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  2. I can't wait for the premiere.... CBB was kinda "meh", yes -- especially as it wore on... but it gave me something to distract myself from certain things and a break, and I can't wait for Survivor to start up and be something to look forward to. Last season was pretty good (to me anyway) and here's hoping this season will be too!
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  4. Movies

    I'm getting caught up on all the movies that had Oscar nominations this year. The awards are next Sunday, so it's hard to get caught up if you haven't seen most of them yet. I try to go right to the core of everything, and try to stream even the movies with "best supporting actor" , and that sort of thing. It should be interesting to see how they do it without a host. Kevin Hart got uninvited because of homophobic rants, and no one else stepped up. From what I've seen so far, Glenn Close should finally win her first Oscar, and I really liked Adam Driver in BlackKlasman, which is also nominated for best director and best picture.. Tomorrow it's time to stream Bohemian Rhapsody. 5.99 to watch that at home,, and probably worth it.
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  6. House Analysis and Discussion

    Once Tom & Kato were gone, everyone left pretty much sucked, and I didn't really give a rat's ass who won. There was some entertainment left in seeing just how much of a bitch Lolo really is. And my surprise that I came to hate Tamar less. I really didn't mind Ricky, and Kandi was okay too. The finale was okay by me, probably just because of the depression I'm in and needing some meaningless distraction. And hey, it didn't make my mental state worse! ha! I'm glad Julie's gonna be back for the summer.
  7. House Analysis and Discussion

    This seems like a famewhore move to squeeze out the very last ounce of publicity from this season. I watched the whole thing, and Dina was a floater who only got close to the end by being inept, clueless, and not worth the time to vote out. At least she learned a lot about astrology from Ricky. Hash tag Dumbasses.
  8. House Analysis and Discussion

    copssister, that was a great link for a boring Friday at work; thanks! Poor, poor, Linds. She clearly has a very loose grasp on reality/#metoo/sobriety...
  9. House Analysis and Discussion

    Dina was robbed? What alternate reality are these people living in?
  10. House Analysis and Discussion

    This season may have been boring, but it appears Lindsay is ready to spill some CBS/BB secrets because she felt her mother was robbed of the win. Grab some popcorn, she went after Tamar with claws out.
  11. House Analysis and Discussion

    I wonder if there will even be another season of CBB. The coddling and concessions this cast received was ridiculous. So much worry about houseguest's "brands" and how they are perceived by the public that the fights and nasty talk were cut from the feeds. Boo! Horrible. Awful. I wish they would do another season of OTT, though.
  12. House Analysis and Discussion

    Wow, yeah, that wasn't good at all. I never got even remotely invested in any of them. It was really nice to see Mark McGrath in one episode; I liked him last season. And shit, if that's the best thing you can say about an entire season of a show...
  13. House Analysis and Discussion

    This was the worst season. The HGs were horrible and I am glad I will never have to see them again.
  14. House Analysis and Discussion

    Guess I didn't miss anything by not watching last night. I saw like 3 minutes of the final HOH and Dina couldn't answer a question right to save her life, but did keep getting yelled at by Julie for not keeping her answer raised. I don't even want to know why people voted for Tamar.
  15. House Analysis and Discussion

    I was happy to see Tom Green win for favorite houseguest, because he was truly entertaining Ricky deciding to take Tamar to the final two with him may go down in BB history as the worst decision ever, considering that he could have chosen Dina, who was unlikely to get any votes at all. I realize that Ricky doesn't need the money, but it's still a huge mistake. Dumbass. I also noticed that Julie said she's going to be back ithis summer, so the tradition of bad fashion choices and "but first" will continue.
  16. House Analysis and Discussion

    I stopped watching also but did read the updates. Absolutely, the worst season ever. I only watched the last few minutes of the show last night because I wanted to see America's Favorite. Either Ricky was stoned or in shock that he didn't win.
  17. House Analysis and Discussion

    I stopped watching this trainwreck after Kato was evicted. I, of course, continued to read the House Discussion pages here. I can't believe Tamar won. Crappy season all around.
  18. House Analysis and Discussion

    I was coming here to post the exact same thing, gforce. Worst season ever.
  19. House Analysis and Discussion

    Well, that whole thing was a shitty, pointless exercise. Worst season ever.
  20. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Thank you both, I hope I make it to the summer too, Love Big Brother and Hamster Time.
  21. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Yes thank you so much angelmi. Big brother wouldn't be the same without you
  22. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    I just want to say thanks to angelmi for all the hard work and dedication, and keeping us informed about the goings on in the house. I think she's been doing this for something like a decade now, but who's counting? Next season may not have Julie Chen, but hopefully we'll still have our angel.
  23. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Well, it's a little more classy than having it at Walmart...
  24. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Kandi still in the hallway putting on her make up. Dina changed clothes and walks by. Ricky still whispering to Tamar. Tamar trying to save Kandi and off goes the feeds. No good bye messages.
  25. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Lolo called to change mics and Tamar whispers to the camera that she is not friends with them, they are going to vote out Kandi today and not even tell her. She is pissed about it. She wipes away a tear under her sunglasses and Ricky walks in so she shuts up. He says it is cold in here. It is 9 am now and no one is talking to us.
  26. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Tamar tells the camera, she really did the most in the house. Tamar always woke up a hot mess, Lolo dancing around the room. This season was crazy and it is still crazy but there are no losers today, all winners. Lolo thanks us for watching everything they did every day. Tamar says she loves her boyfriend, Momma I made it. Beans better be in school. All my sisters you are popping, she is sure they are watching the live feeds. Dina in her room having trouble with her eyelashes.
  27. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Tamar working on Lolo in the bedroom about voting out Dina instead of Kandi. Lolo knows that Kandi is a jury vote for Tamar but Tamar says we don't know I am the final 2. Lolo making her bed. Ricky already made his bed. Kandi never made her bed or changed her sheets. Dina makes her bed and never changed her sheets.
  28. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Ricky goes to the bathroom but has to wait till Kandi comes out with her wig on, Lolo just washed her fake hair and now blow drying it. Tamar still be bed. Kandi goes to the hallway to do her make up and tells Dina that Thank God she made it. Dina getting ready in her corner of the front bedroom. Ricky walking around the house with a red blanket tied around his neck like a giant superman.
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