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  2. Wow, I have a lot of prehate for these hamsters. Way too many vapid 22-24 year olds who cite lack of phones as the anticipated hardest part of the experience. Several who have little to no knowledge of the game. Admittedly superfans are hit or miss, but there don't seem to be any this season so that's kind of disappointing.
  3. I would love to see Derrick and Dan back in the house.
  4. Awesome! Can't wait for the threads to go up and the snark to begin.
  5. So you're saying your opinion is worthless?
  6. When the "Wine Safari Guide" is one of the least loathsome options, it's going to be a long, shadenfreude-filled season.
  7. Here they are: https://ew.com/tv/big-brother-season-21-cast/
  8. The hamsters are being introduced this morning on the feeds at 11 Eastern. Threads will be open on HT later today.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Dont' you think I deserve to be cast after you knocked me up and gave me syphilis at the same time?
  11. And speaking of plants, I’d tell Grodner that I’m totally willing to be one!
  12. Last week
  13. Doesn't everyone? I should be on the show because I don't care about getting more followers or publicity from this. I only want peace and quiet for the summer, and to be left alone to nurture my Basil plant.
  14. S16 Nicole gets a glimpse of her future with S18 Corey.
  15. I liked these guys - liked them on Survivor, too. They had a mostly good attitude about the race in general and laughed at themselves, which I always appreciate. If they had just stuck with the poetry task when they switched to it, they would likely not have lost. But they seemed fine with the ouster.
  16. Yeah they totally jumped the line. Nicole was too Midwest nice to do anything other than whine about it to Victor. At least it worked out well for them with the standby seats. Never could stand Team "Fun" from their first season. Too much LOOK AT HOW FUNNY WE ARE!!! attention whoring.
  17. Who forgot to lock guests out from posting? (Totally not me...)
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