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  2. Repainting the living room. I kind of miss recapping but am really glad for the break with this and the last season. I would have had to do actual work trying to keep track of all the advantages and idols and peripheral doodads. Also, boo on Omar being voted out. #TeamLindsay
  3. "Glitter is the sole province of Mr. Grande and in the event of the dissolution of the marriage, all 2,465 oak barrels of said glitter will be retained by Mr. Grande. Also, Frankie is the only one who can leach off his sister."
  4. Last week
  5. Just popping in to say I miss MrsGryn's recaps of Jeffy's shirt colors. Whatever is she doing with all those paint swatches?
  6. True! I don't think we'll be seeing much bitterness in the jury this year.
  7. What is most amazing is the way those voted off leave. Usually it’s mad or sad or embarrassed - this year it’s all hugs and kisses. I think they understand it’s just a game and are truly enjoying it.
  8. It has been a very good season! I'm not thrilled with how the vote went tonight, but it was good game play and this has been an entertaining cast with some players I really like. I enjoyed last season, but this one has been a lot more fun for me.
  9. This may be my favorite season ever... With their idols, Maryanne and Mike are guaranteed final four ... Can't wait for the finale next week.
  10. Earlier
  11. "Sorry ladies - he's off the market". Umm...
  12. Frankie Grande is a married man - who'd have thought that Star Wars would be his dream wedding theme?
  13. Tori was going to go soon in any event, unless she managed to win every immunity challenge. Her social game was not good enough. I see no similarity to the Cookout other than race, and let's not go there, please.
  14. Sad to see Tori go especially with that Tribal last night, it is always going to be a cook out games from now on.
  15. I just read that Survivor stars Danny McCray, and Sarah Lacina won The Challenge spin off show beating all the ex BB players.
  16. It is really hard to keep up with who has what advantage. And for one person to have FOUR - that’s just crazy! Have any been used yet?
  17. Yes, I think it was Drea who was talking to the camera about all of her advantages. I'm starting to think that maybe too many advantages are floating around out there.
  18. As far as I know, Chanelle only had one advantage. Maybe you are thinking of Drea, who is still in the game?
  19. Getting voted out with something like 4 advantages in your pocket must be some kind of dubious record. Hopefully, Romeo won't be far behind.
  20. I read Alyssa and David from BB are gone on the Challenge now, Is this one on Paramount, I just read about it? Tyler’s Angela still going strong, Tyson from Survivor still who they want to win.
  21. I agree about Rocksroy, and forgot to mention him as part of my "like" list! I enjoyed how much *he* enjoyed his time on Exile, just living his best life doing dad stuff there. I also really enjoy how much he annoys Tori.
  22. I agree with the likes and dislikes - I don't dislike Maryanne, I just wouldn't want to be in a confined space with her for any length of time... Also, I'm rather liking Rocksroy after last week - not sure how he'll play out, but as an all around guy, I was impressed with his time on Exile - no whining, cooked his rice, built a decent shelter, and appreciated the alone time he had there!
  23. Agree with your lists, MrsG, with the addition of Mike to the "like" list for me.
  24. It’s like you’re in my head, MrsGryn. Your entire assessment is spot on.
  25. I think it was a good decision on Mike's part to activate his idol. It's an individual game so better to have it in his pocket. Jonathan's comments about not being able to have some basic human irritation at someone like Marianne is pretty spot on. He would immediately be pegged as a bully and a brute due to his size alone. Honestly, he was holding a machete over a pile of wood and Marianne just walks into the space then tried to blame him. I'd be screaming bloody murder at her for being so freaking stupid. People I like: Jonathan, Omar the toilet sitting virgin, Drea (seems sensible), Hai especially since he jumped the sinking Lydia ship. Dislikes: Romeo (can't quite put my finger on the why), Chenelle (for engaging in stupid game play), Tori because she seems like a total bitch. Really really really dislike and would drown myself to get away from them: Marianne.
  26. They did a fairly decent job working those crazy comments in - much better than those people last season!
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