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  2. So dumb to get rid of her. She was loyal, which CarCrashma is not (I can't remember how to spell her name so fuck it). CarCrashma will jump ship at the first opportunity, plus she genuinely seems to suck at everything. Plus, when they swap tribes, like they ALWAYS do, and you're in the minority and you're asked "Why should we keep you?" you can be like "These two are in a showmance, vote them out before me!"
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  4. I was just telling my kids about the days of food comps, luxury comps, Nakomis and her 5 finger plan, and PB&Js for have nots. One of my favorite luxury comps was when they set up a store in the living room and the houseguests got to keep anything they were able to put on in whatever the time limit was. I think I'll have to show them some of the older seasons. I guess I should stay on topic here. In hamster headline news, I read the other day that Vanessa is pregnant with twin boys. Her wife is also pregnant with a boy and due around the same time as her.
  5. Karishma, before she got the chance to flip to another side and stab me in the back.
  6. Sources tell me it is his son's face, which is kind of a sweet, sneaky way to get a picture of your loved one out there with you.
  7. Karishma -- she's a pretty girl, but wow... what a drag!!
  8. It's like that's just a part of her, like she actually likes the "being on the outs" status, because it must get her attention from *someone*.
  9. I kinda thought that, too -- other than the surprise factor, kind of a blah-zay move. second one in a row to go out with an idol on them, and we're only on week four!
  10. I have to say, her blindside seems like a waste of a vote. I can't blame her for not having a clue she was the target for the vote, mostly because it was a super-dumb move.
  11. This woman, honestly. I get so annoyed when people whine about being on the outs. I guarantee Elaine has less in common with the rest of the "sorority girls" than Karishma does, but she just seems bound and determined to make herself an outcast of the tribe and leans in to that victim status she seems to love.
  12. Chelsea was voted out in a blindside at Tribal Council, but it almost seemed like anyone's game could have been up. Was Chelsea the right choice or some the tribe have voted someone else out?
  13. "The Survivor Gods are sitting in a little grass hut above the Tribal Council." I love this line as much as I loved the birds taking off in apparent alarm to the sound of Noura's shrieky laugh. Another great recap, @MrsGryn!
  14. I think the tribe should have been forced to use her as caller, since they did have the advantage of knowing what the comp would be (and could practice for it). That would have been hilarious and more fair, as well.
  15. That is a good point -- watching that would have been very amusing!
  16. I'm so sorry she didn't actually get to be the caller, though. The level of FAIL would be truly grand!
  17. I noticed that -- and they didn't even practice with her! haha!
  18. Even Rob and Sandra figured that out almost immediately.
  19. That was pretty funny how not only did the tribe not let her be the caller, but pretty much unanimously (except for herself, of course) picked her to be the one to sit out. bwah! But in practice, she was pretty awful at calling.
  20. As usual, we begin the same evening of tribal council with the members of Lairo attempting to talk one of their members down from the ledge. Karishma is pleasant enough, but of course she is upset that she was considered Plan B. Which is crazy, right, since she has been so good at meshing with the other members of her tribe. Aaron, who feels her pain from his own experiences, tries to be reassuring to her that her place is secure. You know, her place at the bottom of the pile. A-a-ron has his own targets in mind: Chelsea and Dean, who are suddenly an item and shown canoodling in the shelter. When did this development take place? Because the only thing I have seen Dean do so far is stub his toe on a sand pile. Missy and Aaron wander off to discuss the Dean-Chelsea showmance, even though Chelsea denied to Elaine that she will get romantically involved during Survivor because it, and I quote, “Messes up people’s games.” Let’s keep that in mind by the time we get to the end of the episode. Missy talks to us about her connection with Aaron, that they are both athletes and competitors and African-American and…..wait, what? Aaron is black? When did that happen? Okay, okay, I know. RACIST! But seriously, I thought he was of Mediterranean descent – Egyptian, Italian, possibly Turkish. Not that it really matters in the end, because what REALLY matters is that he is kind of an alpha male douchebag sort of gym-bro. Although if he said, “I pick things up and put them down” I would take back every disparaging I said about him. Mostly. As they talk about