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  2. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Aw, man. Some scary news from Kevin: I hope everything turns out ok.
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  4. I feel like she would just end up in the same position, with her ACL broken or whatever. I'm bummed, I wanted to see her kick ass in the physical challenges.
  5. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    She did kick ass in that challenge, so I didn't hate her after that part of the episode. I'm sure she'll earn her way back next week. I actually really like everyone on the SexyWrestlerDoctorNerdCrybaby tribe (for now, Crybaby) plus Hillbilly Lawyer and Amazing Race Old Guy. Most of the rest haven't made a good impression and that fat old bitch Natalie hit the ground running into my Hate Zone.
  6. I'm hoping Bi will have a chance in the future to return. Probst is not very fond of people who quit for dubious medical reasons (Osten!) but she had a legitimate concern, careerwise.
  7. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    Entirely possible about setting up that redemption arc. I find her annoying as hell when she is crying and doing the little girl lost schtick. However, she kicked ass on the challenge, so that is another aspect of her that is much more admirable.
  8. Alec Merlino - Goliath

    As a viewer, I loved Alec jumping ship. As a Survivor player? Probably not a great move. What a dumbass.
  9. Last week
  10. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    Boy her and the Black guy going at it last week thinking because they are the same race they had to stand up for each other and then went after each other was shocking. But I am glad he is gone first, too bad it was not a double.
  11. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    Maybe they're setting her up for some kind of whiny girl becomes self-actualized, inspired leader woman story arc.
  12. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    yeah, that was pretty awesome what she did in the immunity challenge.
  13. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    But, she really came through in the immunity challenge. I started liking her a lot for the way she controlled her blind tribemates.
  14. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    One more episode of whining, crying, and insecurity. She wouldn't last one day as my girlfriend. I'm glad there are guys out there like Christian who don't seem to mind it so much. Someone out there for everyone.
  15. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    At this point, especially, whichever of the "kids" did that, would probably be seen as a hero... just sayin'...
  16. Tribe Swap!

    Yeah, I can see jak's point... but do have to admit it's kind of annoying on one level, and nothing i would ever even think of on my own, I don't think, if put in that situation -- but never having been in it, i couldn't say for 100%. ha! But then I can see how it might occur to more sports-oriented people, where teams have names, and the team name does kinda inspire some team spirit and loyalty, so maybe there is a point. Hmmm. I've noticed in this case, it's always Hillbilly Lawyer's idea. Maybe he watches BB a lot, too... because I don't think I recall alliance names being a thing on Survivor in the past...
  17. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    I dunno - I blame the "kids" on this one......just one 'get off your butt and do what you're telling me or shut up!" would have sufficed. Would be worth the remote chance that you'd be voted out for the outburst.
  18. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    And guess who I picked in the Survivor pool at work? ARG! There goes any chance of winning.
  19. Going by that last episode, it’s just as well we didn’t see a lot of her. Ugh.
  20. So, the two girls I'm most intrigued by both leave in the same week. One with a knee injury before we even got to know her, and the other one because of a dumbass bartender. I hope when Carl, the truck driver, comes back and joins your tribe, he works to eliminate the damn fools.
  21. Alec Merlino - Goliath

    What a dumbass.
  22. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    I bet every one of her employees looks at their spouse every Wednesday night and says "Remember when you thought I was exaggerating?"
  23. Tribe Swap!

    I think it's a way to bond them together, so the other person thinks Hillbilly Lawyer is tight with them. I thought it was a pretty good strategy actually.
  24. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    Oh. My. GOD!! I would probably eventually be arrested if I had to spend too much time with her!! Geezus. She'd be perfect to drag to the end -- if you could stand her that long. Would putting up with that be worth $1 million? Perhaps...
  25. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    She works for a publication called "Our Weekly". I don't know how any of her employees can stand working for such a micromanager!
  26. Tribe Swap!

