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  2. Steve Arienta - Reeks of Drakkar Noir

    Damn, now I want to take the class he teaches based on that RateMyProfessor link that @dc20willsave provided. Wow! I like the dude.
  3. Sam Bledsoe - Trashpanda Wrangler

    I really like her which means I'll probably hate her by the end of the first episode.
  4. Rachel Swindler

    I don't think she's going to be liked by many of the other girls because she comes across very confident which young women often see that as bitchy.
  5. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    Because we're so awesome?
  6. Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    I can see him causing drama in the house but I don't like him.
  7. Brett Robinson

    Regarding a possible showmance he says "if she's pretty enough or nice enough". No wonder you're single, douchebag. He stated he doesn't have a filter and he's concerned about that. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want him to say something that screws him big time.
  8. Bayleigh Dayton

    She's engulfing?? Um...okay. She reminds me of Stacey Dash, Dionne in the movie Clueless. I found her boring.
  9. She's the closest thing I had to a 'local' girl this season since she lives about 35 miles from me. Well, DAMN, she's a weirdo. MrsGryn put it best. I hate everything about her in her questionnaire and hearing her say "I'm every woman" in the video with Ross Mathews was cringe worthy.
  10. Angela Rummans

    I like her. She has a decent view about the history of the game and she's watched the show and seems to understand how the game works.
  11. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    Why do I even bother with you people?
  12. Happy Tsy. Fantasy website.
  13. I personally don't mind the shaggy or whatever hair, and yes, he does have nice eyes... but I get a feeling that he's one of those people better looking "in person" (well, "on TV" ) than he does in the photo. Hell, on Survivor, Michael's photo from CBS did not do him justice at all. I mean, the photo was okay, but I was like, "meh" til you saw him in a more natural state. Still say that would be one ugly woman. That was my first thought to! I was like, "Whoa! Interesting!"
  14. He needs a haircut before I can render judgment on the good looking scale. I will say he has pretty eyes.
  15. The ABCs of BB

    FUG. I can call you FUG, right? Seeing as your last few seasons have sucked out loud, what would you have to do to get fired?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Thanks, dc20willsave! You just know they are going to have that spinning platform going to the point where they spin off. Or at least, that's what I'd do. The change to the bedroom(s) with the sliding wall is kind of interesting.
  18. The ABCs of BB

    Ever just stop to think, hey, maybe you don't need constant twists?
  19. Horizontal Tsy. It's a website all about me being tired.
  20. Wait wait wait...we finally found a guy that Shannon thinks is attractive? I honestly thought he was a 40-year-old woman that has done too much tanning and face filler when I first saw the picture a few days ago. I was like "Oh, here's our token old person for the season."
  21. The ABCs of BB

    Do you even watch this show?
  22. Well it's good to see that I hate the show before it's even started.
  23. Well, those two things aren't *as* bad, although kinda dumb and unnecessary... but when they give out "special powers" or "special protections", that's really not fair. Not to say that sometimes I was kinda glad some of them happened if they helped someone i liked. But objectively, they really aren't fair. But I guess this isn't a really high-brow game to begin with. ha!
  24. BB20 Pre-show Discussion - Premieres June 27

    Didn't consider that. ET Canada has a house tour as well. As for the twist, guesses for Night 1: One of those punishments will be a Night 1 Eviction. Again. The App thing just sounds like The Den of Temptation or Care Packages with a new coat of paint.
  25. Wow, CBS even has their YouTube videos geoblocked.
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