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  2. 10:40 PM HT Cody and Memphis in the HOH discussing Safety Suite strategy. Cody won't play this week because he is safe with Memphis. Memphis says that everybody outside "their six" is a potential nominee. Not sure who the other 4 are, but it doesn't include either Janelle or Kaysar. Memphis thinks it would be great if Christmas wins next week and she will take out Janelle. So, I am guessing that Christmas is one of those 4. They also talk about swinging Kaysar over to their side. They toss around that age old strategy - these two winning every HOH from here on. Let me know how that works out. They fling a few more "dudes" back and forth and that is all for this meeting. Cody leaves. And Skippy leaves the camera on an empty HOH.
  3. 10:33 PM HT Memphis replays his lines to Day, which is he doesn't know he is going to put on the mac. He does have two options, in his mind. 1.) Put up good players 2.) Put up someone who won't cause any waves (i.e. The "Get Out The Floater" strategy.) Day says some kind of crapola like "you're good with me." and exits, stage left. Memphis continues to unpack. Meanshile, Kaysar, David and Christmas talk about Nicole (they don't specify which one) talking in her sleep.
  4. Dani comes running right after Janelle leaves, he is not naming names right now, waiting for after the safety suite tomorrow and too soon for back door. She leaves unhappy. Christmas and Nicole F in the attic and laying on cots whispering how to run the show after this. Lots of jokes that the man that lost to Dan is going after the guy that beat Dan. Or Dan's orders waiting for him in DR. I am out.
  5. Janelle asks who he is putting up, he has several in mind but when he does decide there will be one that he wants to go. We have to make it past the first half, weed out the weeds and then battle it out. She offers to help anyway he needs. She is so happy for him and hugs him again.
  6. Everybody hugs him and leaves telling him to enjoy the HOH, Janelle shuts the door and stays in and jumps up and down and hugs him. He says he was going to vote for Keesha, she says at one point she only had 5 so it still would not have been enough.
  7. Who wants to see Memphis' HOH, who wants to watch him cry reading his letter and seeing the pictures. His son River went to camp and learned how to read, and got new shoes and ready to start school. He gives a speech after a whole season of never winning HOH and getting anything from home. Everybody claps and Enzo let's see snacks. He got bourbon gummy bears.
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  9. Christmas is going to figure out how to make the slop better, Memphis told her he tried everything all week, she said Challenge accepted. Kaysar is reading the have not list and talking about his sleeping too, so he is a have not too, BB is going to be happy not to have to fresh squeeze Nicole F's orange juice this week and Kaysar's blessed meats. Nicole F wants Cody to talk to Memphis bout not going after them and Ian but Cody says Memphis will not take suggestions well. He is trying to play in the middle. Cody is in the room with Tyler and Dani and not happy Ian is trying to stay in there too.
  10. Nicole F does not want Ian on the block, she tells Cody he is on their side. Cody says are you lumping Bay/Day on Janelle's side, they are, aren't they? No one wants to wait up for Memphis' HOH. Everything is calming down now.
  11. Dani tells Memphis that 15 was the racist show flipping mattresses and stuff and he says I remember they were on the real news. Last season with Jack/Jackson they were just on TMZ. Da asks Cody about Memphis, he says he thinks it will be Ian because he has already won a game.
  12. Enzo says we tape our live show and eviction and comps, so how do we know we are even on TV, we must be just a Face book show. Dani says no photo either, They are never going to talk about our show they will just take 22 out of the line up from now on. Camera room Tyler Cody and David relaxing because they got up too early and stayed up too late last night so they are trying to sleep.
  13. Kevin is worried he is going right back on the block because Memphis was so mean to them in Have not and he never talked game with anyone but Kaysar in the mornings. All 4 feeds on them in the bedroom who did not drink because both the other rooms are drunks and loud people having fun. Every word out of Enzo's mouth is Yo man. Kevin/Ian/Nicole A just sitting and worrying. Memphis and Cody are not part of either room.
  14. Well they took the feeds off Janelle because she might be drunk, downstairs Enzo/Dann also sound very drunk, making fun of production and Enzo having to wall a long ways to get off the game when he lost. They are all laughing like crazy. In Janelle and Kaysar's room Nicole A is in Nicole F's old bed and Kevin in Keesha's old bed. Ian sitting on Kaysar's bed rocking and they are talking about alliances.
  15. Kaysar laid in lounge talking Christmas off the roof, now Janelle is up there and all 3 are talking like normal. Janelle says she is here trying to have a good time. Just making it real. Janele had a glass of wine and sounds drunk. Ian sitting and rocking on the other feed. Janelle talks about Dr Will and her drinking all his wine.
  16. 10. Me, Myself and Fisty Next word: Bromance
  17. Gotcha. I see that now when I look at our posts back-to-back. Having a Grampa Tsy moment over here. TsyPa.
  18. 8. The Unbearable Lightness of Fisty
  19. Kaysar up in the sky lounge talking to Christmas, he thinks he is cool with Memphis. David just said he is have not too and Memphis was brutal picking them, so Memphis picked David/Christmas/Nicole F. I thought they were also the first out of the comp. Janelle and Dani playing buddy down in the bathroom complaining that Tyler played so hard last season but just a floater this time but Dani knows that is not true.
  20. Nicole F says the war is on. They are going to try to make deals. Christmas hates players like her. (last night Cody sent Christmas in to lie to Janelle about keeping Keesha but Da told her that was a lie) Nicole F says people are going to start pissing people off. Christmas also does not like Day either. Christmas is also on slop this week They can't lose again. They both hope for more physical comps. Christmas does not like drama. Now Christmas is also complaining about Janelle never wearing her costume. Nic says the live feeders know she did not wear it and should have a penalty. Christmas wonders if Memphis has the balls to put up Janelle tomorrow.
  21. I'm not convinced he's in a real alliance with anyone but Cody at this point, but that was what I meant with my answer, that he'd not put up Nicole just like he won't put up Cody (as you said).
  22. Christmas is pissed at Janelle now. So is Nicole F, must of been a cat fight while we were watching kitty cam. Keesha has already tweeted NO Matter what I know that I will always have three votes for me (Dogs)... thank you all for your support, I am truly humbled by the amout of it... a big shout out to Janelle ad Davonne for the heads up...I am rooting for you to the end. Also a big (finger) to the 'men' of the hosue Enzo and Memphis who give a bad name to Sheep and Cody who could never tell me the truth to my face. I ame in the game thinking that I was playing against men but none of your balls have even dropped yet! You partners deserve better! #strongwomendeservestrongmen #get some. Someone is crying and sounds like Christmas and Nicole F trying to calm her down over Janelle again. 4 feeds on them in the sky lounge, David comes up too. The guys cheer Keesha.
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