    The tribe swap is too soon, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the new "we have to name our alliance" nonsense.
  27. Previously! David Tribe had a setback! Natalie rubbed people the wrong way! Angelina took a shot at Jeremy and got him out! 17 are left -who will be voted out tonight!? Day10 - Bi’s knees are still looking bandaged and terrible, while the tribes arrive for the comp. She (shockingly!) announces that she has made a decision to leave the game because of her being an athlete and her injury. Sad, tinkly music plays while Jeff asks what the other people think. Bi says that her band of misfits are amazing human beings and that they will rock it. And thus, she hobbles off to a waiting boat somewhere. And.... tribe swap!!! There are now THREE tribes! TWIST!! Even twistier, Carl doesn’t have a buff, and thus not a tribe. The tribes are mixed up approximately the same with three Goliaths and two Davids. Carl however, is going to Exile Island, and will return to the next TC and will replace the next person voted out on whatever tribe loses immunity. That all make sense? I hope so, because I’m not saying it again! Christian notes that each tribe as a minority of Davids, so they’re at a disadvantage all around. We have a whole sequence of “get to know you” as the dispossessed Davids try to fit in with the Goliath majorities. Natalia starts freaking out as her friend Kara starts to make friends with Elizabeth. Kara doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about. (Foreshadowing!!) Carl on Exile Island suddenly finds a note which has a clue to finding an advantage. He thinks it’s hidden inside a coconut on the beach - but as it turns out there are tons of coconuts there, some out in the surf. There is one however, which is VERY OBVIOUSLY stitched together with bright blue cord. The advantage is an “Idol Nullifier”, which blocks the use of an Immunity Idol. He has to play it by writing the person’s name down on his voting card during TC. Back to the “Jabeni” tribe, of whom Mike thinks are the Davidiest of Davids. Natalie feels weird about having the Davids in her camp and she wants them GONE. And she of course is great at giving orders on building on fire, but doesn’t do a damned thing. Angelina looks like she wants to cut a bitch during the whole thing (i.e. Natalie). Nick thinks it’s a great thing because she’s creating such a target on herself, and starts to work to try to make an alliance with Mike, and they come up with an alliance name of “The Rockstars”, and what the hell is it with these names this season? Is Grodner really on the production team now? Yeesh. On Team Tiva, Christian discusses the “stylistic differences” of chopping bamboo. Dan thinks that Christian’s openness to instruction is nice. At least in the area of chopping bamboo. Christian says he needs to bring on his “Charmpocalypse” and John humours him by discussing Slamtown. They do seem to hit it off. Gabby is worried, and as the light dims, and the heartfelt music plays, Christian encourages her that everything will be fine. She blubbers that Christian is fitting in with the cool kids at the lunch table and she is going to be left out. The pitch of her voice rises to almost dog whistle levels as she cries that’s she’s going to get voted out. We’re back on Day 11 for the Immunity Challenge, and someone has to ride a wheelbarrow while two other blindfolded people wheel them through over some bumps and then through a maze. The person riding has to tell them instructions. Blindfolded team members then have to guide a ball through a tilting table maze. Tiva Tribe is to the maze first and is working through it slowly but surely. All three teams are now on to the maze, but Tiva is almost there. And... Tiva wins immunity! They also win the reward, which is basically coffee and danishes. Jeff keeps calling the other teams, “Orange” and “Purple”, and I can’t remember which actual tribe name goes with which colour. And neither can Jeff, apparently. The remaining two tribes are basically neck and neck, but finally “Purple” team comes in second for immunity (the one with Nick and Natalie, and someone has told Jeff that’s Jabeni.) We’re back with the Vuku tribe (formerly known as “Orange”). Elizabeth is worried that she is going home and rather than trying to save herself by relating to the tribe, she drags Dave off to go find the idol - who of course already has it, so good luck on that. He immediately goes back to Kara and Natalia and blabs everything. Natalia kind of freaks out because she hears that she is a target by Elizabeth. Elizabeth approaches Alec to try to get him to flip alliances. He doesn’t seem all that hot on the idea. She suggests putting up Dave. Alec goes back to suggest the idea to the girls who think it’s a terrible plan. Natalia is adamant they get out Elizabeth and Alec feels a bit annoyed by her bullying. She tells others to shut up during one discussion, and the editing would suggest they are considering voting her out. Dave basically tells Alec that he will do whatever people are doing, just let him know. We’re back at TC on night 11, and the iguana looks unimpressed. Vuku arrives along with Carl, who is back from Exile Island. Elizabeth was so concerned about her fate she almost “pooped her pants” today, and ew. Dave makes it clear that he is throwing Elizabeth under the bus. Natalia goes on to say the the game is in gear and she wants to play the game hard, while Alec looks askance at her. Jeff challenges Natalia that making big moves and building your resume is exactly what Elizabeth is suggesting. SUDDENLY, Alec whispers something in Elizabeth’s ear. Natalia starts freaking out because she of course thinks she’s being targeted and she is NOT okay with that! Alec then whispers in Kara’s ear, who whispers in Natalia’s ear. A bunch of whispering goes on and then it’s time to vote. Natalia votes Elizabeth (no surprise), but we DON’T see Elizabeth’s vote. Interesting. Dave doesn’t play his Immunity Idol, and Jeff reads the votes. Elizabeth, Dave, Natalia, Natalia, Natalia. HAHAHAHA! Welcome to playing Survivor, and also, bye. Alec says sorry as she goes by, and classy as always, tells him to shut up. She is shocked that Alec is smiling and “can’t handle him right now”. He rightly says, “It’s a game!” She storms off because I guess it’s not fun playing Survivor when you get outplayed. Next time! There’s no where to run, no where to hide, and the storm is coming! Natalia is pissed because she didn’t make the big moves when she should have made the big moves and blah, blah, blah. Bye, dummy.
  28. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I'm sure it had to be alerted to make room for a pregnant bride, but it still looks good to me.
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