout’ Obstacle Course
  10. So… Supernatural FINALLY ended. As someone who faithfully watched the first 5-season arc, I did appreciate the finale episode: just Sam and Dean and their ultimate fates after a run so long even Jensen Ackles' pretty face couldn't keep me watching. Raising the cosmic stakes just kept getting more ridiculous season after season… I didn't even make it through the season that jumped the Leviathan for me. I liked that they wrapped up the final cosmic arc in the penultimate episode. I especially really appreciated what a lot of fans on Twitter seemed to absolutely hate: the brothers' final fates were relatively mundane and human but (and the fuming fans seem to miss this) ultimately on their own terms (which was the underlying human theme the final cosmic arc) and in ways that their were completely consistent with who they've remained since season one. I even got misty-eyed. So, yeah, I don't hate the writers, and I don't hate that the only supporting cast cameo was not the one a lot of fans wanted to see. But as a viewer who popped in and out, especially for meta episodes like Scoobynatural, I got the closure I've been waiting for. The Dean-Castiel ’shippers need to get over it. I'm too old to get drawn into cynical writers' room gay-baiting. And the writers left it open to possibility even if it didn't get any acknowledgement whatsoever in the finale. I will say I do believe the way Misha played Castiel's final on-screen appearance was for the “Destiel” fans. — • Speaking of TV fantasy with cosmic stakes, I will say I enjoyed The Magicians as someone who didn't read the books. I enjoyed it more past the first season after which it became (for me) more of the Margot-and-Elliot show rather than the mopey-Quentin neurotic-Alice show— though the alternate Elliot-Quentin timeline was a real highlight for me. I guess I'd say the Magicians was to fantasy what Farscape was to sci-fi. • For all the narrative problems with Discovery, I must say I've gotten attached to several characters: Saru, Tilly, Stamets and Culver, Georgiou, and even new characters Adira and Gray. That Burnham is still a collection of stock narrative elements that hasn't managed a landing to stick is a waste of the actress's talent considering the range she's been given to play but with no satisfying narrative payoff. I'm enjoying season 3 more than the previous seasons now that it's been removed from it's pre-TOS setting to an era where it can become it's own thing the way TNG was. • Despite space orchids and space mechthulu, Picard did get me the most teary-eyed I've ever been over USB drives getting unplugged. • Beyond "baby Yoda," I'm really enjoying The Mandalorian, especially now that it's pulling Mando-lore from the animated Clone Wars and Rebels series into live action. • Anyone watching His Dark Materials? I haven't read the books, but I'm definitely liking the added depth than what was attempted with the Golden Compass movie. Lynn-Manuel Miranda annoys me, though. • On the shallow end, I watch CW's Pandora and The Outpost to vegetate. They don't seem to take themselves as super-seriously as The 100, which— oof, that series finale and its set-up episodes? Just: oof. • For December, I'm waiting on The Expanse and the Doctor Who Christmas episode.
  11. https://ew.com/tv/cbs-reality-series-casting-representation/
  12. Yeah, going to work at that age is one thing -- but moving out? would tend to imply an estrangement from your parents for one reason or other.
  13. Oh, the blondes are awful, too! What's up with telling the "we moved out at 15" hard luck story, then turning around and saying that they are playing for their parent(s)?
  14. I still think they should have brought back the guys who got booted, but I assume they were out of the bubble at that point. At least the guys left seem like decent choices for Tayshia, other than James the concussed ex football player (or whatever his name is). That segment at the end with Dale and Clare in that kitchen and he says, "What are you cooking?" and she does the baby voice "Salad" while holding up a bowl. That is assembling, not cooking!
  15. Great assessment, nixie. I can’t stand them or the two blondes that came in last. Really wanted to see them get eliminated!
  16. Goodbye, Clare - don't let the veranda gate hit you in the butt. Now the real season begins. I'm a fan of Tayshia - she only has 16 guys left with about 50% of them being there for the bromance/notoriety. Hope it works out well for her.
  17. The gay guys bug because they are NO where near as "cute" as they think they are.
  18. I agree with your assessments, MrsG, especially about the nerds. Everything they do is annoying to me! There's just something about their attitude that irks. Maybe they remind me of Nicole A. from BB and how much of a disappointment she became after gaining a bit of fame.
  19. When it looked like the football players were going to be the last to arrive, I was hoping for a non-elimination leg. When it was the blondes, I was not happy about it. Those are the breaks! I'm liking the married couple, especially when he said, "I should listen more" in a quiet, defeated voice. Yep, that guy is married. It made me laugh. I also like the bearded guys, the Vietnamese-American gals and the aforementioned football players. Really can't stand the nerds. They remind me of a knock off version of Christian and Gabby from Survivor, without their redeeming qualities (actual intelligence rather than just claiming to have it). The gay guys bug because they really, really remind me of all the bad things about Frankie Grande. I'm very annoyed they have managed to come in first twice!
  20. That's good to know, I'm DVRing them.
  21. Turns out they only aired one, to make way for election coverage.
  22. They held on the this season for 17 years, but now they are airing 2 episodes tonight.
  23. I'm guessing when Nicole arrived home to learn her BB antics adversely impacted her "influencer" income, she began hacking away to distance herself from BB. Damage is done, NickkyPoo.....time to buck up and own your words/actions, renew that nursing license and scale back the wedding extras. Also, I imagine what you're feeling now is what Ian felt when you sliced him. Hurts, don't it?
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