Karishma, both Missy and Aaron decide she is still an easy vote and they can get her out later. For now Missy wants Dean out so Chelsea will stop hanging out at the frat house and circle back to her sorority sisters. Their dismissal of Karishma seems like a heavy handed case of foreshadowing later in the season. Over on Vokai, Jamal’s pointy moobs decide to stay at camp while the rest of the tribe went out fishing or gathering firewood. He planned it this way in order to go out and search for a hidden immunity idol. There is a voice over from Jamal talking about a past relationship that I could not care less about, as we see a pastiche of him searching through the jungle. And as is usual when we see a longer scene of someone looking for an idol, he actually finds it. I’m okay with this. First, the cameraman was not pointing the camera to the spot where the idol was hidden. Second, Jamal was using a stick to poke into some of these creepy hidey holes in the trees, which may be the first time I have not seen someone sticking their hand blindly into a possible nest of spiders or snakes or poisonous tree frogs. I mean, it seems like a no-brainer, right? Anyway, Jamal and his moobs are quite pleased with themselves since he sees Vokai as a tribe descending into complacency. If only something would shake that up! Vrroooom! Vrrrroooom! The tinny sound of a motorboat engine is heard on Vokai beach. The skiff pulls up and its silent occupant hands out a rolled up parchment and a bag tied with a purple ribbon. Tommy reads the parchment aloud, sounding a bit like he is reading to his fourth grade class. Turns out the tribe has to pick someone unanimously to come to Island of the Idols and if they cannot come up with someone, they will have to draw a name from the bag. Interesting change up! Naturally, as people who have watched the game play out for years, they all know that volunteering for something is one of those massively stupid moves that puts a huge target on your bac….what’s that? Noura has volunteered to go? Of course she has! Kellee is a little worried about someone going and blowing her secret, understandably so. She knows she will have to make an alliance with whoever actually goes. Jack has to explain to Noura why no one is stepping up to volunteer, because Noura is a dumbass when it comes to human nuance. As it turns out, the rest of Vokai was happy to let her go to the island because it meant an afternoon of peaceful existence for them. Oh, we don’t see anyone saying that but it is an easy extrapolation. Walking up the beach on Idol Island, Noura sees the giant heads of Julie Chen and Phil Keoghan, so she is quite surprised when Boston Rob and Sandra come strolling out of the jungle. They give her the usual welcome, though we do not see the Idols Oath being read. There is a little chitchat and when they offer Noura some watermelon, she squeals with delight. The Survivor editors splice in a large flock of birds taking flight on the beach as Noura’s loud squeal is dubbed over it. Hilarious! Then Rob gets down to business. This lesson is on persuasion. He tells her that it’s about figuring out what people want in order to line up what you can get (with a flashback to Erik giving up his immunity after Cirie convinced him). Rob mentions appealing to someone’s ego (Parvati flirting with a guy), scaring them (Yul showing Penner an immunity idol), and Sandra says you can start a rumor (Sandra telling Russell Hantz that Coach was gunning for him), and Rob finishes with an offering someone something (Rob asking Lex to watch out for Amber with a promise to take care of him later). Noura claims her connections are intellectual. Now, Rob drops the bomb. They have insight into the next immunity challenge: it will be a blindfold challenge with a caller. Noura has to convince the tribe to make her the caller – and they have to agree unanimously – for her to win an advantage to block another player. If she is not chosen as the caller, then she loses her vote for the next tribal council. Noura IMMEDIATELY agrees to do it, even as Sandra tries to counsel her to think about it for a minute. Noura blows her off and says oh, she’s doing it WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Rob and Sandra glance at each other and their expressions convey that they both think Noura is a nutjob. Welcome to Vokai’s world, Idols. Sandra tells us later that Noura’s inability to think things through are going to get her in trouble (too late, we rounded that corner already) and Rob tells us in his patented incredulous way that Noura is the LAST person who should be calling the tribe in this challenge, that she just lives in Noura-world. As she is motoring back to Vokai, Rob says to Sandra, “She is definitely perceptive. The question is, is her perception reality?” Have I mentioned how much I love these two as mentors? (“Whoooooo!” – the inner thoughts of the skiff operator after he drops Noura off on Vokai