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  2. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:25 PM HT Sam joins the four to take a shower. No strategery talk. Sam's goal in life is to be one shade "tanner" than Scottie. Noble goal. Bret Somers makes her pitch, asking Sam whether she would like to join their four to make a final five. It takes Sam about 2 seconds to shoot her down. That is one of the things that I like about Sam. She is not afraid to tell others to piss off. Scottie wants to prove that he is taller than Brett. He runs downstairs to do so. Taller than no one, JC, enters the HOH. He and Fessie start slapping at each other. BB: "Shut it down. Safety first; no horsing around."
  3. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    I can’t listen to them anymore, so I move to the kitchen with Brett and Tyler making food. This group is genuinely happy and having fun. Brett is imitating JC and Tyler is imitating Brett. BB comes on and keeps saying “safety first. No horsing around.” Brett says “No horses here.” They are making some sort of weird cereal trail mix or bars. It’s not exciting, but anything is better than listening to Blockstar blather on about Angela. The food making got annoying loud, so I switch back to HOH, and...Block is whining about being on the block for three weeks and she has this feeling in the pit of her stomach. I notice the little coffee table is incredibly disgustingly dirty. Block says she is going to stay and win HOH. With that, I am OUT!
  4. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:10 HT Scottie, Haleigh, Fessy, and Blockstar in the HOH trying to come up with a game plan to try to get votes. Block keeps talking about Angela. “If for some reason I’m not here next week, you have to put up Angela and Tyler and send Angela home.” Scottie plans to talk to Brett tomorrow. Fessy will talk to JC. Block is confident that Sam will vote for her to stay (I don’t think so). Haleigh thinks if enough people tell JC what to do, he will do it. Yeah, Hal, you are right...it’s just what Level 6 did. Block can’t believe Tyler was holding one on ones and talked to JC. Sam comes up. Block leaves to go look for something with Sam. Fessy tells Haleigh that it isn’t how he expected the week to go. Scottie says did you not expect the unexpected. Haleigh says no, and Scottie tells her it is literally the first thing they tell them.
  5. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:16 PM HT The Feckless Four, Haleigh, Bret Somers, Fessie and Scottie are in the HOH, counting up votes. For the first time in his BB life, Fessie actually gets something right ... his vote will be canceled. So, he's 1 and 67 when it comes to predictions. There does seem to be a little sense of uncertainty among the four. When I was listening yesterday, they were quite confident that Bret Somers would stay. Now, they are not as confident. Scottie will talk to JC tomorrow, and Bret Somers will talk with Brett ... because it's obvious that Brett wants Bret Somers ... biblically, that is. Bret Somers thinks that Angela and Tyler should be the next nominees
  6. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    This is hilarious! Tyler, Angela, Brett, JC, and Scottie are all wearing Kaycee’s original punishment rainbow costumes. They look great and are having so much fun with it. I wish I knew how to insert pictures. For some reason, I think they got in trouble for wearing them. We went to fish, and when we came back, everyone is changing. Kaycee saying she has to put something back in the storage room. JC complaining they can’t have any fun. Angela says Kaycee had to wear them for 2 weeks and they can’t even wear them for 10 minutes. Seems ridiculous to me.
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  8. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    Blue room crew talking about the OTEV show was just seen by everybody. HOH Sam taking a hot shower and Rock comes in and says he is hanging out. Sam is mad that Rock is telling everybody that she has Sam's vote and then asks Rock who would she vote for if Haleigh and Sam is on the block. Rock stunned. Then Rock starts in that Bayleigh would want to see Kaycee in the jury house over Rock. Sam does not believe that either. Haleigh comes walking and interrupts.
  9. That's what I said to my wife as we watched it because it's the only thing that made sense. You could tell she wasn't sure of herself and was looking for Tyler to confirm
  10. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    OK, in that case, I threw one to Kaycee the Peanut as well, for winning the hacker comp and working with Tyler to protect their alliance. We got to see more of her this week, and she's alright!
  11. I'm sick of her fake accent and her constant crying. Can't wait until she walks out the door!
  12. Brett Robinson - Mic Dropping Since 2018

    Sounds like Angela is behind all of Brett's stuff. I watched her egging him on with what he should say in his speech when he was on the block. This girl better start showing her cards or she will end up in 2nd place if she goes head to head with the boys in the finals.
  13. Could she have really thought that Tyler would save her? I mean it is hard to believe even Rock Clown is this stupid. I now think of her as Buzzard Crouch 2
  14. I think she was trying to confirm that she had the right answer. What an idiot. She deserves to go home. (**SLOW CLAP**) Bye Felicia.
  15. It totally seemed like she wanted to help him until she saw the reaction of her alliance and then she realized what a giant mistake she had made.
  16. I'd like to see JC win just so what his music choice would be. Maybe he'll ask for a mixed tape: Oompah Loompah Song Follow the Yellow Brick Roak The Lollipop Guild Tiny Dancer Seriously, though, I think that JC is in a Catch 22 situation. It wouldn't surprise me if he has thrown every contest to date because he is playing both sides (and quite well, I might add). However, the cat will be out of the bag after this week's vote. I could see him being the target of a Fessie or Scottie HOH. So, I am going with Brett. But, what would he do? The other side is running out of peeps. And, I can't see him putting up Haleigh. Maybe Fessie and Scottie while trying to convince Scottie he is a pond?
  17. I don't know that I've seen a woman so jealous of another woman in the house since the Fiendship went after Janie. Block is so jealous of Angela that she can't see straight. It was almost as if Blockhead wanted to give the veto to Tyler!
  18. Say Something Nice About...

    It's not keeping him from his main objective of pawing Haleigh. Say something nice about Bayleigh's choice in men.
  19. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    Oh right. There, I clicked the button. Now you can pick more than one.
  20. Diane's House Number - The License Plate Game

  21. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    Angela and Kaycee in lounge, and Angela said after she did her good bye message BB reminded her that Rock is going to jury and she said oh well, Kaycee says she is not going to like you no matter what you say. Kaycee also confirms it was Fessie's vote that she cancelled. Then they start talking about food. JC is cooking and Haleigh helping him and Sam is talking about a storm. Now they are eating the spaghetti that JC made.
  22. Clearly, it's because she didn't flutter her eyelashes! She can't go soon enough to suit me.
  23. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    It's only letting me pick one, so I went with Tyler after seeing that moron Clownstar give him the answer in the Veto comp.
  24. Or just, like, stinky swamp crotch on a person wearing short shorts that should definitely not be wearing short shorts.
  25. Yes! Not one, but TWO mistakes. Yet, somehow it's all Tyler and Angela's fault that she's still on the block...
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