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  2. Jessica almost feel off the boat when Christie asked her if she would use the veto on Nick, no way. Christie checked the front door to see if it was open for the guest host. Nicole out of DR and not time yet. Holly and Jackson waiting in HOH bed. Christie and Cliff go to play board games.
  3. Tommy to the bathroom, all 3 sinks are full of people getting ready so he does not wash his hands. he got called out by BB for that yesterday. Christie and Jessica talking in the bathroom and Nicole called to DR. We have not seen Nick in a while, he took a shower after the player pick and not missing they say he is in the Zone getting ready for the comp. Cliff had told Nicole about Christie's talk, they are worried if Nick is still on the block for eviction that Holly will want him out.
  4. Today
  5. Holly practicing her F2 speech and Jackson tells her she is too cocky, she says it keeps her motivated. She hates Christie's manifest crap. She keeps saying that Christie said she is the pawn this week but she is the prankster's nom and not the pawn, she still owes them. Jackson kissing her then he goes to poop. His butt tweets are already out there, so since I had to see it, check the tweets to see it too.
  6. Christie campaigning to Cliff in the boat to use the veto on her if he wins but he will do what Holly wants. Christie called to DR. Cliff has to rest his leg for the comp.
  7. Jackson comes up to HOH Cliff leaves and Christie talks awhile then leaves. Holly tells Jackson Christie leaving would not be the worst thing but Nick is going to go after her so she wants him gone first. She hates her self for telling Christie she was wanting to put her up as a pawn too soon, now she thinks her debt is done. Jackson tells Holly she looked pretty without make up and Holly again thinks he likes her and has goggles on. He knows it is mutual.
  8. Nicole sad in RV bed that she did not get picked to play and now Nick does not have anyone but himself. Tommy comes in and agrees. Christie and Holly in HOH talking about Jackson teasing her about not using it on her. Cliff thinks the comp might be the one that you mix drinks that blow up in your face when you get it wrong, they are sure it is going to be messy.
  9. They are cleaning up pies so they had to do it again during the veto player pick, Jessica is warning them not to step on the wet floor. Nicole had to get Christie, and she already got Jackson so she says 2 more to go. Sounds like everybody playing but Nicole. Christie smells like pie and laughing about it, Christie hopes they don't clip that one it was so embarrassing she says. Jackson hopes it does, it was funny. The house needs lysol for the smell in there. They remember Kat when they told her salt was changed for the sugar in her cookies. Pranks. Now they want to see Zingbot, can't wait for him to bash each of them now after it is over they will be crying for a week. Oh I forgot Tommy is not playing either. Jackson teases Christie that he will pull Nick down if he wins Veto, and she plays like she is crying then he says prank week. They tell Holly she is beautiful without make up and she knows they love her because they are lying to her, and Christie swears day 3 she thought she was beautiful without makeup and Jackson agrees he did too. Holly remembers PowPow bringing in a ton of eyelashes, Tommy remembers her but she was only there for a week, Jessica remembers her too. She was a DJ, she was a nominee first week. they were in flapper dresses and a fountain of drinks behind them. swings with glasses fill them up while swinging. we had that in CBB2, she fell off the swing.
  10. Feeds back Jackson scares Holly when she comes out of SR. She gives Jackson a hard time for wearing her state shirt. Nicole did not get pulled again and Cliff did. Jackson saw Nicole's chip in there when he was HOH. They are saying it is crazy that Nicole still has not got to play veto, Holly could not find it this time. Poor Nicole. Jessica is happy so she is playing.
  11. OH MY EYES. Jackson went to the target room and tells the camera to turn it's head and drops his pants no underwear butt crap, gross!! HE says that is what I thought just as the feeds change to fish, ha! Now we have pets so pick a player time.
  12. Christie and Nick in the kitchen complaining about being so tired and not even hearing the music. Jackson comes down and they talk about Kanye Rhianna and Weekend music all new shows. Holly still asleep and the camera is in her face. She is up now, They talk about 8 because of Zingbot coming and picking players, Christie is so excited for Zingbot,
  13. BB I said it is time to get up for the day, BB time to change your batteries. Jackson in HOH says we have to do the veto pick. Tommy and Nick moving around now. Christie and Nicole still no show. Nick complains his ankles hurt every day from those log bed rails. Cliff has to stop studying now, he thinks he has them all memorized but to do them out of order fast in a comp he is going to have problems, Nick and Christie are better with memory, he can't beat them in physical. Cliff tells the guys good morning and they were woke up at 8 today.
  14. Cliff tells us the pie punishment is bad the house is a mess. Now he is going over all the events in the house Holly 2 HOHs but never on the block. day 44 Sam goes home on a 9-0 vote (big blow up end of Gra8ful) day 67 veto comp to be determined. Other feed is Nick and Tom still sleeping in outdoor room together in the dark. No one sleeps in the target room because of pie all over the beds.
