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  2. Doesn't look like it's happened. From the article: "Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Franzel and Arroyo postponed their destination wedding to spring 2021, though it's unclear if that date's been changed again due to their expanding family." I feel sure Nicole would be blasting the news if she and Victor had gotten married.
  3. A rare case of the mother out-whining the baby.
  4. Did their wedding happen - or did they lose their "funding" when all of her influencer gigs were dropped over the summer?
  5. I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that they announced this on Janelle's birthday... https://www.etonline.com/big-brother-alums-nicole-franzel-and-victor-arroyo-expecting-first-child-together-158816
  6. I like Matt, so far. He'll inevitably do something douchey, but he (and his abs) are good for now. VibratorGirl and QueenVictoria simply HAVE to be paid actresses playing characters, right? I quickly grew way too attached to the ballerina so I should have seen it coming that he'd toss her aside. At least she was wearing her toe shoes for the light landing.
  7. I certainly wouldn't have expected less from him.
  8. Poor Cowboy. Well, maybe Holly is available nowadays.
  9. Airing tonight, if you can stomach it (starring Cowboy and Russell Hantz):
  10. Johnny FairPlay allegedly stole from the Grandma he claimed died.
  11. I don't have a problem with a couple teams working together on a tough challenge or giving an answer here or there strategically, in the sense of "we'll help this team on this leg because it helps knock out a bigger threat" or "if we do this for them here, they owe us and might not U-Turn us later." But when they went so far as to give themselves an alliance name, it jumped the shark for me. TAR isn't a team sport.
  12. It was obvious Phil didn't like it, and neither did I. It's bad enough that the last 10 or so seasons of BB have been played that way. I hope they do make the teams actually RAAAACE and knock if off with the kumbaya shit.
  13. A Reality Blurred interview with the producers - they weren't thrilled with the alliance and hint there may be rules implemented going forward against just giving other teams the solution to challenges.
  14. I actually enjoyed the season for the most part. I was #TeamBeardBros and even though they choked at the end, I told myself "at least the nerds didn't win".
  15. Ugh, what an awful season. I hated it. To echo cops.. do better Amazing Race!
  16. Completely fitting end for the year 2020 (yes, I know it was filmed 2 years ago). No real challenges the last leg and an ending challenge which required basic geology knowledge - requiring zero memory recall nor puzzle-solving. Meh - do better, Amazing Race!
  17. In retrospect, that play by the producers to have two siblings discover their relationship on the show is one of the lowest points of BB. And it’s had plenty. I’ll never forget Nakomis’ long drunken but well placed rant one night about the producers.
  18. In case anyone misses Cowboy, here's your chance: https://myiclicktv.com/big-brother-michael-cowboy-ellis-set-to-appear-on-mtvs-catfish/ "He toyed around with becoming an actor or a rodeo clown." Heh.
  19. It's so 2020! Right down to his jilted significant other ALLEGEDLY releasing nude pics of him. What did we do to deserve any of this? I can't wait until he inevitably knocks her up, they name the child Faithful, he cheats on her and she tries to run him down with her car. This combination may be worse than HWSNBN and Krista.
  20. This just puts a big red bow on the whole season: https://www.eonline.com/news/1214223/big-brother-s-memphis-garrett-and-christmas-abbott-are-dating (Bonus bows: They dragged out all 3 of Nicole F's showmances. *snerk*)
  21. Transferred some recordings from VCR to DVD! Oh, it's on Amazon Prime!
  22. Kyara

    General Drama

    Tig Notaro is the best part of that show! I’m liking this season more than the previous ones, but in all fairness, I’ve liked them all. Love The Mandalorian! I’m not usually not one for puppets, but that Baby Yoda is adorable. I’m a big fan of the books The Magicians was based on. The series was a little hard for me because it deviated so very much from the books and I missed certain character arcs. I ended up loving it though.. Elliot & Margo were the best! I'm watching His Dark Materials and it’s just okay for me. I’ve never read the books either and I wonder how different they are. I can’t wait for The Expanse! I read today that it was renewed for a sixth and final season.
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