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  2. So many that I have zero recollection of.... including some who have played more than once. I know I missed a few seasons, but there's no way I missed that many.
  3. Maybe he and whats her face should start giving their CBS money to who ever is watching their kids while they are famewhoring for the 12th time.
  4. Yeah, he dated another player for a while. He's actually had cancer twice. I remember liking him. I really liked the Africa season just for the location alone. Imagine them trying to do that today. It would never happen.
  5. She's something of an icon on this show, and many current contestants watched her succeed and admire her for that. She's 37 years old now and hasn't been on in a while, so I'm curious to see if she can still bring it. I'm going to leave on a shallow note, so to speak, and say that she has a smokin' body.
  6. Thanks! Question: Why do so many current contestants seem to love her so much, and refer to her all the time?
  7. Oh yeah!! That description made me remember him all of the sudden. Yes, I really liked him too!
  8. Ah, okay. What a fancy-sounding name for that! I remember her only because Sophie was my Great-Gramma's name, so she "registered" with me. Plus I think I liked her, at least generally.
  9. suddenly, I think I remember her. But, am still not sure how to describe her.
  10. I was happy overall, but think they should have given us a final three rather than final five. I would probably watch another season. I wish their casting director would give BB's some tips for how not to just cast douchebags and famewhores. With a few exceptions, these were quite likeable, non-douchy people.
  11. I got nothing. Did I miss a season maybe?
  12. She's one of those people you talk to when you call about signing up for health insurance? No memory of her or her season.
  13. Liked him initially just for his resemblance to Donald Glover, but thought he played the game really well.
  14. I liked him a lot. He was the public defender from very poor and humble beginnings. Finally one I'm glad to see coming back!
  15. Wasn't he in a relationship with a contestant from a different season? And I guess he's cured of cancer. Good for him.
  16. I remember him! He was a nice guy and deserved the win.
  17. Colton. That was his name I think. That awful little shitbag guy.
  18. I believe it was, yes..... and that might be worth it all right.
  19. I thought I remembered him, but I think I'm remembering the wrong person..... I was thinking of the guy who was on with his wife, but it doesn't say he played "Blood vs. Water".
  20. I hope she votes Rob off at the first tribal. No reason. Just because.
  21. Every comment in this thread would be a good addition to the thread title. Example: Natalie Anderson - San Juan del Sur - S29 - "Oh fuck I had blocked her out" *scribbles notes for future use*
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