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  1. Yesterday
  2. I decided I must watch their Survivor season, just to see if they complained as much as they did on TAR. 'Cause, yeah. About evvverrrything.
  3. OH their lost to the bitches was so great with the breakdown too.
  4. Too bad she spent 3 months in bed with that jerk Corey and was still given the win, while poor love sick Victor fought so hard for her attention. Glad he stuck it out with her and Corey dumped her. I can't believe he cut off his hair. I would love for them to win.
  5. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Thanks Janele will never live down the Rolex.
  6. Last week
  7. Elissa’s “seriously, Rachel?” was speaking for all of us.
  8. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Britney and Janelle
  9. Oh, my God, my Aunt and myself also! I did observe that when Elissa tells her to knock it off, she doesn't respond as... bitchily... as she does when Brendon or anyone else tells her to knock it off. So I guess that's something. What, I'm not sure.
  10. Rachel was so whiney when she thought they lost, I rolled my eyes so hard, they froze.
  11. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Who lost we had weather reports?
  12. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    ugh... hate this stupid head to head
  13. General Drama

    From what I've heard Bran as the king has been GRR Martin's intent for quite some time. And, I've heard many say that the raven sitting on the arm of the iron throne next to Sean Bean in one of the early GoT posters supposedly proves this point. Who knows, though? (The next book isn't finished. The screenwriters were working off GRR Martin's notes. Given the reaction of the audience, he may opt for an alternate book ending. And, he's recently said that he has 3,000 words to do what they did in six hours.) Jon Snow saves the remaining kingdoms from Daenerys' abrupt mad queen spiral ... and he gets exiled to Castle Black for the rest of his life while Sansa is Queen of the North and Bran is king of all the remaining kingdoms? How is that fair in any way? Tyrion holding the real power is the only thing that makes this ending bearable in any way.
  14. General Drama

    I was curious about one thing, and maybe someone can clue me in. Was the ending on the TV show based on the last George R.R. Martin book that was published, or did they just make up their own ending? There is no final book yet.
  15. BB21 - Pre-Show Discussion - Premeires June 25

    O think last season was pretty awesome. With the exception of Scaggy and his baby mama.
  16. I just *know* this season is going to be the one that returns the show to its former glory, and will be beyond awesome!
  17. Julie Chen - Mrs. Moonves

    Just like Rachel is Vegas, Julie is BB. Or something like that.
  18. BB21 Premiere

    Season 21 of "Big Brother" premieres
  19. Julie is back as host.
  20. General Drama

    GoT SPOILERS: I think the series finale was better and actually more satisfying than I expected, though it DID NOT AT ALL EXCUSE any narrative sins of the past “two” seasons. As much as I really hated episode 5, I actually don’t object to Dany’s turn. Rather, that it wasn’t earned over the past 2 seasons. Foreshadowing and “hitting” plot points on an outline are not the same as writing actually convincing character development. GRRM had suggested 4 full seasons post-season-6/A Dance with Dragons, but instead we watched an extended single season with a really long hiatus in the middle. I’ll guess that Dany’s turn happens in the forthcoming books, but with a much more believable descent. Ditto with the whole Night King threat thread. And given GRRM’s reputation, he may very well go beyond the outline he gave the show runners (I refuse to refer to them with the same abbreviation as a venerable tabletop RPG) for the characters we saw on-screen. Time to see if any of my friends have the audio books I can borrow. As far as what happened on-screen that I haven’t seen expressed elsewhere yet: Seems to me that the Iron Throne itself lost the Game of Thrones to a wheelchair. One take I have seen, tho not as wide as others: for all practical purposes, Tyrion ultimately “won” the Game as Hand of the King to voluntary figurehead Bran the Broken Plot Thread.
  21. Yay!!! That's going on the calendar.
  22. Premiere date is June 25 with the same two-night setup as the past couple seasons.
  23. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    At least they didn't have little girls in the audience predicting who was going to win. I did like some of the new challenges, and I suppose they make enough money to build elaborate structures, like the one in the water, for just a one-time use. No more eating disgusting things, or physically fighting with each other..
  24. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    What a complete waste of time this season turned out to be.
  25. Best thing about that finale is the knowledge that I won’t have to see Reem Daly on my screen for the foreseeable future.
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