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  2. Thank you to all who posted in this forum. I love reading your comments and look forward to your snarkiness. For the first time in a while - I’ve stayed with it to the end. Thanks again - you ARE appreciated!!!
  3. Who will be our Final Two? And is that the right choice for whomever wins the final HOH?
  4. in the Kitchen, Monte is chopping... things, while Taylor is in one of the yellow chairs, blanketed up. Monte seems to be giving himself a recommendation to Taylor. They are guessing who is going to choose who to win the game. The other hamsters did not approve of this conversation, so We Will Be Right Back!!!
  5. Last week
  6. Voted for no one. I liked Turner the most, but not enough to vote.
  7. Taylor is crying and talking to the cam now. She said she did NOT win Part 2, and that she lost by about 20 seconds.
  8. There's been a whole lot of nothing going on this afternoon in the BB house. Final 2 HOH was played, but we've not received confirmation regarding who won. It's likely it was Monte, but that's still speculation based on him being awake and energetic versus Taylor going right to bed. Taylor and Turner have been napping since the comp, while Monte fixed lunch, ate it, and spent some time staring at the memory wall. He's currently in DR while BB tries to roust the others awake. (I didn't see it myself, but there are photos of Monte making a gesture of praying hands and then raising his hand/finger up after the comp, so do with that what you will.)
  9. Voted for Joseph for the exact reasons @copssister laid out
  10. All 10 of mine went to Turner. He was the most entertaining all season, and that's what counts for me. He gave us the best DRs, played a messy game and still has a good chance to win... but if he does NOT win, I want him to have this.
  11. I want Turner to win the season, so I'll pick Monte for this. I don't want there to be any chance of Taylor getting to decide who is in F2.
  12. Joseph - dude has heart and cares for others - since there was no stellar standout BB player this season other than Michael, I'm going to defer to the one who seems to be the best person.
  13. Who is getting your votes for America's Favorite? Voting is here:https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/vote/#
  14. It's the last three days. From what I see elsewhere, Turner won Part 1 of the final HOH.
  15. I like Karla, too, but I think someone should take the word badass away from her, she must have said it ten times in her video. I'm glad she made it through the first episode at least. Well there goes, Morriah. I expected someone to jump out and complain about the optics. She seemed like a second Maryanne to me so I thought she would go far,
  16. That really is an interesting interview. I'd seen bits and pieces about what happened elsewhere (I don't watch that show), but Tyson really enlightened me with what he reported there. I can't say I'm inspired to ever watch it now.
  17. I watched all of it even though Sarah was so very very annoying. This is an interesting article. https://ew.com/tv/the-challenge-usa-tyson-apostol-final-spoilers/
  18. Lots of players with a medical background this time around. She was my favorite when I read one of her hobbies is brunching. I love going out to eat, and yes, brunching can so be a hobby! LOL!
  19. Earlier
  20. They are making Tie Dye shirts, with some White Wine (Faith might be the name?) while getting some food. Brittany specifically is making one. Turner is watching her, and he is very subdued. Is he the one in trouble? Monte is watching also, but sitting on the ground, despite there being 5 chairs out there. Which is worse? Making Tie Dye shirts on a Saturday night. Or being home alone watching people on TV make Tie Dye shirts on a Saturday Night?
  21. That stupid hour-glass twist is gone, thank goodness: https://ew.com/tv/survivor-43-jeff-probst-hourglass-do-or-die-interview/
  22. A couple of weeks ago I saw something on Twitter (I'll go back and see if I can find it) that said there were tickets being offered for a live show on Thursday, which as Tsy says, is a very short turnaround for 2 comps before Sunday. But if they use other places than the backyard for comps (like they did for the latest POV) maybe they can get both comps done (one Friday, one Saturday) before the finale on Sunday? Otherwise yes, the feeds will likely go down on Wednesday.
  23. I wonder when the eviction is actually going to happen. It can't be live on Thursday, right? That would only give them two days to do the final HOH comps, film the jury deliberations and edit it all together for finale night. That must be part of the reason the nominations and veto happened early this week. So at some point the feeds are going to go down and stay down until after Thursday's show, is what I'm thinking.
  24. I want it to be Brittany so bad, but I'm predicting this is Turner's week to go.
  25. Except that the details of what she wore weren't what was covered in the questions. Like @Tsylyst noted above, the hammies were asked about actions, not what one would normally think of as fashion questions. The *theme* of the week might suit Taylor, but the comp was really equal opportunity if you look at it objectively.
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