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  2. The guys put all the food in plastic containers while the girls watched from upstairs. Christmas was going to go lay down but Kevin joins her and she says she did not want to pick have nots but she is tough. She likes Mark but she wants him gone this week. They hopes this is the last time Alex has to do the hot dogs and gets out of the costumes. Christmas hopes Kevin can sleep with Josh in the have not room. Alex sitting outside on the camp site with the rest of the guys.
  3. They're certainly still talking about Cody! It could be Elena too.
  4. I also loved The look on Paul's face when Derrick walked in. It was the face of a spoiled five year old who has been told "No" for the first time or that there was another child that was cuter and smarter! I just wish they could have prolonged the misery... put Derrick in to live for a few days with "immunity" to see how quickly Paul's minions evaporate.
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  6. Had a friend unexpectedly show up this morning so I'll have the recap of the recap up tomorrow morning.
  7. are my lips in proportion to my boobs?
  8. Does Elena ever shut the f### up?
  9. Back to Kevin wanting to take a coat hanger to punch in the eye. Everybody is screaming in the kitchen about seeing it again. Raven upstairs with Alex saying we can sick from living around rats they carry diseases. Jason still don't believe them. Girls upstairs and boys down looking for it. They gave them a lot of containers to put their food in. Kevin still talking about killing it.
  10. Paul complains about James losing all the comps and saying he was doing it for game. That is why Paul did not take James to the end even though he lost. All year since he was interviewed they told him that was his mistake and Paul says he would do again. Josh complains about losing it over Elena and we get fish again. Raven yelling that thing is huge and saying I told you! Fish again.
  11. Alex complaining about how long they have been in there. She asks how they make hot dogs, is the casing animal guts. He says not pressure holds them together. Josh went down for better buns and condiments. Alex misses her family so much, sure Jason misses his too.
  12. Jason comes up to camp ground while Alex is cooking hot dogs and BB tells him to stop obstructing his mic, he lays flat on the ground and says he hates his life. Josh comes up for hot dogs. This might be the last one he gets before her camp fire girl curse is over and his have not slop is all he will get. Josh is whispering about Kevin too.
  13. Kevin sitting in bed alone wearing his sun glasses. Everybody else in the kitchen cooking and eating. Paul talking about halloween party again just like last year. Just as they finish eating and Jason doing dishes, Bugle call and Alex has to make hot dogs, They did not ask Kevin if he wanted to eat before but she asks Kevin if he wants a hot dog.
  14. Paul is telling Christmas and Raven that Kevin was the hicky votes and Christmas says if Mark wins the veto and Kevin is going (can't take Matt or Jason off the block?) Kevin comes up to HOH and tells Christmas she keeps the room clean, she says she tries. Paul called to DR and Kevin tells him that he has his back don't forget that buddy. Paul says he will not forget that.
  15. Alex out of DR, false alarm. She and Jason are rough housing in the kitchen. Jason wants the unitard off now. Alex does not know why he is yelling. Raven up in HOH talking to Paul. Josh and Jason bugging Alex and she keeps telling them to get away from her. Jason thinks she is crazy. She is trying to bag him off. Josh thinks it is the rats. She keeps telling them to shut up about the rats. Josh is scared BB is going to come down on them so he is hiding under the table. He says he is scared. Matt walks by and sees him down there.
  16. Christmas and Jason talking they are good and they want Mark out or Matt. He just could not believe she picked Raven over Alex. Christmas is sorry. If she was not broken she would have aligned with Alex and ran thru the house getting them all out. Josh comes in and breaks them up and he hugs Jason and then leaves.
  17. Alex called to DR everything thinks it is veto comp time. Jason reads his letter from his wife again. Alex had to stop cooking. I hope it is not the one that destroys the house.
  18. Jason/Josh/Kevin/Mark go to the lounge to talk to their families. Josh hopes the rat bites Jason since he does not believe he is there. Josh in Mark's lap saying they were the best showmance all summer he had to get rid of Dominique and Elena so it would be just them too.
  19. BB yells at Jason to put on his... he says he has his mic on, Alex thinks they mean his x helmet and they don't have a recording for that, so he goes to take off his cowboy hat and put his helmet on and BB says Jason thank you. Paul says you get it off in 4 or 5 more hours.
  20. Have nots she only has to chose two, she picks Josh and Mark and the first person to HOH can try the key. Raven and Matt get in trouble for playing again. Paul is cooking. Alex says she will be missing her family reunion on Labor Day. Kevin says they can watch on the feeds. She doubts they will.
  21. False... I am rarely in one, the last time I texted/posted anything from one was a year ago at my Dad's wedding (married at 79 years old). The next posted was/is at least mildly surprised (if not more) that Tsy is posting from inside a chapel.
  22. I thought he was funny and would rather he have won last year over Nicole. This year was getting tired of him till I saw Janelle and Rachel against him. So now I am on Paul's side.
  23. *dies* I think Tsylyst might be right. Cody could still be a threat.
  24. Kevin comes up to HOH to talk to Christmas about Alex being a gamer. Paul in shower. Josh and Jason talking about Holly and BB calls them to HOH for lock down, Josh think it is to put the rat traps out. Everybody else thinks have not reveal.
  25. Nothing
  26. Paul up in HOH telling Christmas that Jason freaked out that Christmas picked Raven instead of Alex for him. Paul assured him that the plan is still to get out Mark/if he wins veto then we get out Matt. Someone comes up the stairs so they tell Josh to go. Paul goes to take a shower. Christmas acts like she is sleeping. She has not fed the fish, she can't get up on the steps. Christmas does not want Mark to win the veto. She wants to keep Alex this week. The best target is Mark. He agrees 100 per cent with her and he would tell her if he did not agree, he trusts her. She says her and Jason are ok. He does not want to win HOH for 2 weeks then he can keep them all safe at 6. To keep Alex happy they need to get rid of Kevin before Jason.
  27. Kevin out of shower and follows Paul to have not room and says I hope you don't mind I am going to have to start throwing my sex appeal around and Paul laughs. Jason to Alex that Kevin is telling all their secrets, Alex will break his legs. Alex still wearing her camp fire girl uniform and Jason still in his extreme costume. Jason and Alex are going to cook eggs/steak/potato. Christmas on her way up the stairs on her butt. Josh yelling in the back ground. Jason goes up to HOH with Christmas and Paul, to scare Josh in the shower. HE is screaming at them. They are laughing.
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