beach.) Speaking of which, Vokai Beach, Day Nine. The tribe gathers to greet Noura and hear what happened at Idol Island. And boy, howdy, does she spin a tale remarkable in its ill-conceived logic and poorly delivered execution. Essentially, Noura presents a tale where the tribe has to agree on her role in the upcoming challenge and she can give them full details about the challenge itself. She is wild-eyed and frenetic as she attempts to employ what she calls a “this for that” strategy, but she really only succeeds in making herself look even more manic and unreliable. After some initial hesitation, the tribe members all agree that she can have whatever role she wants and then she describes the challenge: tribe will be blindfolded, she will call out to them which way to go and retrieve stuff and bring it back to her and the first back wins, that’s it. Turns out to be a little more complicated than that, but we’ll get there when we get to the challenge. I do love that Noura did not get ALL the details of the challenge from Rob and Sandra. This is already a big advantage for Vokai because now they can spend their time practicing walking around blindfolded and listening to a caller give them directions. Anyway, after her frenzied description of the challenge, there are some pointed questions from the tribe, but Noura does her level best to shut them down. My favorite is Jamal’s sardonic expression as he watches her gesticulate her way through demonstrating the challenge. Please note it is entirely possible I am enjoying Jamal in this moment because he has a shirt on. We are treated to an entertaining montage of Noura failing spectacularly at being a caller for her blindfolded tribemates. Immunity challenge time! Probst is wearing a Glidden Paint Deep Artic Night Blue shirt, for those keeping score at home. The challenge is mostly what Noura described: one member will be the caller, the rest of the tribe will be bound together in teams of two. They will have to find their way through a course while retrieving three keys. Once they have brought all three keys back to the caller, that person will then physically lead the entire tribe back through the course to a final station, where the caller will use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces. The caller will then direct one person to put together the puzzle while still blindfolded. First tribe to get the puzzle completed wins immunity. No other luxury reward is offered this time. Probst turns to Vokai and reminds them they have an extra person and need to figure out who will sit this out. What happens is a great Survivor moment and I watched it back several times. Kellee looks directly at Lauren and though we can’t see her face, we do see Lauren give a slight nod and she turns to the rest of the tribe and says matter-of-factly that Noura is sitting out. The rest of the tribe either agrees or is silent, including Noura’s erstwhile alliance member, Jason, who nods in agreement. Noura herself is shocked but quietly accepts her fate and takes her spot on the bench. She can’t believe after all her efforts to come up with the perfect lie and gain the advantage that they thwarted her plans! My suspicion when I first saw the episode was that Kellee, who has proven herself no slouch when it comes to thinking things through, put two and two together and figured out Noura as the caller would get her an immunity idol (the logical conclusion rather than an advantage). Thus Kellee may have lead a pre-challenge discussion to maneuver around Noura’s stated role and negate whatever she got for herself at Idol Island. However it happened, I LOVE it. Survivors ready? GO! Jason calls for Vokai, Elizabeth for Lairo. Jason is calm, cool and collected. He calls out clear directions and send his whole tribe out at once, while Elizabeth is sending people out in pairs. Whoever had Tommy in the pool to get the first smack in the cojones wins. Oof, that looks like it hurts! Lairo makes a big mistake when Dean and Chelsea go over an obstacle rather than under and they have to backtrack as Elizabeth yells at them. At one point, all the players run into each other while all the Survivors smacking into their opposition. Probst snarks that some people are meeting for the first time as Dan accidentally clocks Missy in the jaw. Vokai is at the puzzle table with Jason calmly talking Kellee through the puzzle assembly. They are almost done but the puzzle design is slightly off so they have to fix it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks Aaron through the assembly of the puzzle pieces and they catch up to Vokai quickly. Aaron slams the last piece into the puzzle and Lairo starts screaming, however the design is off just like Vokai’s was, so they have to move a couple of pieces. This gives Jason’s cool leadership as the caller enough time to enable Kellee to correct their puzzle and win immunity. Thus Lairo is headed back to Tribal Council