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  2. Which Survivor do you WANT to win?

    I kind of disagree. I think both Nick and Davie are pretty damn good players, with Nick having the edge. They, along with Christian, completely turned the game around where the David's were outnumbered and in trouble to where they had the numbers. Christian then kinda fucked it up, but Nick and Davie are still in very good positions. And while I like Alison, she hasn't really shown any initiative and her biggest accomplishment seems to be not getting voted out - and that's not from anything she's done.
  3. Which Survivor do you WANT to win?

    I've like Alison, and even said I wanted her to win in the past, but Davie has upped his game these last few episodes, so I'm going with him. None of these people are great players, so it's really just a battle of who sucks the least at this point.
  4. Angelina Keeley - Kalokalo (former Goliath)

    I like a person that says what's on their mind, even if I dont agree with what they say. You know, you are probably going to get what they think, is the truth
  5. Which Survivor do you WANT to win?

    Did not like Nick at first but he grew on me and turned into a way better player than I thought he would be. But that goes for Davie, also. But since it asked for sole winner, I picked Nick.
  6. I liked jimmy stewart at first but he sealed his fate when he bit the hands that saved him, twice. When you are seen as a threat don't go with the cry baby that is weak and let them talk you into trying to take out another threat, that's on your side. You do that at number 6 or better year 5th place.
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  8. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Oh my God... those things are *awesome* reasons for Angelina in the finals. I want so bad for someone to say what a stupid-ass opening bid that was in those "negotiations". "My opening offer is... virtually everything of any value we have." geezus.
  9. I noticed that attitude too. He doesn't seem to be one who can appreciate the game, if he's one of the ones who got out-gamed.
  10. Which Survivor has EARNED the win?

    I wanna vote for two! to me Davie & Nick have done the most work, and had the most game. Plus I like both of them. I like Mike, too, but I think those other two have played more than he has.
  11. I suspect this one is going to be a Bitter Betty when its final tribal time, based on his expressions and refusing to look at the people still in the game.
  12. An argument could be made for everyone who remains in the game to be worthy of the win.
  13. My nephew asked me "So what did the contestants do??" as in, in response to Jeff's constant ball talk. I said they just remained stone-faced and concentrated on (ahem) keeping their balls together. ha! He said, "How do they never laugh at any of that?" That I'm not sure, myself... they must just learn to tune out Jeff's play-by-play. Personally, I don't really miss the gross food challenges.... they were fun, in a way -- but I couldn't watch half or more of it so that I wouldn't barf.
  14. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Isn't that a cover for cellulite or varicose veins? Or both? It would be funny if they asked her that. There was one season where they had someone take her false teeth out.
  15. Hmm, I guess that's another thing they haven't done for a number of years. I never notice that something is gone until several seasons later. Jeff did have a good time talking about balls dropping.
  16. I watched Christian on the Ponderosa video. Noticed his class was missing John and Dan, while teacher's pet Gabby was taking notes. But Christian is now dead to me because at the end he was wearing socks with flipflops. Dead. To. Me.
  17. I miss the gross food challenge when they have to eat balls.
  18. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I want the jury to ask Angelina what she was thinking wearing flesh-colored leggings.
  19. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I kind of want Angelina in the finals. I want to see how many times she mentions her great negotiation in the question/answer/speech portion of the final tribal. I also want someone to cut her down saying it was a ridiculous opening offer and see her reaction.
  20. Loved it again! But you forgot the remark about -- and I'm sorry but I forget exactly how Jeff put it -- but something about if it was better to have your balls spread apart or stuck together. Both my Aunt and I could not help but to snicker at that one...
  21. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I'm with Jak on this one.
  22. Since the finale is next week, we will do a few surveys leading up to the final show.
  23. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    The last Fan Favorite was during the Caramoan season in 2012. Thank you Survivor Wiki. Malcolm won that one.
  24. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    OMG - all these years I imagined a Fan Favorite prize. I'm back to watching the show after a long absence (I blame you, Hantz). so I guess I assumed they'd carried that on all these years.
  25. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I'm going to be pretty disappointed if the final 3 ends up as any combination of Mike/any of the three women. With Christian gone, it feels like only VampireHillbillyLawyer and Davie are the only ones who have been really working for the win. Sure, the others have strategized some, and have won an immunity or two, or gave up immunity so everyone could eat some rice and don't you fucking forget it, but for the most part they haven't done anything that makes them worthy of winning.
  26. Last week
  27. So...I'd like him a lot more without the whole God thing, which, sorry, I find really annoying. He's done really well though, and I think between him and VampireHillbillyLawyer, it would be a tough choice.
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