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  2. Desiree Afuye - Lavita

    I never noticed her bags of yellow fat. What I noticed was that everyone wanted Michael out last week, and this time he didn't have an immunity idol , but she still managed to be the number one priority anyway. That is how you know you suck.
  3. Yesterday
  4. BB Canada - Season 6

    I can only figure that despite currently being HOH, Johnny has decided to go out in a blaze of glory. He seems to be pissing off everyone in the house to no real advantage. I would not be surprised at all to see him go in the triple eviction.
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  6. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    My aunt (who is also my stepmom.....long story) and cousins are in Toronto as well - was blessed they were all safe. Thinking about you, SLuG.
  7. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    My thoughts are with you too.
  8. I thought of you as soon as I heard this horrific news, SLuG. So glad you are okay and hope your friends are too. What a tragedy for all of you though.
  9. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    How frightening, SLuG. I'm glad you are safe and checked in here. Such a terrible thing to have happen.
  10. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    Just checking in for those wondering about the news coming out of Toronto https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/04/23/van-strikes-as-many-as-10-pedestrians-at-yonge-and-finch.html The affected stretch is only 3km/2miles from where I live, so I’m a bit shaken by the proximity. Because there are still unidentified fatalities, I’ve been frantically msg’g friends in the area to mark themselves safe on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crisisresponse/the-auto-pedestrian-collision-at-yonge-st--finch-ave-north-york-canada-apr23-2018/
  11. Will Win/Want To Win

    Jonavan...that's a classic, Shannon.
  12. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    Heh - for me, that is what sold it.
  13. BB Canada - Season 6

    I was a little disappointed the crypt didn't hold a super power, but I guess Marsha had to show up at some point. Surprise! The coming triple eviction night should be fun.
  14. Will Win/Want To Win

    His mom also named a son Jonavan...okay I made that up, but what a dumb name.
  15. Will Win/Want To Win

    I also weirdly hate Donathan, and every time I see him, I think "Oh it's that buck-toothed lesbian from Hee Haw." Because that's what he reminds me of. If, like, Hee Haw had had a lesbian.
  16. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    So...I actually thought it was kind of weird. Like, I loved that Wendell called him out, but then he just kept going on about it, and for me it got weird.
  17. Will Win/Want To Win

    I'm completely ambivalent about this entire cast, except for Donathan. I hate him for no specific reason. Well, that's not entirely true. I hate his name. And, I hate that every time I hear his name I can't stop thinking, "What the hell kind of name is Donathan?" Every time someone says his name, I think someone is mispronouncing or lisping a real (less annoying) name.
  18. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    Stop rapping.
  19. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    I mean...I like him, but apart from looking like Donald Glover I don't know that he's done anything All-Star worthy yet.
  20. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    I like the kid a lot, so if he doesn't win - as nixiechick wisely documented the reasons why that is not likely to happen - I'd like to see him back for an allstar round.
  21. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    I don't see him making it to the end, he's playing a bit too hard and a bit too obvious. I can see his "final 4" being him just him and Dom well before he knows it.
  22. Will Win/Want To Win

    I voted for Domenick to win, and he's my second place after my hope for poor adorable Michael gets crushed when he gets the boot the first time he doesn't have an idol or immunity.
  23. Donathan Hurley - Lavita

    He's turning out to be a much better player than anticipated. Physically he's no competition, but his social game is pretty strong and he's even using some strategery. I've had a change of heart about this one.
  24. Wendell Holland - Lavita

    Wendell is my favorite player in a long, long time. That "Chris the Rapper" speech he gave was one of the best ever. I'm Team Wendell all the way.
  25. Will Win/Want To Win

    I voted for Dominick to be the most likely to win. He still has a real immunity idol, and I'm not sure that he's a major target right now. Chelsea, on the other hand, is a perfect person to take to the finals. I can't see her winning because she hasn't done anything of note except voting with the majority and never getting a target on her back. Perfect canon fodder to take with you. I think she's pretty hot, and she'll look good at the reunion.
  26. Will Win/Want To Win

    I picked Chelsea to win, because who the fuck knows, but I want my sweet baboo Michael to pull a miracle win.
  27. Michael Yerger - Lavita

    Yeah that's what I'm afraid of too. Really dumb of what's her name to vote for him when she knew she was getting votes too. She already knew she was next to go, she should have tried harder to get people onboard with Michael's plan.
  28. Angela Perkins - Lavita

    Probably that's what happens when you have before/after shots of eating purple turds.
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