for the third time. Post challenge in Lairo beach, Karishma knows she is the easy vote. If it were up to Tom and Elaine, no muss no fuss, bing bang boom, Karishma is gone. But this is Survivor. We are long past the days of Dr. Sean’s alphabet strategy of voting. Votes are more complicated since the introduction of the immunity idols, but also because of players who are savvy to the long term parts of the game, the post merge, the final three, and that thing I haaaaaaate: creating a resume. Although creating LinkedIN profiles for these people might be kind of fun. The conversations that go on involve Aaron campaigning for Dean to go since he isn’t helping to win challenges. Missy is good with that, but Elizabeth less so. She really wants Karishma to go for sucking at challenges and camp life. Dean at least works around camp. Elaine rightly hits on the one thing we all know: Karishma is going to jump to the other side at her earliest opportunity, either at the merge or during a tribe-swap. Aaron is less of a threat to do that, thanks to Missy working him. Karishma? Oh hell no. She’s waiting for the door to be opened so she can betray all those who allowed her to nearly bleed to death. I can’t wait for Noura and Karishma to meet and compare noble outsider stories. Missy keeps trying to figure out who would be the best option and goes to Elaine and suggests Chelsea as another option. They keep Dean for strength, Karishma for another easy vote, and they break up the Dean-Chelsea bond. Elaine’s head is spinning at how quickly Missy is able to pivot to someone else as a vote. Love Elaine as a person, but Missy is really impressing me with her game play and forethought. Well, except for the main thing she is missing which is VOTE OUT KARISHMA NOW YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! Tribal council time. Probst is wearing a Glidden Paint Seawall shirt, for those keeping score at home. And once again I really have no idea who is going home this time. Sandra and Rob sneak their way into the duck blind to observe the proceedings and Sandra snark-whispers, “They just love Tribal Council.” Ha! Probst jumps in talking about blindsides and gets to Karishma, pointing out that she is still there. She attributes that to praying to the Survivor Gods. Oh, honey. The Survivor Gods are sitting in a little grass hut above the Tribal Council. No need to pray to them, they are just going to amuse themselves at your expense. Elaine tells Probst she gets her head turned around by all the changing plans, and Sandra waves her hand dismissively and whispers to Rob, “This one never knows anything.” Sandra’s not wrong here, but I think that Elaine plays up the affable yokel a bit to keep people off-guard. I would be interested to see how she interacted with them on Idol Island. Dean tells Probst that the chaos is good for Karishma’s game because it could mean that other names are out there, and Chelsea piles on saying that if you stop for just a moment, your name could be out there. Elizabeth stares at her wide-eyed, which should have been a major clue. Elizabeth tells Probst that it started with one path and turned into several move plans. Missy all but says that Karishma is not the one going home tonight due to all the chaos and of course Karishma loves what she is hearing at tribal. Missy snaps back at her, however, for being such a crappy player. Missy calls her out on being a terrible puzzle player, and says Karishma is getting lapped so she should not be so smug about it. Rob loves Missy’s open verbal smackdown, but Karishma doesn’t care. She quotes the worst (well, prior to the entire last season) scene from Game of Thrones by claiming, “Chaos is a ladder” and something something climb out of a pit. There is more talk about blindsides, but whatever, I’m tired of it. Let’s just get to the vote already. Probst goes to tally the votes. Karishma. Karishma. Chelsea. Chelsea. (Sandra: “Look at her, she’s looking around!”) Chelsie. Chelsea. Chelsea. And with that, Dean’s main squeeze is voted out with an idol in her pocket. Sandra loves it. “You wanted a blindside, you gotchu one.” Next week? Drop! Yo! Bluff!
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  22. I have a lot of fondness for the “no clocks, compete for food, FOTH” days. So much more fun. Remember the clothes luxury comps? Good times!
  23. Oh, that's right. It was Monica - who was in the habit of saying "It's AWWWNNN!", thus giving the nickname ItsOnica. Cassandra was indeed much more dignified. BB1 was an interesting season, actually. It was so different from any of the subsequent ones, it's hard to compare. It's hard to remember a time when they had to compete to even earn their food, and they didn't have any clocks in the house. The hammies now are too pampered, by far.
  24. Ahh... The days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of slop for Have Nots.
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