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  2. I wondered the same thing later on last night, re: whether Janelle was in the top 3 for AFP. I really have a feeling that she was, and if so, FU Grodner for denying us a Nicole meltdown!
  3. Finally, Nicole entertained. Standing there during the final comp waving what I can only assume were flies away from her stinking pits with an especially ratty rat's nest on her head and her mom's (??) 1980s jacket was pure gold. The tears and post-eviction barely suppressed rage were even better. Don't they usually announce the top 3 AFP vote-getters? Did they not mention Janelle because she was pre-jury or were they trying to avoid an even better meltdown from Nicole?
  4. I love how the ending of this season is a boatload of "Yay, NOT Nicole!" Cry, bitch. Fisty lives for your insufferable tears.
  5. Every mean thing I thought about Cody this season went right out the window when he voted out Nicole and made her cry. Worth the whole boring 2 hours just for that moment!
  6. I was happy for new programming during the pandemic. I was excited it would be ‘All Stars’ Then, I wasn’t. Thanks to all the recappers. I am hoping there is a 12 step program to cure the ‘Boring’ you had to endure.
  7. Because Nicole didn’t get first or second place, 2020 just got a little better.
  8. After listening to Enzo rant all night i am glad he made it to F2 and now no votes. But he got enough money to get his ass hole fixed and move out of moms house, Cody too. Nicole will have to get a real job now. Happy for Davonne too.
  9. I'm shocked to say that I am happy with how this season ended. My fondest wish was for Cody to cut Nicole, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. He earned that win, and although Janelle was my choice for America's Favorite, I love Da'Vonne, too, so it's all good. The season itself was mostly shit, but tonight made it all (almost) worth it when we got to see Nicole's entitled little tears.
  10. /high-fives everyone who made it so much fun!
  11. That's like announcing a seafood buffet after you've just eaten a huge helping of bad shrimp.
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  13. Can’t Can you go a whole day without using your cell phone for anything more than JUST calls?
  14. Thanks @angelmi ! You truly deserve a few corn nuts or a Fisty sweatshirt for all your dedication. I come here every year and it’s so good to see you each time. Everyone is fabulous. Y’all make me laugh and have kept me company through this suckfest even though I mostly lurk. Pray to OGG that you all have wonderful holidays!!!
  15. Angelmi, every year I admire your dedication—this year especially so! Thanks for the great summer/fall hang, Hamstertime peeps. The show sucked this year, but you guys are the unsuckiest of all. And that Movie thread on Fisty's Playground? That was the highlight of my whole season (and actually made up for the show sucking so much). Pure brilliance.
  16. Big thanks to @angelmi for your dedication and the totally warranted low-key contempt you manage to insert into some of your posts. I don't know how you managed to stick it out with this hideous season.
  17. Well, I should have waited an hour. BB23 was officially just announced with an expected SUMMER launch. https://tvline.com/2020/10/28/big-brother-renewed-season-23-cbs/
  18. Yes, thanks to @angelmi and all of our recappers, as well as to everyone who posts here and makes HT such a comfy hangout (even when the show sucks more than Cody with his snot balls). Fisty loves you all. and hopes you will stick around after tonight to watch other shows with him... like TAR!
  19. Casting is underway, so we can assume there will be another season at some point. Rumors were going around a few weeks ago that CBS might try and do a winter/spring season to fill some of the scheduling gaps left by the pandemic (such as there not being "Survivor" until next fall at the earliest).
  20. Great work, @angelmi! Thanks to everyone who suffered through this season and contributed to HT.
  21. 10. The Day the AFH Stood Still Since we're at the end of the season, we'll wrap this thread up here. We did 400 titles! Here are all the words/terms we used: Hamster Jack Shack Skippies Backdoor Otev HOH Floaters MIME Diane's House Showmance Fish Zingbot Brenchel Pawn Twist Chenbot Cappy Slop Diary Room Clown Whore Fisty Bromance Janey Doll Alliance Blindside Grodner Boogie Hammock Chilltown Coup D'etat Janellousy Ants Evict Fruit Loop Dingus Hinky Votes Target Pets Dr. Will Jury America's Favorite Houseguest (AFH)
  22. Thanks for another season angelmi! I really appreciate the time you share each season.
  23. Enzo says he is going to have to go to the doctor about his skin condition when he gets out of there. He is pale and skinny. Cody says 2 minutes till feeds are down and wonders if they get laundry time when the feeds go down. Enzo makes a joke that they have enjoyed being able to see inside our houses too. And that is all she wrote the feeds are down for BB22 All stars. Can't wait for the finale tonight!! Love you Hamster Time. com!! Tsy and Magpie and Mrs G!!! Thank you all for such a fab BB home!
  24. They all agree their first seasons they had the back yard a lot more then this time. Cody says 9 days ago was when we saw the sun. We won't see the sun today either. They talk about John Lennon's son and Ozzie Osborn's songs about the sun. Ozzie's real life show. the Osbornes. that was the first of the reality shows. Cody screams Sharon!! Enzo thinks Cody needs meds to calm him down like they give to kids.
  25. Stars and Enzo asks what to tell them and HE is sorry for hiding the BB all stars Enzo all season. Enzo is sorry for the bad accents that we had to hear and Cody says he is not sorry. Enzo thinks he is a part of Cody's accents and wants credit for them. Nicole thinks they are funny. Cody says BB messed out on all the fun times when they were outside and the feeds were not on them. They make fun of Laundry time!! They know the feeds were not on them then. Enzo says he had a lot of fun this time. This final 3 was awesome. Cody says Enzo slept 65 per cent of the time.
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