  15. Jessica gets in shower and Cliff back to talk to talk to the camera he is making eggs and tells us all about it. day 67 veto day. BB tells HG to get up for the day. Cliff upset that they are out of ham, he does not want roast beef for breakfast. HE hopes his wife is doing ok, He will be glad when this is over and he is home to check on them.
  16. Cliff talking to the camera in the kitchen but can't hear him, BB tells him to put on his mic, I think Holly and Jackson can see that view too so they probably think he is telling them he loves them. Cliff goes to SR for new batteries.
  17. Jessica comes in to use the bathroom tells Cliff good morning and they complain the music was really loud this morning. (must want to get Zingbot thru before too hot, Andy always twits to remind us that Zingbot does not say anything his zings come over the speaker, and that costume is hot)
  18. fish at 8 glad they went to bed early, They woke up Cliff and Nicole to do pies at 11:40 then Jessica by herself at 1. Ready for the veto players pick. Cliff in the shower and HOH hugging.
  19. Nick in bed with Tommy whispering about the fight. Cliff is already snoring Jackson comes down and Nick lies and says he is trying to get in Tommy's pants. Then Tommy starts using tweezers to pick Nick's pimples. Tommy says he is worried if Christie comes down that he will go up and Nick tells him that he is safe. Holly and Jackson getting ready for bed. Christie talking to Jessica in the bathroom while they get ready for bed. Now everybody in the RV are sleeping. I saw a video of Nicole smashing a pie in Jackson's face earlier and she told him it was for the rogue vote against her weeks ago.
  20. Holly in the kitchen talking to Jessica. Jackson upstairs playing games with Cliff and Tommy. Nick asked Nicole who he would win against and she said Tommy, he has never been on the block. And she said if he pulled her chip and she won veto she would take him down because she needs Nick and Cliff for her game.
  21. Holly asks who he thinks is the prankster, he thought Christie but guess not now, it was not him, he thinks it is best for the house to get rid of one of them and he loves them both. We get fish when they talk about the tech difficulties before the nominations. Now they talk about the comps. Nick is down with Nicole talking about wanting the HOH comp to be about the birds. Jessica is wrapped around Christie in bed and says she smells so good because Jessica still only smells the spoiled milk smell of the pies.
  22. Up in HOH They think it was Nicole, and Holly says she never came up to talk to me because she got called in early and she knew she could not keep a straight face. Good Nicole needs to do something in this game. Holly says it is perfect that it is Nick and Christie that is what she wanted and not even by her doing. Now Holly is kicking herself for saying she was going to use me as a pawn but Jackson reminded her that she kept saying use me, and she kept talking over me. Jackson wants America to hear Christie say USE ME. women say that. Jackson wanted to say you are not walking out of here first and Holly is not walking out 3rd. HE wants her to pick him if she gets HG choice because he won't use it. HE tells her she looked damn good up there and he says says you did too last week, why do we look so good doing our nominations, a sexy military guy on leave. Seeing the other person with power. Tommy comes up to ask what happened, a game of he said she said with Nick and Christie. She told me that he was offering her safety if she threw it to him,
  23. Nick and Christie on the block and she says she survived last time she will survive this time, fun times. Hugs everybody. Tommy and Jessica pass each other for the bathroom and says it sucks and he says it really does. Holly climbs up on Jackson and kisses him in front of everybody. Holly forgot to say to Nick that if she was in his position she would be sitting here. IT is alright.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Nick goes down to tell Nicole. Christie thanks them for calling her up. BB calls Holly to DR and we get fish, Time for the nominations. I predict Nick from Holly and Christie from Nick.
  26. Nick knows he is the target, it is what it is and he will play veto. Christie does not want to be Holly's target but she gets it if she is the pranksters' because that is easy too. Holly is not making her decision because he is easy, she is basing it on his game. Nick says there is nothing I can do, he knew it already and see you later. Last time he talked to Holly he knew he was going up but this time he thought he was safe this time. NO worries no hard feelings says Holly.
  27. Cliff and Tommy go up to play board games so they can hear the fighting better. Jackson opens the door to see if they want to come in but they don't. Nick says he said he can't promise that he would not put up Holly but before Sis went home it was going to be them. Nick trying to defend himself.
  28. Cliff and Nicole hear the fighting and are worried. Tommy comes in and hars the fight too and says that sucks. Nick says i know you are putting me up. Christie is upset again, she made her point that Nick misunderstood her and now they are back to accusing her of throwing. Nick says I thought you said if it was down to me and you and I told you that you were not my target then you would throw it.
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